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O'Brien, Keith

O'Brien, Matthew

O'Connell, Neil

O'Dorney, Evan


O'Hara, Jun

O'Keefe, Christine

O'Leary, Dianne P.

O'Malley, Robert Edmund

O'Meara, O. Timothy

O'Nan, Michael

O'Neill, Barrett

O'Shea, Donal

Obádovics, Gyula J.

Oberbeck-Boussinesq equations

Oberschelp, Arnold

Oberwolfach problem

Obi, Chike

Object language
Object of the mind
Object theory

Oblate spheroidal coordinates
Oblate spheroidal wave function

Oblique derivative

Oblique projection
Oblique reflection

Obreshkov, Nikola

Observability Gramian
Observable subgroup
Observable variable
Observational equivalence
Observational error
Observational study
Obstacle avoidance
Obstacle problem

Obstacle scattering

Occam's razor
Occupancy frequency distribution
Occupancy theorem
Occurrences of Grandi's series
Occurs check

Ocean general circulation model

Ockham algebra

Ockendon, Hilary


Octacube (sculpture)
Octagonal antiprism
Octagonal bipyramid
Octagonal number
Octagonal prism
Octagonal trapezohedron
Octagrammic antiprism
Octagrammic crossed-antiprism
Octagrammic cupola
Octagrammic prism
Octahedral cupola
Octahedral-dodecahedral honeycomb
Octahedral-hexagonal tiling honeycomb
Octahedral number
Octahedral prism
Octahedral pyramid

Octahedral space

Octahedral symmetry


Octahedron 3-Compound

Octahedron 4-Compound

Octal game
Octal games
Octant (plane geometry)
Octant (solid geometry)


Octeract Engine


Octonion algebra

Odd cycle transversal

Odd function

Odd graph

Odd greedy expansion

Odd number

Odd number theorem
Odd Squad (TV series)
Odds algorithm
Odds and evens
Odds and evens (hand game)
Odds ratio
Odious number

Odlyzko–Schönhage algorithm

Odlyzko bounds

Of the form
Offered load
Official statistics
Offset binary
Ogden's lemma
Ogg's formula
Ogive (statistics)
Ohlson O-score
Ohsawa–Takegoshi theorem

Oka, Kiyoshi

Oka coherence theorem

Okounkov, Andrei Yuryevich

Okubo algebra

Olami–Feder–Christensen model
Olbers' paradox
Olech theorem

Oleinik, Olga Arsenievna

Olevskii transform

OLGA (technology)
Olimpíada Brasileira de Matemática
Olimpíada Brasileira de Matemática das Escolas Públicas
Olimpíada de Matemática do Grande ABC
Oliver Sin
Olympiade Mathématique Belge
Omega and agemo subgroup
Omega-categorical theory


Omega-consistent theory

Omega constant

Omega and agemo subgroup

Omega equation
Omega function
Omega ratio

Omega-squared distribution

Omitted-variable bias

Omnibus test
Omnitruncated 5-simplex honeycomb
Omnitruncated 6-simplex honeycomb
Omnitruncated 7-simplex honeycomb
Omnitruncated 8-simplex honeycomb
Omnitruncated polyhedron
Omnitruncated simplectic honeycomb
Omnitruncated tesseractic honeycomb
On Conoids and Spheroids
On Formally Undecidable Propositions of Principia Mathematica and Related Systems
On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
On Numbers and Games
On Sizes and Distances
On Spirals
On the Number of Primes Less Than a Given Magnitude
On the Sphere and Cylinder

O'Nan-Scott theorem

One- and two-tailed tests

One-dimensional manifold

One-dimensional space

One-dimensional symmetry group



One half
One in ten rule
One-key MAC
One-parameter group

One-parameter semi-group

One-seventh area triangle
One-shot deviation principle

One-sided derivative

One-sided limit

One-way analysis of variance
One-way function
One-way wave equation
Ones' complement
Online codes
Online optimization
Ono's inequality

Onsager–Machlup function

Onsager reciprocal relations
Ontario Mathematics Olympiad
Ontological maximalism
Opaque forest problem
Open and closed maps
Open assessment
Open book decomposition
Open coloring axiom

Open-closed set

Open energy system models
Open formula
Open-loop model
Open mapping theorem

Open mapping theorem (complex analysis)

