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Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso
Laboratory for Laser Energetics
Laboratory frame of reference
Laboratory oven
Laboratory techniques

Laboratório Nacional de Luz Síncrotron

LaCoste, Lucien

Ladder operator
Ladder paradox


Lagrange, Joseph Louis

Lagrange, Willis Eugene


Lagrangian analysis

Lagrangian and Eulerian specification of the flow field
Lagrangian coherent structures
Lagrangian mechanics
Lagrangian (field theory)
Lagrangian particle tracking
Lagrangian point

Lamb, Willis

Lamb shift
Lamb waves
Lambda-CDM model
Lambda baryon
Lambda point
Lambda point refrigerator
Lambda transition
Lambdavacuum solution
Lambert's cosine law
Lambert's problem
Lambert (unit)
Lambert radiator
Lambertian reflectance
Lamb–Mössbauer factor
Lamb–Oseen vortex
Lamellar vector field
Laminar–turbulent transition
Laminar flow
Laminar sublayer
Lamm equation
Lamé parameters

Lanczos tensor
Land speed

Landau, Lev Davidovich

Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics

Landau damping
Landau pole
Landau quantization
Landau theory
Landauer's principle
Landauer formula
Landau–Hopf theory of turbulence

Landau–Levich problem

Landau–Lifshitz–Gilbert equation
Landau–Zener formula

Lande, Alfred

Landé g-factor
Landé interval rule
Lane–Emden equation

Langer, James S.

Langevin, Paul

Langevin equation
Langevin function

Langford, Grace

Langmuir circulation
Langmuir probe
Langmuir waves
Langmuir–Blodgett film
Langworthy Professor


Laplace formula
Laplace number
Laplace pressure
Laplace series

Laplace–Runge–Lenz vector

Laporte, Otto

Lapse rate
Large Apparatus studying Grand Unification and Neutrino Astrophysics
Large Area Neutron Detector

Large diffeomorphism
Large eddy simulation
Large electrostatic generator (Teylers)
Large extra dimension
Large gauge transformation

Large Electron-Positron Collider

Large Hadron Collider

Large Helical Device

Large Plasma Device

Large Underground Xenon experiment

Large Volume Detector

Lark-Horovitz, Karl

Larmor, Joseph

Larmor formula

Larmor precession

Lars Onsager Prize
Larson–Miller relation


Laser ablation
Laser ablation synthesis in solution
Laser accelerometer

Laser acronyms

Laser construction

Laser cooling
Laser diode
Laser diode rate equations
Laser engraving

Laser-heated pedestal growth
Laser-induced fluorescence
Laser-induced incandescence
Laser Accelerometer
Laser Doppler velocimetry
Laser Interferometer Space Antenna
Laser Mégajoule
Laser Physics (journal)

Laser Physics Letters

Laser integration line
Laser propulsion
Laser protection eyewear
Laser pumping
Laser rangefinder
Laser safety
Laser science
Laser snow
Laser star model of quasars
Laser ultrasonics

Laser voltage prober

Lasers, Hal Hellman

Lasing threshold

Latent heat
Latent heat flux
Latent internal energy
Lateral flow test
Lateral force variation

Latter, Albert L.

Latter, Richard

Lattice Boltzmann methods

Lattice constant
Lattice density functional theory
Lattice diffusion coefficient

Lattice field theory

Lattice gas automaton

Lattice gauge theory

Lattice model (physics)

Lattice QCD

Lattimer, James

Laue, Max von

Laughlin, Robert Betts

Laughlin wavefunction

Lauritsen, Charles Christian

Lawrence, Ernest Orlando

Law of conservation of matter
Law of the wall

Lawrence, Ernest


Laws of science
Laws of thermodynamics

Lawson, James Raymond

Lawson criterion

Lax, Melvin

Lax pair
Lax–Friedrichs method
Lax–Wendroff method

Lazarus effect

Le Corbeiller, Philippe


Leader (spark)
Leading-edge extension
Leading edge
Leading edge cuff
Leading-edge slat
Leading edge slot
Leakage (electronics)
Leakage (semiconductors)
Leaky mode

Lean, Judith

Leapfrog integration
Least count
Least distance of distinct vision

Lebedev Physical Institute

Lebesgue spine

Leconte Prize

Lecture Notes in Physics

Lederman, Leon M.

Ledinegg instability

Lee, David Morris

Lee, Tsung-Dao

Lee wave
Left-handed material
Left–right symmetry

Leggett, Anthony James

Leidenfrost effect

Leighton, Robert B.

