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I Am a Mathematician
I Want to Be a Mathematician
IA automorphism
IAMG Distinguished Lectureship
Ice circle
Icelandic Junior College Mathematics Competition
Icons of Mathematics
Icosahedral 120-cell
Icosahedral honeycomb
Icosahedral number

Icosahedral prism

Icosahedral pyramid

Icosahedral symmetry


Icosian calculus
Icosian game
Icosidodecahedral prism


Icositruncated dodecadodecahedron

ICTP Ramanujan Prize
Ideal (order theory)

Ideal (ring theory)

Ideal (set theory)
Ideal class group
Ideal lattice
Ideal norm
Ideal number
Ideal point
Ideal polyhedron
Ideal quotient
Ideal ring bundle
Ideal sheaf
Ideal theory
Ideal triangle
Idealised population
Idempotent (ring theory)
Idempotent analysis

Idempotent element

Idempotent matrix

Idempotent measure
Idempotent relation
Identical particles
Identifiability analysis
Identity (mathematics)
Identity (philosophy)
Identity channel

Identity component

Identity element
Identity function
Identity line

Identity matrix

Identity of indiscernibles
Identity theorem
Identity theorem for Riemann surfaces
Identity transform
Identric mean

Idoneal number

If and only if

Ignatov's theorem
Igusa group

Igusa quartic

Igusa variety

Ihara's lemma

Ihara zeta function
Ihara's lemma
Iitaka dimension
Ikeda lift
Ikeda map
Illegal number
Illegal prime
Illinois algorithm
Illinois Journal of Mathematics
Illumination angle
Illumination problem
Illusory contours
Illustration of the central limit theorem
IM 67118
IMA Gold Medal
IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics
IMA Journal of Management Mathematics
IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information
IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis
Image (category theory)
Image (mathematics)
Image-based meshing
Image functors for sheaves
Imaginary (exhibition)

Imaginary curve

Imaginary element
Imaginary hyperelliptic curve
Imaginary line (mathematics)
Imaginary number

Imaginary point

Imaginary unit
Imagining Numbers

Immanant of a matrix

Immediate inference
Immerman–Szelepcsényi theorem
Immersed boundary method
Immersion (mathematics)
Impartial game

Imperfect group

Imperialist competitive algorithm
Implementation of mathematics in set theory
Implication graph
Implicational propositional calculus
Implicit computational complexity
Implicit curve

Implicit function

Implicit function
Implicit function theorem
Implicit graph
Implicit surface
Implied volatility
Importance sampling
Impossibility of a gambling system
Impossible cube
Imprecise Dirichlet process
Imprecise probability
Improper integral

Improper rotation

Impulse response
Imputation (statistics)

In-crowd algorithm
In-place matrix transposition
In Pursuit of the Traveling Salesman
In Pursuit of the Unknown
Inaccessible cardinal
Incandescence (novel)

Ince equation

Incidence (geometry)
Incidence (graph)
Incidence algebra
Incidence coloring
Incidence geometry

Incidence matrix

ncidence poset
Incidence structure

Incircle and excircles of a triangle

Inclined plane
Included angle
Inclusion (Boolean algebra)
Inclusion (logic)
Inclusion–exclusion principle
Inclusion map
Inclusion order
Incomplete Bessel functions
Incomplete Bessel K function/generalized incomplete gamma function
Incomplete Cholesky factorization
Incomplete Fermi–Dirac integral
Incomplete gamma function
Incomplete LU factorization
Incomplete polylogarithm
Incompressibility method
Incompressible flow
Incompressible surface
Increasing process
Increment theorem
Incremental validity



Indagationes Mathematica
Indecomposable continuum
Indecomposable distribution
Indecomposable module
Indefinite and fictitious numbers
Indefinite inner product space
Indefinite orthogonal group
Indefinite product
Indefinite sum
Independence (mathematical logic)
Independence (probability theory)
Independence complex
Independence-friendly logic
Independence number
Independence of premise
Independence system
Independent and identically distributed random variables
Independent component analysis
Independent domination number
Independent equation
Independent increments
Independent S-increments
Independent set
Independent set (graph theory)
Independent set problem
Indescribable cardinal
Indeterminacy in concurrent computation
Indeterminate (variable)
Indeterminate equation
Indeterminate form
Indeterminate system
Index calculus algorithm
Index ellipsoid
Index group
Index notation
Index of a Lie algebra
Index of a subgroup
Index of accounting articles
Index of coincidence
Index of combinatorics articles
Index of cryptography articles
Index of dispersion
Index of fractal-related articles
Index of information theory articles
Index of logarithm articles
Index of logic articles
Index of wave articles