Open manifold

Open Mathematics
Open problem
Open Problems in Mathematics
Open set
Open-shop scheduling
Open Systems & Information Dynamics


OpenIntro Statistics


Operad algebra


Operational calculus

Operations research

Operation (mathematics)
Operational calculus
Operational Research Society
Operations research
Operations Research (journal)
Operations Research Society of South Africa
Operator (mathematics)
Operator (physics)

Operator algebra

Operator (mathematics)

Operator associativity

Operator colligation

Operator ideal

Operator-irreducible representation

Operator K-theory

Operator monotone function

Operator norm

Operator ring

Operator theory

Operator space
Operator system
Operator theory
Operator topologies

Operator vessel

Opial property
Opinion poll
Opinion polling in the Philippine Senate election, 2010
Oppenheim conjecture
Oppermann's conjecture


Opposite algebra

Opposite category
Opposite group

Opposite ring


Optic equation
Optical axis
Optical correlator


Optimal computing budget allocation
Optimal control
Optimal design
Optimal discriminant analysis
Optimal estimation
Optimal instruments
Optimal matching

Optimal programming control

Optimal projection equations

Optimal quadrature

Optimal stopping
Optimal substructure
Optimality criterion
Optimistic knowledge gradient
Optimization (computer science)

Optimization problem

Optimization Programming Language

Optimization Toolbox


Optimus platform

Optional stopping theorem
Options strategy


Opuscula Mathematica

Oracle complexity (optimization)
Oracle machine
Orbifold notation


Orbit (dynamics)
Orbit capacity

Orbit method

Orbit portrait
Orbit trap
Orbital integral
Orbital momentum vector
Orbital overlap
Orbital stability

Orbit stability Order

Orbital velocity
Orchard-planting problem
Order (graph theory)
Order (group theory)
Order (journal)
Order (mathematics)
Order (number theory)
Order (ring theory)
Order-2 apeirogonal tiling
Order-3-4 heptagonal honeycomb
Order-3-5 heptagonal honeycomb
Order-3-6 heptagonal honeycomb
Order-3-7 heptagonal honeycomb
Order-3-7 hexagonal honeycomb
Order 3-7 kisrhombille
Order-4 120-cell honeycomb
Order-4 24-cell honeycomb
Order-4 24-cell honeycomb honeycomb
Order-4-3 pentagonal honeycomb
Order-4-4 pentagonal honeycomb
Order-4-5 pentagonal honeycomb
Order-4-5 square honeycomb
Order-4 dodecahedral honeycomb
Order-4 heptagonal tiling
Order-4 hexagonal tiling honeycomb
Order-4 icosahedral honeycomb
Order-4 octahedral honeycomb
Order-4 pentagonal tiling
Order-4 square hosohedral honeycomb
Order-4 square tiling honeycomb
Order-5 120-cell honeycomb
Order-5-3 square honeycomb
Order-5-4 square honeycomb
Order-5 5-cell honeycomb
Order-5 cubic honeycomb
Order-5 dodecahedral honeycomb
Order-5 hexagonal tiling honeycomb
Order-5 icosahedral 120-cell honeycomb
Order-5 octahedral honeycomb
Order-5 pentagonal tiling
Order-5 square tiling
Order-5 tesseractic honeycomb
Order-5 truncated pentagonal hexecontahedron
Order-6-3 square honeycomb
Order-6-4 square honeycomb
Order-6-4 triangular honeycomb
Order-6 cubic honeycomb
Order-6 dodecahedral honeycomb
Order-6 hexagonal tiling honeycomb
Order-6 tetrahedral honeycomb
Order-6 triangular hosohedral honeycomb
Order-7-3 triangular honeycomb
Order-7 cubic honeycomb
Order-7 dodecahedral honeycomb
Order-7 heptagonal tiling
Order-7 heptagrammic tiling
Order-7 square tiling
Order-7 tetrahedral honeycomb
Order-7 triangular tiling
Order-7 truncated triangular tiling
Order-8-3 triangular honeycomb
Order and Chaos
Order bound dual
Order complete
Order convergence
Order dimension
Order dual
Order embedding
Order-extension principle
Order-infinite-3 triangular honeycomb
Order isomorphism
Order of a kernel
Order of a polynomial
Order of accuracy
Order of approximation
Order of integration (calculus)
Order of magnitude