Lemaître coordinates
Lemaître–Tolman metric

Lemonick, Aaron

Leng, Herta Regin

Length contraction

Length Contraction and Time Dilation | Special Relativity Ch. 5 (V)

Length scale

Lennard-Jones potential
Lenoir cycle

Lens (optics)

Lens sag
Lenticular lens

Lenz, Wilhelm

Lenz's law

Lepage, G. Peter

Leptogenesis (physics)


Lepton epoch
Lepton mixing matrix
Lepton number

LeRoy Apker Award (APS)'

LeRoy radius
Le Sage's theory of gravitation

Les Houches Accords

Leslie, John

Leslie cube
Let There Be Light (Howard Smith book)

Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina
Lettere al Nuovo Cimento

Letters on Natural Magic; Addressed to Sir Walter Scott, Bart. David Brewster

Level-spacing distribution
Level of free convection
Level-set method

Levi-Civita symbol

Levitated Dipole


Levy, Henri A.

Levy, Jeremy

Lewin, Walter

Lewis, Harold Ralph

Lewis number
Lewis pair
Leyden jar

LHC, Large Hadron Collider



Lichtenberg, Georg

Lichtenberg figure

Lie superalgebra
Lieb–Liniger model

Lieben Prize

Liénard–Wiechert potential

Liesegang rings
Lift-induced drag
Lift-to-drag ratio
Lift (force)
Lift coefficient
Lifted condensation level
Lifting-line theory
Ligand K-edge

Light-dragging effects
Light-induced voltage alteration
Light beam

Light cone

Light-cone coordinates
Light cone gauge
Light dark matter
Light field
Light front holography
Light front quantization
Light pillar
Light scattering
Light scattering by particles
Light-water reactor


Lighter than air
Lightest Supersymmetric Particle
Lighthill mechanism

LIGO ( Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory )

Limit loads
Limiting magnitude

Lindblad equation
Lindblad superoperator
Line element
Line of action
Line of force
Line source
Linear-rotational analogs
Linear acetylenic carbon
Linear canonical transformation
Linear combination of atomic orbitals
Linear compressor
Linear density
Linear dynamical system
Linear elasticity
Linear energy transfer
Linear entropy
Linear flow on the torus
Linear motion
Linear particle accelerator
Linear phase
Linear polarization
Linear response function
Linearised Einstein field equations
Linearized gravity

Liouville's theorem (Hamiltonian)
Liouville dynamical system
Liouville field theory
Lippmann electrometer
Lippmann–Schwinger equation
Liquefaction of gases
Liquid Scintillator Neutrino Detector
Liquid bubble
Liquid crystal
Liquid-crystal laser
Liquid-crystal polymer
Liquid drop model
Liquid fluoride thorium reactor
Liquid helium
Liquid hydrogen
Liquid oxygen
Liquid water path

List of Cornell Manhattan Project people
List of Directors General of CERN
List of Feynman diagrams
List of IEEE awards
List of IEEE societies
List of Large Hadron Collider experiments
List of National Inventors Hall of Fame inductees
List of Nikola Tesla patents
List of Nobel laureates in Physics
List of OSA awards
List of Super Proton Synchrotron experiments
List of accelerator mass spectrometry facilities
List of accelerators in particle physics
List of alpha emitting materials
List of area moments of inertia
List of atmospheric radiative transfer codes
List of baryons
List of black holes
List of centroids
List of common physics notations
List of cosmic microwave background experiments
List of cosmologists
List of dynamical systems and differential equations topics
List of electromagnetism equations
List of elementary physics formulae
List of equations in classical mechanics
List of equations in fluid mechanics
List of equations in gravitation
List of equations in nuclear and particle physics
List of equations in quantum mechanics
List of equations in wave theory
List of experimental errors and frauds in physics
List of fluid flows named after people
List of fluid mechanics journals
List of free geophysics software
List of fusion experiments
List of fusion power technologies
List of geophysicists
List of historic tsunamis
List of hydrodynamic instabilities named after people
List of important publications in geology
List of important publications in physics
List of interstellar and circumstellar molecules
List of laser applications
List of laser articles
List of laser types
List of lens designs
List of letters used in mathematics and science
List of light sources
List of loop quantum gravity researchers
List of materials properties
List of mathematical topics in quantum theory
List of mathematical topics in relativity
List of mesons
List of moments of inertia
List of neutrino experiments
List of noise topics
List of nonlinear partial differential equations
List of ocean circulation models
List of orbits
List of particles
List of photonics equations
List of physical quantities
List of physicists
List of physics concepts in primary and secondary education curricula
List of physics journals
List of plasma (physics) articles
List of plasma physicists
List of quantum field theories
List of quantum gravity researchers
List of quasiparticles
List of refractive indices
List of relativistic equations
List of rogue waves
List of scientific constants named after people
List of scientific publications by Albert Einstein
List of scientists whose names are used as SI units
List of scientists whose names are used as non SI units
List of scientists whose names are used in physical constants
List of semiconductor materials
List of standard Gibbs free energies of formation
List of states of matter
List of string theory topics
List of synchrotron radiation facilities
List of telescope types
List of textbooks in statistical mechanics
List of theoretical physicists
List of thermal conductivities
List of thermodynamic properties
List of things named after Albert Einstein
List of topics characterized as pseudoscience
List of types of interferometers
List of unsolved problems in physics
List of unusual units of measurement
List of waves named after people
List of works by Nikolay Bogolyubov