Index set

Index set (recursion theory)
Indexed category
Indexed family
Indexed language
Indexed search
Indian buffet process
Indian logic
Indian Mathematical Society
Indian mathematics
Indian National Mathematical Olympiad
Indian numbering system
Indian Statistical Institute
Indiana Pi Bill
Indiana University Mathematics Journal
Indicative conditional
Indicator (statistics)
Indicator function

Indicator vector

Indicators of spatial association
Indifference graph

Indigenous bundle

Indirect Fourier transform
Indiscrete category
Indistinguishability quotient
Individual pieces set
Indra's Pearls (book)

Induced character

Induced homomorphism
Induced homomorphism (quotient group)
Induced matching
Induced metric
Induced path
Induced representation
Induced subgraph
Induced subgraph isomorphism problem
Induced topology
Inductive dimension
Inductive inference
Inductive probability
Inductive set
Inductive tensor product
Industrial-grade prime

Ineffable cardinal
Inequalities in information theory
Inequality (mathematics)
Inequality of arithmetic and geometric means
Inertial manifold
Inexact differential
Inexact differential equation
Infeld–van der Waerden symbols
Infimum and supremum
Infinitary combinatorics

Infinitary logic

Infinite broom
Infinite chess
Infinite compositions of analytic functions
Infinite conjugacy class property
Infinite descending chain
Infinite difference method
Infinite dihedral group
Infinite Dimensional Analysis, Quantum Probability and Related Topics
Infinite-dimensional holomorphy
Infinite-dimensional Lebesgue measure
Infinite-dimensional optimization

Infinite-dimensional vector function

Infinite divisibility
Infinite divisibility (probability)
Infinite element method

Infinite expression

Infinite group
Infinite loop
Infinite loop space machine
Infinite monkey theorem
Infinite monkey theorem in popular culture
Infinite-order triangular tiling
Infinite-period bifurcation

Infinite product

Infinite set
Infinite skew polygon
Infinitely near point
Infinitesimal character
Infinitesimal cohomology
Infinitesimal generator (stochastic processes)
Infinitesimal strain theory

Infinitesimal transformation

Infinity (philosophy)
Infinity and the Mind
Infinity-Borel set
Infinity Laplacian
Infinity mirror
Infinity plus one
Infinity symbol
Infix notation
Inflation-restriction exact sequence
Inflection point
Influence of nonstandard analysis
Influential observation
Informal mathematics
Information algebra
Information-based complexity
Information bottleneck method
Information diagram
Information distance
Information field theory
Information fluctuation complexity
Information geometry
Information matrix test
Information projection
Information set
Information set (game theory)
Information source
Information source (mathematics)
Information theory
Information theory and measure theory
Information Visualization (journal)
Infosys Prize
Infrabarreled space
Infrared fixed point
Infrastructure (number theory)
Infrastructure bias

Ingleton's inequality
Ingredient-flavor network
Inhabited set
Inherent bias
Inherent zero
Inhomogeneous electromagnetic wave equation
Initial algebra
Initial and terminal objects
Initial attractiveness
Initial condition
Initial topology
Initial value problem
Initial value theorem
Initialized fractional calculus
Injection locking
Injective cogenerator

Injective function

Injective hull
Injective metric space
Injective module
Injective object
Injective sheaf
Injective tensor product
Inner angle
Inner automorphism
Inner form
Inner measure
Inner model
Inner model theory

Inner product space

Inner regular measure
Innovation (signal processing)
Innovations vector
Innumeracy (book)

