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N = 2 superconformal algebra
N-ary associativity
N-ary group
N-body problem
N-category number
N conjecture
N-connected space
N-dimensional sequential move puzzle
N-group (category theory)
N-group (finite group theory)
N-huge cardinal
N-Mahlo cardinal
N-player game


N-topological space
N! conjecture
Nabla symbol
Nachbin's theorem
Nadirashvili surface
Nagao's theorem
Nagata–Biran conjecture
Nagata ring
Nagata–Smirnov metrization theorem
Nagata's compactification theorem
Nagata's conjecture
Nagata's conjecture on curves

Nagel point

Nagell–Lutz theorem

Nahm equations

Naimark, Mark

Naimark equivalence
Naimark theorem
Naimark's dilation theorem
Naimark's problem
Naive Bayes classifier
Naive set theory
Naive Set Theory (book)
Nakagami distribution

Nakai conjecture

Nakajima, Hiraku

Nakano vanishing theorem

Namioka space

Nakayama algebra
Nakayama's conjecture
Nakayama's lemma
Nambooripad order
Nambu mechanics
Named graph
Named set theory
Names for the number 0
Names for the number 0 in English
Names of large numbers
Names of small numbers

Namioka theorem


Naonobu, Ajima

Napier, John

Napier's bones

Napier number

Napierian logarithm
Napkin folding problem
Napkin ring problem
Napoleon points
Napoleon's problem
Napoleon's theorem

Narasimhan–Seshadri theorem

Narayana number

Narcissistic number

Narrow class group
Narrow escape problem
Narumi polynomials

Nash, Jr., John Forbes

Nash-Williams, Crispin

Nash blowing-up

Nash embedding theorem

Nash equilibrium

Nash functions
Nash–Moser theorem
Nash-Williams theorem
Nash's theorem
Nasik magic hypercube
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
NASU Institute of Mathematics
National Association of Mathematicians
National Board for Higher Mathematics
National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
National Documentation Centre (Greece)
National Health Interview Survey
National Institute of Statistical Sciences
National Math and Science Initiative
National Mathematics Day (India)
National Mathematics Year
National Museum of Mathematics
National Prize for Exact Sciences (Chile)
National Professional Science Master's Association
National Resident Matching Program
Natural antilogarithm
Natural bundle

Natural coordinate frame

Natural deduction
Natural density
Natural element method

Natural equation

Natural evolution strategy
Natural exponential family
Natural filtration

Natural function

Natural logarithm

Natural logarithm of 2
Natural logarithm plus 1

Natural logical deduction

Natural neighbor interpolation

Natural number

Natural numbers object
Natural process variation
Natural proof
Natural pseudodistance
Natural topology
Natural transformation

Nauru graph

Naval Research Logistics

Navier-Stokes equations

Navier–Stokes existence and smoothness problem

Naylor Prize and Lectureship
NC (complexity)
NE (complexity)
Near-field (mathematics)
Near-miss Johnson solid
Near polygon
Near sets

Nearest integer function

Nearest neighbor graph
Nearest-neighbor interpolation
Nearest neighbor search
Nearest neighbor value interpolation
Nearest neighbour algorithm
Nearest neighbour distribution
Nearly completely decomposable Markov chain
Nearly Kähler manifold
Neat submanifold

Necessary and sufficient conditions

Necessity and sufficiency
Necker cube
Necklace (combinatorics)
Necklace polynomial
Necklace problem
Necklace ring
Necklace splitting problem
Necktie paradox

Needleman–Wunsch algorithm
Nef line bundle
Nef polygon
Negacyclic convolution
NegaFibonacci coding


Negation as failure
Negation introduction
Negation normal form
Negative base

Negative binomial distribution

Negative correlation

Negative definiteness
Negative-dimensional space

Negative exponential distribution

Negative feedback

Negative hypergeometric distribution

Negative multinomial distribution
Negative number
Negative pedal curve

Negative polynomial distribution

Negative variation of a function

Negative probability
Negative relationship

Negative vector bundle

Negligible function
Negligible set

Nehari extension problem

Nehari manifold

Nei, Wada

Neighborhood semantics
Neighborly polytope
Neighbourhood (graph theory)
Neighbourhood (mathematics)
Neighbourhood components analysis
Neighbourhood space
Neighbourhood statistics
Neighbourhood system

