The Laplace number (La), also known as the Suratman number (Su), is a dimensionless number used in the characterization of free surface fluid dynamics. It represents a ratio of surface tension to the momentum-transport (especially dissipation) inside a fluid.

It is defined as follows:

\( {\mathrm {La}}={\mathrm {Su}}={\frac {\sigma \rho L}{\mu ^{2}}} \)


σ = surface tension
ρ = density
L = length
μ = liquid viscosity

Laplace number is related to Reynolds number (Re) and Weber number (We) in the following way:

\( {\mathrm {La}}={\frac {{\mathrm {Re}}^{2}}{{\mathrm {We}}}} \)

See also

Ohnesorge number - There is an inverse relationship, \( {\mathrm {La}}={\mathrm {Oh}}^{{-2}} \), between the Laplace number and the Ohnesorge number.

Dimensionless numbers in fluid mechanics

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