IInoue–Hirzebruch surface
Inoue surface
Input shaping
Inquisitive semantics
Inscribed angle
Inscribed figure
Inscribed sphere
Inscribed square problem
INSEE code
Inseparable differential equation
Inserter category
Instant Insanity
Instantaneous phase and frequency
Institut de mathématiques de Jussieu – Paris Rive Gauche
Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse
Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques
Institut Henri Poincaré
Institute for Advanced Study
Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics
Institute for Experimental Mathematics
Institute For Figuring
Institute for Mathematical Research
Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Institute for Mathematics and its Applications
Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics
Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics
Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications
Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology
Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Institute of Mathematical Sciences (Spain)
Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai
Institute of Mathematics
Institute of Mathematics (National Academy of Sciences of Belarus)
Institute of Mathematics and Applications, Bhubaneswar
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, University of São Paulo
Institute of Mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy
Institute of Mathematics, Physics, and Mechanics
Institute of Mathematics, UFRJ
Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Institute of Statisticians
Institution (computer science)
Institutional model theory
Institutiones calculi differentialis
Institutionum calculi integralis
Instituto de Estadística y Cartografía de Andalucía
Instituto Nacional de Estatística
Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada
Instrumental variables estimation --


Integer broom topology
Integer circuit
Integer complexity
Integer factorization
Integer factorization records
Integer lattice
Integer literal
Integer matrix
Integer points in convex polyhedra
Integer programming
Integer relation algorithm

Integer sequence

Integer sequence prime
Integer square root
Integer triangle
Integer-valued function
Integer-valued polynomial

Integrability conditions for differential systems
Integrable algorithm
Integrable module

Integrable system


Integral curve

Integral domain

Integral equation

Integral Equations and Operator Theory

Integral expression

Integral geometry

Integral graph
Integral linear operator
Integral of inverse functions
Integral of secant cubed
Integral of the secant function
Integral operator
Integral polytope
Integral representation theorem for classical Wiener space
Integral sliding mode
Integral symbol
Integral test for convergence
Integral transform

Integral Transforms and Special Functions

Integrally closed
Integrally closed domain
Integrally closed ordered group
Integrally-convex set
Integrals and Series
Integrated mathematics
Integrating factor
Integration along fibers
Integration Bee
Integration by parts
Integration by parts operator
Integration by reduction formulae
Integration by substitution
Integration over time
Integration using Euler's formula
Integration using parametric derivatives
Integro-differential equation
Integrodifference equation
Intensional logic
Intensity (measure theory)
Intensity-duration-frequency curve
Intensity measure
Intensity of counting processes
Inter-rater reliability
Inter-universal Teichmüller theory
Interacting particle system
Interaction (statistics)
Interaction cost
Interactive computation
Interactive data visualization
Interactive evolutionary computation
Interactive Mathematics Program
Interactive proof system
Interactive Theorem Proving (conference)
Intercept theorem
Interchange lemma
Interchange of limiting operations
Interclass correlation
Interdecile range
Interdependent networks
Interdimensional being
Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing
Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling
Interesting number paradox
Interface conditions for electromagnetic fields
Interim analysis
Interior (topology)
Interior algebra
Interior point method

Interior product

Interleave sequence
Interlocking interval topology
Intermediate Jacobian
Intermediate logic
Intermediate Math League of Eastern Massachusetts
Intermediate Mathematical Challenge
Intermediate value theorem
Internal and external angles
Internal category
Internal consistency
Internal set
Internal set theory
Internal validity
International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
International Association for Statistical Computing
International Association for Statistical Education
International Association of Black Actuaries
International Association of Mathematical Physics
International Astrostatistics Association
International Centre for Mathematical Sciences
International Centre for Theoretical Physics
International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics
International Commission on Mathematical Instruction
International Commission on the History of Mathematics
International Conference on Differential Geometric Methods in Theoretical Physics
International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics
International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians
International Congress of Mathematicians
International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics
International Congress on Mathematical Education
International Congress on Mathematical Physics
International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
International Day of Mathematics
International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science
International Futures
International Game Theory Review
International Giovanni Sacchi Landriani Prize
International Journal of Algebra and Computation
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos in Applied Sciences and Engineering
International Journal of Biomathematics
International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications
International Journal of Computer Mathematics
International Journal of Forecasting
International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics
International Journal of Geometry
International Journal of Mathematics

