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Eagleson, Halson V.

Earnshaw's theorem

Earth's magnetic field
Earth's shadow
Earth, Moon, and Planets
Earth-Moon barycenter
Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Earth tide
Earth–ionosphere waveguide

Eastlund, Bernard

Easy Java Simulations
Easy axis

Ebullioscopic constant

Eccentric anomaly

Eccentricity vector


Echelle grating

Echo (phenomenon)
Echo chamber

Eckart, Carl

Ecke, Robert

Eckert number
Eckman number

Eddington luminosity
Eddington number
Eddington–Finkelstein coordinates
Eddy (fluid dynamics)
Eddy current
Eddy diffusion


Eden growth model

Edge-localized mode

Edge wave

Edwards, Donald Anderson

Edwards, Helen T.

Edwards, Steve

Effect of sun angle on climate
Effective action
Effective atomic number
Effective diffusion coefficient
Effective dose (radiation)

Effective field theory

Effective input noise temperature

Effective mass (solid-state physics)

Effective medium model
Effective nuclear charge
Effective potential
Effective radiated power
Effects of nuclear explosions
Effects of nuclear explosions on human health
Effects of relativity on GPS

Effective temperature

Effective theory


Egg drop competition

Ehlers group

Ehrenfest equations
Ehrenfest paradox
Ehrenfest theorem

Ehrenreich, Henry

Eigenmode expansion (EME)

Eightfold Way

Einasto profile

Einstein, Albert

Einstein, the searcher : his work explained from dialogues with Einstein, Alexander Moszkowski

Einstein–Brillouin–Keller method

Einstein–Cartan theory

Einstein field equations

Einstein–Hopf drag

Einstein–Infeld–Hoffmann equations

Einstein tensor


Eisenstein, Laura

Ekpyrotic universe

Elastic collision
Elastic energy
Elastic modulus
Elastic potential energy
Elastic recoil detection

Elastic scattering

Elastic wave
Elastica theory
Elasticity (physics)

Elbaum, Charles

Electric-field integral equation
Electric-field screening
Electric Tokamak
Electric arc

Electric charge

Electric current

Electric dipole moment

Electric dipole spin resonance

Electric dipole transition

Electric discharge

Electric discharge in gases

Electric displacement field
Electric effective resistance

Electric field

Electric field NMR
Electric field gradient
Electric flux
Electric form factor
Electric generator
Electric motor

Electric potential
Electric potential energy

Electric power

Electric shock
Electric spark
Electric susceptibility
Electric torque
Electric torque (disambiguation)
Electrical breakdown
Electrical conductance
Electrical impedance
Electrical mobility
Electrical network

Electrical phenomena

Electrical reactance
Electrical resistivity and conductivity
Electrical resistivity tomography
Electro-absorption modulator
Electro-optic effect
Electro-optic modulator
Electrocaloric effect
Electrochemical Society
Electrochemical gradient
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Electrochemical noise
Electrodeless plasma excitation
Electrodeless plasma thruster
Electrodynamic suspension
Electrodynamic tether

Electrodynamic wheel

Electrogravitic tensor
Electrohydrodynamic thruster
Electroluminescent display
Electrolytic detector
Electromagnetic absorbers
Electromagnetic absorption by water
Electromagnetic brake
Electromagnetic buoyancy
Electromagnetic cavity
Electromagnetic cloak
Electromagnetic compatibility
Electromagnetic environment
Electromagnetic field
Electromagnetic force
Electromagnetic four-potential
Electromagnetic induction
Electromagnetic interference control
Electromagnetic mass
Electromagnetic metamaterials
Electromagnetic pulse

Electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic radiation and health
Electromagnetic reverberation chamber
Electromagnetic shielding
Electromagnetic spectroscopy
Electromagnetic spectrum

Electromagnetic stress–energy tensor

Electromagnetic tensor

Electromagnetic wave equation
Electromagnetically induced transparency
Electromagnetics (journal)


Electromechanical coupling coefficient
Electromotive force
Electron-capture dissociation
Electron-cloud effect
Electron-longitudinal acoustic phonon interaction
Electron magnetic resonance
Electron Microscopy Center
Electron affinity
Electron avalanche
Electron backscatter diffraction
Electron beam freeform fabrication
Electron beam ion source
Electron beam lithography
Electron beam physical vapor deposition
Electron beam processing
Electron beam technology
Electron binding energy
Electron bubble

Electron capture

Electron-cloud effect

Electron configuration
Electron configurations of the elements (data page)

Electron cooling

Electron crystallography
Electron cyclotron resonance
Electron density
Electron diffraction

Electron electric dipole moment

Electron excitation

Electron gun

Electron hole
Electron ionization

Electron magnetic moment

Electron microprobe
Electron microscope
Electron mobility
Electron mobility (solid-state physics)
Electron multiplier
Electron neutrino

Electron optics
Electron paramagnetic resonance

Electron rest mass
Electron scattering
Electron shell
Electron spectrometer
Electron spin resonance
Electron spiral toroid
Electron temperature
Electron tomography
Electron wake
Electron wave-packet interference
Electroneutral exchange
Electronic anticoincidence
Electronic band structure
Electronic correlation
Electronic density
Electronic imager
Electronic pest control
Electronic speckle pattern interferometry
Electronic state
Electron–positron annihilation
Electroosmotic flow

Electro-optic modulator

Electrorheological fluid

Electrospray ionization
Electrostatic deflection
Electrostatic discharge
Electrostatic generator
Electrostatic induction
Electrostatic ion thruster
Electrostatic lens
Electrostatic levitation