Lilienfeld Prize

Linde, Andrei

Linear particle accelerator

Linnik interferometer

Liouville–Arnold theorem

Liouville gravity

Liouville's theorem (Hamiltonian)

Lippmann, Gabriel Jonas


Liquid crystal

List of laser types


Little Higgs
Little hierarchy problem
Little string theory

Little-Parks effect

Live MOS
Living Reviews in Relativity
Living Reviews in Solar Physics


Lloyd's mirror

Load factor (aeronautics)
Local-density approximation
Local Lorentz covariance
Local density of states
Local hidden-variable theory
Local oxidation nanolithography
Local quantum field theory
Local reference frame
Local spacetime structure
Local symmetry

Lock-in amplifier
Lockin effect
Logarithmic Schrödinger equation
Logarithmic conformal field theory
Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute
London equations
London field

London moment

London penetration depth
Long-lived fission product
Long-period fiber grating
Long-range order
Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment
Long Josephson junction
Long baseline acoustic positioning system
Long delayed echo
Long path laser
Long wavelength limit
Longitudinal static stability
Look-elsewhere effect
Looming and similar refraction phenomena
Loop braid group
Loop entropy
Loop integral
Loop quantum cosmology

Loop quantum gravity

Lorentz, Hendrik

Lorentz-violating neutrino oscillations
Lorentz Medal
Lorentz covariance
Lorentz ether theory
Lorentz force
Lorentz force
Lorentz force velocimetry

Lorenz gauge condition

Lorentz group
Lorentz interval
Lorentz invariance in loop quantum gravity
Lorentz scalar
Lorentz transformation

Lorentz Transformations | Special Relativity Ch. 3 (V)

Lorentz–Heaviside units

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos Neutron Science Center
Los Alamos Primer
Loschmidt's paradox
Loschmidt constant
Lossy medium
Loss–DiVincenzo quantum computer

Lotus effect
Loudspeaker acoustics

Love wave

Lovelock theory of gravity

Low-dimensional chaos in stellar pulsations
Low-energy electron diffraction
Low-g condition
Low-ionization nuclear emission-line region
Low-k dielectric
Low Earth orbit
Low Energy Antiproton Ring
Low Energy Ion Ring
Low field NMR
Low frequency
Lower critical solution temperature
Lower tangent arc

LRL Accelerators, The 184-Inch Synchrocyclotron, by Lawrence Radiation Laboratory

Lubachevsky–Stillinger algorithm

Lubbert's effect

Lubrication theory

Ludwig Biermann Award

Ludwig Boltzmann Prize

Luke's variational principle
Luke Chia-Liu Yuan
Lumen (unit)
Luminiferous aether
Luminosity distance
Luminosity function
Luminous efficacy
Luminous energy
Luminous flux
Luminous intensity
Lumped component
Lumped element model
Lumped parameters
Lunar Laser Ranging experiment
Lunar eclipse
Lunar theory

Lund string model

Lundquist number
Luneburg lens
Lunitidal interval


Luttinger's theorem
Luttinger liquid
Luttinger parameter
Luttinger–Kohn model


Lyapunov, Aleksandr Mikhailovich

Lyapunov exponent
Lyapunov time
Lyapunov vector
Lyc photon
Lyman-alpha forest
Lyman-alpha line
Lyman limit
Lyman series

Lyman–Werner photons


Lyot filter

Lyot stop

LZ experiment

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