International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science

International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences

International Journal of Number Theory
International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education
International Journal of Shape Modeling
International Linear Algebra Society
International Mathematical Modeling Challenge
International Mathematical Olympiad
International Mathematical Olympiad selection process
International Mathematical Union
International Mathematics Competition for University Students
International Mathematics Research Notices
International Mathematics Research Surveys
International Prize in Statistics
International Society for Bayesian Analysis
International Society for Design and Development in Education
International Society for Mathematical Sciences
International Society for Stereology & Image Analysis
International Society for Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization
International Society for the Interaction of Mechanics and Mathematics
International Statistical Institute
International Symposium on Graph Drawing
International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation
International Symposium on the Analytic Hierarchy Process
International trade theory
International Workshop on First-Order Theorem Proving
International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications
Interpolation (computer graphics)
Interpolation inequality
Interpolation space
Interpolation theorem
Interpolative decomposition
Interpretation (logic)
Interpretation (model theory)


Interquartile mean
Interquartile range
Interrupted time series


Intersection (Euclidean geometry)
Intersection (set theory)
Intersection curve
Intersection form (4-manifold)
Intersection graph
Intersection homology
Intersection number
Intersection number (graph theory)
Intersection of a polyhedron with a line
Intersection theorem
Intersection theory
Intersection type discipline
Intertemporal budget constraint
Interval (graph theory)

Interval (mathematics)

Interval arithmetic
Interval boundary element method
Interval chromatic number of an ordered graph
Interval contractor
Interval edge coloring
Interval estimation
Interval exchange transformation
Interval graph
Interval order
Interval predictor model
Interval propagation
Interval temporal logic
Intra-rater reliability
Intraclass correlation
Intrinsic equation
Intrinsic flat distance
Intrinsic metric
Introductio in analysin infinitorum
Introduction to 3-Manifolds
Introduction to Arithmetic
Introduction to Circle Packing

Introduction to Commutative Algebra

Introduction to gauge theory
Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy
Introduction to systolic geometry
Introduction to the Theory of Computation

Introduction to the Theory of Error-Correcting Codes

Introduction to Tropical Geometry
Intruder state
Intuitionistic logic
Intuitionistic type theory

Inv (function prefix)
Invariance of domain
Invariance theorem

Invariant (mathematics)

Invariant basis number
Invariant convex cone
Invariant differential operator
Invariant estimator
Invariant factor
Invariant factorization of LPDOs
Invariant manifold
Invariant measure
Invariant of a binary form

Invariant polynomial

Invariant set postulate

Invariant subspace

Invariant subspace problem

Invariant theory
Invariants of tensors
Invasion percolation

Inventiones Mathematicae

Inventory theory
Inverse bundle
Inverse-chi-squared distribution
Inverse curve
Inverse Dirichlet distribution
Inverse distance weighting
Inverse distribution
Inverse dynamics
Inverse element
Inverse function
Inverse function theorem
Inverse functions and differentiation

Inverse Galois problem

Inverse gambler's fallacy
Inverse-gamma distribution
Inverse Gaussian distribution

Inverse hyperbolic function

Inverse image functor
Inverse iteration
Inverse kinematics
Inverse Laplace transform
Inverse limit
Inverse matrix gamma distribution
Inverse mean curvature flow
Inverse Mills ratio
Inverse probability
Inverse probability weighting
Inverse problem
Inverse problem for Lagrangian mechanics
Inverse problem in optics
Inverse Pythagorean theorem
Inverse quadratic interpolation
Inverse scattering problem
Inverse scattering transform
Inverse semigroup
Inverse-square law
Inverse Symbolic Calculator
Inverse transform sampling

Inverse trigonometric functions

Inverse-variance weighting
Inverse-Wishart distribution
Inversion (discrete mathematics)
Inversion in a sphere
Inversion operator
Inversion transformation
Inversive congruential generator
Inversive distance
Inversive geometry
Inverted bell
Inverted bell curve
Inverted Dirichlet distribution
Inverted snub dodecadodecahedron
Invertible knot