Neil parabola

Neile, William

Nekhoroshev estimates

Nekrasov, Aleksandr

Nekrasov integral equation

Nekrasov matrix

Nelder–Mead method

Nelson, Evelyn Neron-Severi group

Nemenyi test
Nemeth Braille
Nemmers Prize in Mathematics
Nemytskii operator
Neovius surface
Nepal Mathematical Society
Nepali Mathematical Sciences Report
Nernst equation
Néron differential

Néron model

Néron–Ogg–Shafarevich criterion
Néron–Severi group
Néron–Tate height
Nerve (category theory)
Nerve of a covering

Nerve of a family of sets

Nesbitt's inequality
Nest algebra
Nested dissection
Nested interval topology
Nested intervals
Nested radical
Nested sampling algorithm
Nested sequent calculus
Nested set
Nested stack automaton
Nested triangles graph
Nesting algorithm

Net (mathematics)
Net (polyhedron)
Network analysis
Network automaton
Network calculus
Network dynamics
Network flow problem
Network operator matrix

Network model

Network planning

Network probability matrix
Network simplex algorithm

Network theory

Network topology
Networks and Heterogeneous Media
Networks and Spatial Economics

Neuberg, Joseph Jean Baptiste

Neugebauer, Otto Eduard

Neugebauer equations

Neukirch–Uchida theorem

Neuman–Sándor mean

Neumann, Bernhard

Neumann Carl

Neumann, Hanna

Neumann-Lara, Víctor

Neumann boundary conditions

Neumann d-bar problem

Neumann–Dirichlet method

Neumann eigenvalue

Neumann function

Neumann–Neumann methods
Neumann–Poincaré operator
Neumann polynomial

Neumann problem

Neumann series

Neural network

Neusis construction

Neutral element

Neutral vector

Neuwirth knot

Nevanlinna, Rolf

Nevanlinna function
Nevanlinna invariant
Nevanlinna–Pick interpolation
Nevanlinna Prize
Nevanlinna theory
Nevanlinna's criterion
Neville theta functions
Neville's algorithm

New digraph reconstruction conjecture
New Foundations
New Math
New Math (song)
New Mathematics and Natural Computation
New York City Interscholastic Mathematics League
New York Number Theory Seminar
New York State Mathematics League
New Zealand Mathematical Society
Newcastle–Ottawa scale

Newcomb, Simon

Newcomb's paradox
Newey–West estimator

Newman, Donald

Newman, Max

Newmark-beta method

Newman–Keuls method
Newman–Penrose formalism
Newman–Shanks–Williams prime
Newman's conjecture
Newman's lemma
Newmark-beta method
Newsletter of the European Mathematical Society
Newsvendor model

Newton, Isaac

Newton binomial

Newton-Cotes quadrature formula

Newton diagram

Newton fractal

Newton Gateway to Mathematics
Newton–Gauss line

Newton's identities

Newton interpolation formula

Newton–Krylov method

Newton-Leibniz formula

Newton line
Newton–Okounkov body
Newton–Pepys problem
Newton polygon
Newton polynomial
Newton polytope
Newton's identities
Newton's inequalities
Newton's laws of motion

Newton's method

Newton's method in optimization
Newton's minimal resistance problem
Newton's theorem (quadrilateral)
Newton's theorem about ovals

Newtonian limit
Newtonian potential

Next-generation matrix

Neyman–Pearson lemma

Neyman method of confidence intervals

Nice name
Nice subgroup
Nichols algebra
Nichols plot
Nicod's axiom

Nicolson, Phyllis

Nicomedes conchoid

Nielsen, Jakob

Nielsen realization problem
Nielsen–Schreier theorem
Nielsen theory
Nielsen–Thurston classification
Nielsen transformation
Niemeier lattice
Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics
Nijenhuis bracket
Nijenhuis–Richardson bracket
Nikiel's conjecture

Nikodym, Otto M.