Electrostatic nuclear accelerator



Electrovacuum solution

Electroweak epoch

Electroweak interaction

Electroweak scale
Electroweak star

Electroweak symmetry breaking

Electroweak Theory and the Origin of the Fundamental Forces (V)


Elektronika (journal)
Elementary charge
Elementary particle
Elements: An International Magazine of Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Petrology
Elements of Dynamic
Elepter Andronikashvili


Elevator paradox (physics)

Elliptic orbit
Elliptical polarization
Elliptical wing

Elitzur–Vaidman bomb tester

Ellis, George

Ellis–Karliner angle

Elmer FEM solver


Emergency Core Cooling System

Emission-aware programming
Emission (electromagnetic radiation)
Emission coefficient

Emission nebula

Emission spectroscopy
Emission spectrum
Emission spectrum (fluorescence spectroscopy)
Emission theory

Empirical formula
Empty lattice approximation


End correction


Endoreversible thermodynamics

Endothermic process

Energies per unit mass


Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy
Energy Citations Database
Energy Research Abstracts
Energy Science and Technology Database
Energy Technology Data Exchange
Energy amplifier
Energy and Environmental Security Initiative
Energy applications of nanotechnology
Energy arc
Energy carrier
Energy condition
Energy conversion efficiency
Energy current
Energy density
Energy drift
Energy eigenstates
Energy landscape
Energy level
Energy level splitting
Energy medicine

Energy operator

Energy recovery linac
Energy scale
Energy spectrum
Energy technology
Energy transformation
Energy–momentum relation

Engineering Science
Engineering diffraction
Engineering physics
Englert–Greenberger duality relation
Enhanced Fujita Scale
Enhancement or quenching of QD, Q-wire and QW radiations

Enormous Toroidal Plasma Device

Ensemble (fluid mechanics)
Ensemble average
Ensemble interpretation

Enskog, David



Enthalpy change of solution
Enthalpy of fusion
Enthalpy of neutralization
Enthalpy of sublimation
Enthalpy of vaporization
Enthalpy–entropy chart

Entrainment (hydrodynamics)
Entrainment (physics)
Entrance pupil
Entropic explosion

Entropic force

Entropic gravity


Entropy (arrow of time)
Entropy (astrophysics)
Entropy (classical thermodynamics)
Entropy (energy dispersal)
Entropy (general concept)
Entropy (information theory)

Entropy (journal)

Entropy (order and disorder)
Entropy (statistical thermodynamics)
Entropy and life
Entropy in thermodynamics and information theory
Entropy of a probability distribution
Entropy of fusion
Entropy of mixing
Entropy of vaporization
Environment (systems)
Environmental Research Letters
Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society
Environmental impact of wind power
Environmental isotopes
Environmental magnetism
Environmental radioactivity
Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy

Eötvös, Roland

Eötvös experiment


EPR paradox

Epsilon radiation
Equal-loudness contour

Equivalent dose

Equivalence principle

Equation of state

Equation of State Calculations by Fast Computing Machines

Equation of the center
Equations for a falling body
Equations of motion
Equatorial waves
Equilibrium mode distribution
Equilibrium thermodynamics
Equipartition theorem
Equipotential surface
Equivalence of direct radiation
Equivalence principle
Equivalent circuit
Equivalent dose
Equivalent dumping coefficient
Equivalent noise resistance
Equivalent potential temperature
Equivalent rectangular bandwidth
Equivalent temperature


Er:YAG laser

Ergodic hypothesis

Esaki, Leo

Escape velocity

Eta meson
Eta prime meson
Eternal inflation
Etheric force

Ettingshausen Effect

Etymology of electricity

Euclidean quantum gravity

Euclidean vector


Euler's equations (rigid body dynamics)
Euler's laws of motion
Euler's three-body problem
Euler equations (fluid dynamics)
Euler force
Euler number (physics)
Euler–Bernoulli beam theory
Euler–Heisenberg Lagrangian
Euler–Lagrange equation
Euler–Tricomi equation

EURECA ( European Underground Rare Event Calorimeter Array )

European Combined Geodetic Network
European Geosciences Union

European Journal of Physics

European Muon Collaboration
European Nuclear Society
European Optical Society

European Optical Society
European Spallation Source
European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
European Underground Rare Event Calorimeter Array

European x-ray free electron laser


Evanescent wave coupling

Evaporative cooling

Event horizon

Event symmetry

Everything and Nothing: What is Nothing? (V)

Ewald, Paul Peter

Ewald's sphere

Ewing's theory of magnetism

Exact solutions in general relativity
Exact solutions of Einstein's field equations
Exact solutions of classical central-force problems
Exchange bias
Exchange current density
Exchange force
Exchange interaction
Exchange interactions
Exchange symmetry

Excimer laser

Excitable medium
Excitation function
Excitation (magnetic)
Excitation spectrum
Excitation temperature
Excited state
Exclusion area
Exclusive correlation spectroscopy

Exergonic process
Exergy efficiency
Exoelectron emission
Exotic atom
Exotic baryon
Exotic hadron
Exotic matter
Exotic meson
Exotic particle
Exotic star

Expansion deflection nozzle

Expectation value (quantum mechanics)

Experimental physics

Experiments in Fluids

Experiments of Rayleigh and Brace

Explicit symmetry breaking

Exponential decay

Exponential dichotomy

Exposure assessment

Extended X-ray absorption fine structure

Extended periodic table

Extended supersymmetry

Extensional viscosity

Exterior covariant derivative

External ballistics

External combustion engine

External flow

Extinct radionuclide

Extinction cross

Extra high tension

Extragalactic cosmic ray

Extrasolar planet

Extremal black hole

Extreme helium star

Extreme Light Infrastructure

Extreme Universe Space Observatory

Extremely high frequency

Extremely low frequency

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