Invertible matrix

Invertible matrix
Invertible module
Invertible sheaf
Investigations in Mathematics Learning
Investigations in Numbers, Data, and Space
Invex function


Involution algebra

Involutive monoid
Involutory matrix

Involution representation

Involutional system

Involutive distribution Irrational number

Involve, a Journal of Mathematics

Ionescu-Tulcea theorem
Iota and Jot
IP (complexity)
IP set
Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Systems
Iranian Mathematical Society
Irish logarithm
Irish Mathematical Society

Irrational base discrete weighted transform

Irrational number

Irreducibility (mathematics)

Irreducible analytic space

Irrational rotation
Irrationality sequence

Irreducible component

Irreducible continuum

Irreducible element

Irreducible fraction
Irreducible ideal

Irreducible mapping

Irreducible matrix group

Irreducible module

Irreducible polynomial

Irreducible representation

Irreducible ring

Irreducible topological space

Irreducible variety

Irregular boundary point

Irregular matrix
Irregular prime

Irregular prime number

Irregular singular point


Irregularity indices

Irrelevant ideal
Irresistible force paradox
Irving Joshua Matrix
Irwin–Hall distribution
Isaac Newton Institute
Isaac Newton's early life and achievements
Isaac Newton's later life
Isaac Newton's occult studies

Isbell conjugacy
Ishango bone
Ishimori equation
Ishtar Gate
Ising critical exponents
Ising model
Isis (journal)
Islamic geometric patterns
Ismail polynomials
ISO 31-11

Isoclinism of groups

Isodynamic point
Isoelastic function


Isogeny theorem


Isogonal conjugate
Isogonal figure

Isogonal trajectory

Isogons and isohedra

Isohedral figure



Isolated point

Isolated singular point

Isolated subgroup

Isolating neighborhood
Isolation lemma
Isoline retrieval

Isometric immersion

Isometric mapping

Isometric operator

Isometric surfaces

Isometry (disambiguation)
Isometry group
Isomonodromic deformation


Isomorphism class
Isomorphism-closed subcategory
Isomorphism extension theorem
Isomorphism of categories

Isomorphism problem

Isomorphism theorems
Isoparametric function
Isoparametric manifold
Isoperimetric dimension

Isoperimetric inequality

Isoperimetric point
Isoperimetric ratio
Isosceles set

Isosceles trapezoid

Isosceles triangle

Isothermal coordinates

Isothetic polygon

Isotomic conjugate

Isotone mapping

Isotonic regression

Isotropic coordinates
Isotropic line
Isotropic manifold
Isotropic measure
Isotropic position
Isotropic quadratic form

Isotropic submanifold

Isotropic vector

Isotropy congruence

Isotropy group

Isotopy of loops

Isotropy representation

Isotypic component
Isotypical representation

Israel Halperin Prize
Israel Journal of Mathematics
Israel Mathematical Union
Isserlis' theorem
Istanbul Center for Mathematical Sciences
Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica Francesco Severi
Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo Mauro Picone
Italian Mathematical Union

Italian school of algebraic geometry

Iterated function system

Item response theory
Item-total correlation
Item tree analysis
Iterable cardinal
Iterated binary operation
Iterated conditional modes
Iterated filtering
Iterated function
Iterated function system
Iterated Hilbert Transform
Iterated integral

Iterated kernel

Iterated limit
Iterated local search
Iterated logarithm
Iterated monodromy group

Iteration algorithm

Iterative closest point
Iterative compression
Iterative deepening A*
Iterative deepening depth-first search
Iterative learning control

Iterative method

Iterative proportional fitting
Iterative refinement
Iterative Viterbi decoding
Iteratively reweighted least squares

Itô calculus

Itô diffusion

Ito formula

Itō isometry
Itô's lemma

Ito process

Itô's theorem
Itoh–Tsujii inversion algorithm

Ivanov-Petrova metric

Iversen theorem

Iverson bracket

Iwahori–Hecke algebra
Iwahori subgroup

Iwasawa, Kenkichi

Iwasawa conjecture

Iwasawa decomposition

Iwasawa group

Iwasawa manifold

Iwasawa theory

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Graduate Studies in Mathematics

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