The Lars Onsager Prize is a prize in theoretical statistical physics awarded annually by the American Physical Society. It was established in 1993 by Drs. Russell and Marian Donnelly[1] in memory of Lars Onsager.[2][3]


1995: Michael E. Fisher
1997: Robert Kraichnan
1998: Leo Kadanoff
1999: Chen Ning Yang[4]
2000: David J. Thouless, John M. Kosterlitz
2001: Bertrand Halperin
2002: Anatoly Larkin
2003: Pierre Hohenberg
2004: John Cardy
2005: Valery Pokrovsky
2006: Rodney Baxter
2007: A. Brooks Harris
2008: Christopher Pethick [de], Gordon Baym, Tin-Lun Ho [de][5][6]
2009: B. Sriram Shastry [de][3]
2010: Daniel Friedan, Stephen Shenker
2011: Alexander Belavin, Alexander Zamolodchikov, Alexander Polyakov[7]
2012: Ian Affleck[8]
2013: Daniel S. Fisher [de]
2014: Grigory E. Volovik [de; ru] and Vladimir P. Mineev [de]
2015: Franz Wegner
2016: Marc Mézard, Giorgio Parisi and Riccardo Zecchina [de]
2017: Natan Andrei and Paul Wiegmann
2018: Subir Sachdev [9]
2019: Christopher Jarzynski
2020: Tamás Vicsek, Yuhai Tu and John Toner[10][11]

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