Nikodým boundedness theorem

Nikodym convergence theorem

Nikodym set

Nikol'skii space

Nil algebra

Nil-Coxeter algebra

Nil flow

Nil group

Nil ideal

Nil manifold

Nil semi-group


Nilpotence theorem


Nilpotent algebra

Nilpotent group

Nilpotent ideal
Nilpotent Lie algebra

Nilpotent matrix

Nilpotent operator

Nilpotent orbit
Nilpotent space

Nilradical of a Lie algebra

Nilradical of a ring


Nine-dimensional space
Nine lemma
Nine-point circle
Nine-point conic
Nine-point hyperbola
NIP (model theory)
Nisnevich topology
NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions

Niven, Ivan Morton

Niven's constant

Niven's theorem
Nixon diamond
NK model
NL (complexity)
Nl (format)
No-cloning theorem
No-communication theorem
No free lunch in search and optimization
No free lunch theorem
No-go theorem
No small subgroup
No-three-in-line problem
No-wandering-domain theorem
Noble polyhedron
Nodal decomposition
Nodal surface
Node (autonomous system)
Node influence metric
Nodec space

Noether, Emmy

Noether, Max

Noether identities
Noether inequality
Noether normalization lemma
Noether's second theorem
Noether's theorem
Noether's theorem on rationality for surfaces

Noetherian group

Noetherian module
Noetherian ring
Noetherian scheme
Noetherian topological space
Noise-equivalent flux density
Noise-equivalent target
Noisy-channel coding theorem
Noisy text
Nome (mathematics)
Nominal category
Nominal number
NOMINATE (scaling method)
Nomological network
Non-abelian class field theory
Non-abelian group
Non-adjacent form
Non-analytic smooth function
Non-Archimedean geometry
Non-Archimedean ordered field
Non-associative algebra
Non-autonomous mechanics
Non-autonomous system (mathematics)
Non-classical analysis
Non-classical logic
Non-commutative conditional expectation
Non-compact stencil
Non-constructive algorithm existence proofs
Non-convexity (economics)
Non-Desarguesian plane
Non-dimensionalization and scaling of the Navier–Stokes equations
Non-equilibrium thermodynamics
Non-Euclidean crystallographic group
Non-Euclidean geometry
Non-Euclidean surface growth
Non-Hausdorff manifold
Non-integer base of numeration
Non-linear least squares
Non-linear multi-dimensional signal processing
Non-linear sigma model
Non-logical symbol
Non-measurable set
Non-monotonic logic
Non-negative least squares
Non-negative matrix factorization
Non-orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing
Non-positive curvature
Non-response bias
Non-sampling error
Non-separable wavelet
Non-smooth mechanics
Non-squeezing theorem
Non-standard model
Non-standard model of arithmetic
Non-standard positional numeral systems
Non-surveyable proof
Non-topological soliton
Non-uniform discrete Fourier transform
Non-uniform rational B-spline
Non-well-founded set theory
Non-wellfounded mereology
Nonabelian algebraic topology
Nonabelian cohomology
Nonabelian Hodge correspondence
Nonagonal number

Nonassociative ring

Nonblocking minimal spanning switch
Noncentral beta distribution
Noncentral chi distribution
Noncentral chi-squared distribution
Noncentral F-distribution
Noncentral hypergeometric distributions
Noncentral t-distribution
Noncentrality parameter
Noncommutative algebraic geometry
Noncommutative field theory
Noncommutative geometry
Noncommutative harmonic analysis
Noncommutative Jordan algebra
Noncommutative logic
Noncommutative measure and integration
Noncommutative projective geometry
Noncommutative quantum field theory
Noncommutative residue
Noncommutative ring
Noncommutative symmetric function
Noncommutative topology
Noncommutative torus
Noncommutative unique factorization domain
Nonconvex great rhombicosidodecahedron
Nonconvex great rhombicuboctahedron


Noncrossing partition
Nondegenerate form
Nondeterministic algorithm
Nondeterministic constraint logic
Nonelementary integral
Nonelementary problem
Nonextensive entropy
Nonholonomic system
Nonhomogeneous Gaussian regression

Nonhypotenuse number

Nonlinear acoustics
Nonlinear algebra
Nonlinear autoregressive exogenous model
Nonlinear complementarity problem
Nonlinear conjugate gradient method
Nonlinear dimensionality reduction
Nonlinear Dynamics (journal)
Nonlinear eigenproblem
Nonlinear expectation
Nonlinear functional analysis
Nonlinear Oscillations
Nonlinear partial differential equation

Nonlinear programming

Nonlinear realization
Nonlinear regression
Nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Nonlinear system
Nonlinear system identification
Nonlinearity (journal)
Nonlocal operator
Nonmetricity tensor
Nonnegative matrix
Nonnegative rank (linear algebra)
Nonparametric regression
Nonparametric skew
Nonparametric statistics
Nonprobability sampling
Nonstandard analysis
Nonstandard calculus
Nonstandard finite difference scheme
Nonuniform sampling


