The Langworthy Professor is the holder of an endowed chair in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester, UK.

It was founded by a bequest of £10,000 for the purpose of endowing a professorship of experimental physics by the businessman and politician E. R. Langworthy at Owens College, Manchester in 1874.[1] Owens College later became the Victoria University of Manchester (1904) and then the University of Manchester (2004).
Langworthy Professors

Several Langworthy Professors have been Nobel Laureates, including Ernest Rutherford, Lawrence Bragg, Patrick Blackett, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov.

1874–87 Balfour Stewart
1887–1907 Sir Arthur Schuster
1907–19 Sir Ernest Rutherford
1919–37 Sir William Lawrence Bragg
1937–53 Patrick Blackett
1955–60 Samuel Devons
1961–72 Brian Flowers
1987–90 Francis Graham-Smith
1998–2001 Frank Read
2001–07 Andrew Lyne
2007–13 Sir Andre Geim
2013–present Sir Konstantin Novoselov


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