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Oak Ridge National Laboratory

O'Brien, Brian

Oberth effect
Objective (optics)
Oblique correction
Oblique shock
Oblique wing
Observable universe
Observational cosmology
Observer (physics)
Observer (special relativity)
Observer effect (physics)
Ocean gyre
Ocean thermal energy conversion

Ochsenfeld, Robert

O'Day, Marcus

Odd molecule
Odd sympathy

Oehme, Reinhard

Oersted Medal

Oersted Medal

Off-axis optical system

Ohm, Georg Simon

Ohm's law
Ohmic contact
Ohnesorge number
Oil drop experiment
Okorokov effect

Olami–Feder–Christensen model

Olbers' paradox
Old quantum theory
Oldroyd-B model

Oliner, Arthur A.

Olympia Academy

Omega baryon
Omega meson

Omega Point (Tipler)

O'Neill, Gerard K.

On-Line Isotope Mass Separator
On Physical Lines of Force
On shell and off shell
On the Shoulders of Giants (book)
On the movement of small particles suspended in a stationary liquid demanded by the molecular-kinetic theory of heat

One-electron universe

Ong, Nai Phuan

Online refuelling

Onnes, Heike Kamerlingh

Onsager, Lars

Onsager reciprocal relations
Onset of deconfinement

Oort constants
Opacity (optics)
Open-pool Australian lightwater reactor
Open Source Physics
Open quantum system

Open shell

OPERA experiment

Operator (physics)
Operator product expansion

Oppenheimer, J. Robert

Oppenheimer–Phillips process
Optic crystals

Optical aberration

Optical amplifier
Optical autocorrelation
Optical axis
Optical black hole
Optical brightener

Optical cavity

Optical chopper
Optical circulator
Optical coating
Optical coherence tomography
Optical communication
Optical conductivity
Optical contact bonding
Optical depth
Optical downconverter
Optical equivalence theorem
Optical feedback

Optical fiber

Optical field

Optical filter

Optical Fiber Technology

Optical flat
Optical force
Optical format

Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment

Optical lattice

Optical lens design

Optical levitation
Optical medium
Optical metamaterial
Optical microsphere
Optical modulator
Optical modulators using semiconductor nano-structures
Optical neural network
Optical parametric amplifier
Optical parametric oscillator
Optical path

Optical path length

Optical phenomenon
Optical phonon

Optical Physics

Optical power
Optical properties of carbon nanotubes
Optical pulsar
Optical pumping
Optical reader
Optical rectification

Optical Review

Optical ring resonators
Optical rotatory dispersion
Optical scalars
Optical science
Optical sciences
Optical sectioning
Optical sine theorem

Optical Society
Optical Society of Japan

Optical superresolution
Optical switch

Optical telescope

Optical theorem
Optical train

Optical transfection

Optical transition radiation
Optical tweezers
Optical window
Optically stimulated luminescence


Optics & Photonics News
Optics Classification and Indexing Scheme
Optics Communications
Optics Express
Optics Letters
Optics and Spectroscopy
Optik (journal)
Optoelectric nuclear battery
Orb (optics)
Orbit (dynamics)
Orbit equation
Orbit phasing
Orbital angular momentum multiplexing
Orbital angular momentum of light
Orbital decay
Orbital eccentricity
Orbital elements
Orbital inclination
Orbital integral
Orbital mechanics
Orbital motion
Orbital motion (quantum)
Orbital node
Orbital period
Orbital plane (astronomy)
Orbital state vectors
Orbiting body

Order and disorder (physics)
Order operator
Ordered exponential
Orders of magnitude (charge)
Orders of magnitude (density)
Orders of magnitude (energy)
Orders of magnitude (entropy)
Orders of magnitude (force)
Orders of magnitude (length)
Orders of magnitude (luminous flux)
Orders of magnitude (magnetic field)
Orders of magnitude (mass)
Orders of magnitude (power)
Orders of magnitude (pressure)
Orders of magnitude (radiation)
Orders of magnitude (resistance)
Orders of magnitude (specific energy density)
Orders of magnitude (specific heat capacity)
Orders of magnitude (temperature)
Orders of magnitude (voltage)

Organic field-effect transistor
Organic nonlinear optical materials
Organic photorefractive materials
Organic superconductor
Orifice plate
Origin of avian flight

Orlov, Yuri

Ornstein–Zernike equation

Orr–Sommerfeld equation

Ørsted, Hans Christian

OrthoCAD Network Research Cell
Orthobaric density
Orthometric height
Orthomode transducer
Orthorhombic crystal system
Orthovoltage X-rays

Oscillator linewidth
Oscillator phase noise
Oscillatory universe
Osculating orbit
Oseen's approximation
Oseen equations

Osheroff, Douglas Dean

Oskar Klein Memorial Lecture



Ostriker, Eve

Ostrogradsky instability

Ostwald ripening
Ostwald–Freundlich equation

Otoacoustic emission

Ott, Edward

Otto Laporte Award

Otto cycle

Our Atomic World, C. Jackson Craven

Our Nuclear Future, Albert L. Latter and Edward Teller

Outdoor–indoor transmission class
Outflow channels
Outhouse (unit)
Outline of applied physics
Outline of astronomy
Outline of geophysics
Outline of physical science
Outline of physics

Ouzo effect

Over/under cable coiling
Overflow (software)
Overlap matrix

Overmyer, Robert F.


Oxford Calculators
Oxford Electric Bell
Oxide thin-film transistor


Oxygen-burning process
Oxygen permeability

Ozsváth–Schücking metric

Astronomy Encyclopedia

Biology Encyclopedia

Mathematics Encyclopedia



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