Nontransitive dice
Nontransitive game
Nonuniform sampling

Norbert Wiener Center for Harmonic Analysis and Applications
Norbert Wiener Prize in Applied Mathematics
Nordic Mathematical Contest
Nørlund–Rice integral


Norm (abelian group)
Norm (group)
Norm (mathematics)
Norm form
Norm group

Norm residue isomorphism theorem
Norm variety
Normal (geometry)
Normal basis
Normal bundle
Normal cone
Normal cone (functional analysis)
Normal contact stiffness
Normal convergence
Normal coordinates
Normal crossing singularity
Normal curve equivalent
Normal degree
Normal distribution
Normal eigenvalue
Normal element
Normal-exponential-gamma distribution
Normal extension
Normal family
Normal form
Normal form (dynamical systems)
Normal form (term rewriting)
Normal form for free groups and free product of groups
Normal function
Normal-gamma distribution
Normal homomorphism
Normal invariant
Normal-inverse-gamma distribution
Normal-inverse Gaussian distribution
Normal-inverse-Wishart distribution
Normal mapping
Normal matrix
Normal measure
Normal modal logic
Normal mode
Normal morphism
Normal number
Normal operator
Normal order of an arithmetic function
Normal p-complement
Normal plane (geometry)
Normal polytope
Normal probability plot
Normal scheme
Normal score
Normal sequence
Normal space
Normal subgroup
Normal surface
Normal variance-mean mixture
Normal-Wishart distribution
Normalisation by evaluation
Normality test
Normalization (statistics)
Normalization property (abstract rewriting)
Normalized compression distance
Normalized Google distance
Normalized number
Normalizing constant
Normally distributed and uncorrelated does not imply independent
Normally flat ring
Normally hyperbolic invariant manifold

Normal distribution

Normed algebra

Normed division algebra

Normed field

Normed ring

Normed vector space

North East Asian Mathematics Competition
Norton's theorem
Norwegian Mathematical Society
Norwegian Statistical Association

Notation for differentiation
Notation in probability and statistics
Nothing up my sleeve number

Notices of the American Mathematical Society

Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic
Nottingham group
Nouvelles Annales de Mathématiques
Nouvelles tables d'intégrales définies
Nova fractal
Nova Methodus pro Maximis et Minimis

Novikov, Pyotr

Novikov, Sergei

Novikov conjecture
Novikov ring
Novikov self-consistency principle
Novikov–Shubin invariant
Novikov–Veselov equation
Novikov's compact leaf theorem
Novikov's condition

Novum Organum
Nowhere commutative semigroup
Nowhere continuous function
Nowhere dense set
Nowhere-zero flow
NP (complexity)


NQuery Sample Size Software
NSMB (mathematics)
Nth root
Nu function

Nuclear bilinear form


Nuclear norm

Nuclear operator

Nuclear operators between Banach spaces
Nuclear space
Nucleus (order theory)

Nuclear space

Nuisance parameter
Nuisance variable
Null (mathematics)
Null coalescing operator
Null distribution
Null graph
Null hypersurface
Null hypothesis
Null ideal
Null model
Null move
Null result
Null semigroup
Null set
Null sign
Null vector


Nullity theorem
Nullspace property

Number bond
Number line
Number sense in animals
Number sentence

Number theory

Number Theory Foundation
Numbering (computability theory)
Numbering scheme
Numeral (linguistics)
Numeral prefix
Numeral system
Numerals in Unicode


Numeric precision in Microsoft Excel
Numerical algebraic geometry

Numerical analysis

Numerical aperture
Numerical certification
Numerical continuation
Numerical differentiation
Numerical diffusion
Numerical digit
Numerical dispersion
Numerical error
Numerical integration
Numerical linear algebra
Numerical method
Numerical methods for differential equations
Numerical methods for linear least squares

Numerical methods for ordinary differential equations

Numerical methods for partial differential equations
Numerical methods in fluid mechanics
Numerical model of the Solar System
Numerical prefix
Numerical range
Numerical Recipes
Numerical resistivity
Numerical semigroup
Numerical sign problem
Numerical smoothing and differentiation
Numerical solution of the convection–diffusion equation
Numerical stability
Numerical weather prediction
Numerische Mathematik
Numero sign
Numerov's method
Nurse scheduling problem

Nusselt number

Nuts and bolts (general relativity)
Nyāya Sūtras
Nyquist ISI criterion
Nyquist plot
Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem
Nyquist stability criterion
Nyström method

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