Order of operations

Order on a set

Order statistic
Order summable
Order theory
Order topology
Order topology (functional analysis)
Order type
Order unit
Order-zero graph
Ordered algebra
Ordered Bell number
Ordered exponential
Ordered exponential field
Ordered field
Ordered geometry
Ordered graph

Ordered group

Ordered groupoid

Ordered logit

Ordered pair

Ordered probit

Ordered ring

Ordered semi-group

Ordered set
Ordered set operators
Ordered subset expectation maximization
Ordered topological vector space
Ordered vector space
Ordinal analysis
Ordinal arithmetic
Ordinal association
Ordinal collapsing function
Ordinal definable set
Ordinal logic
Ordinal notation

Ordinal number

Ordinal power

Ordinal numerical competence
Ordinal optimization
Ordinal regression
Ordinal sum

Ordinary differential equation

Ordinary least squares
Ordinary singularity


Ore, Øystein

Ore algebra
Ore condition
Ore extension
Ore's theorem
Orientation (geometry)
Orientation (graph theory)
Orientation (vector space)
Orientation character
Orientation entanglement
Orientation of a vector bundle
Orientation sheaf


Oriented coloring
Oriented matroid
Oriented Point Relation Algebra
Oriented projective geometry
Origami Polyhedra Design
Origin (mathematics)
Original proof of Gödel's completeness theorem

Orlicz-Lorentz space

Orlicz–Pettis theorem

Orlicz-Sobolev space

Orlicz class

Orlicz–Pettis theorem

Orlicz space

Orlicz–Lorentz space

Orlicz–Pettis theorem

Orlicz sequence space

Orlicz–Sobolev space

Ornstein-Chacon ergodic theorem

Ornstein isomorphism theorem

Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process

Ornstein isomorphism theorem

Ornstein–Zernike equation
Orr–Sommerfeld equation
Orthocentric system
Orthocentric tetrahedron
Orthocentroidal circle
Orthocompact space
Orthodiagonal quadrilateral
Orthodox semigroup

Orthogonal array

Orthogonal basis

Orthogonal collocation
Orthogonal complement
Orthogonal convex hull
Orthogonal coordinates

Orthogonal diagonalization

Orthogonal functions

Orthogonal group

Orthogonal Latin squares

Orthogonal matrix
Orthogonal polynomials
Orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle

Orthogonal Procrustes problem

Orthogonal symmetric Lie algebra
Orthogonal trajectory
Orthogonal transformation
Orthogonal wavelet


Orthogonality (term rewriting)
Orthogonality principle
Orthographic projection
Orthographic projection (cartography)
Orthometric height


Orthonormal basis
Orthonormal frame
Orthonormal function system
Orthoptic (geometry)
Orthostochastic matrix


Oscillation (mathematics)
Oscillation theory
Oscillator linewidth
Oscillator representation
Oscillatory integral
Oscillatory integral operator
Osculating circle
Osculating curve
Osculating plane
Oseen equations
Oseledets theorem

Osgood, William Fogg

Osgood curve
Osgood's lemma
Osmund Lewry

Ostrogradsky, Mikhail Vasilievich

Ostrogradsky instability

Ostrowski, Alexander

Ostrowski–Hadamard gap theorem
Ostrowski numeration
Ostrowski Prize
Ostrowski's theorem
Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry
Otis King
Otsu's method

Oughtred, William

Out-of-bag error
Out-of-kilter algorithm
Outage probability
Outcome (game theory)
Outcome (probability)
Outer automorphism group
Outer billiard
Outer measure
Outer product
Outer space (mathematics)
Outerplanar graph
Outline of algebra
Outline of algebraic structures
Outline of arithmetic
Outline of calculus
Outline of category theory
Outline of combinatorics
Outline of discrete mathematics
Outline of geometry
Outline of logic
Outline of mathematics
Outline of probability
Outline of regression analysis
Outline of statistics
Outline of trigonometry --
Oval (projective plane)
Overconvergent modular form
Overdetermined system
Overfull conjecture
Overfull graph
Overlap (term rewriting)
Overlap–add method
Overlap coefficient
Overlap–save method
Overlapping circles grid
Overlapping interval topology
Overlapping subproblems
Oversampling and undersampling in data analysis
Ovoid (polar space)
Ovoid (projective geometry)
Owen's T function
Oxford Set of Mathematical Instruments

Ozanam, Jacques

Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics

Graduate Texts in Mathematics

Graduate Studies in Mathematics

Mathematics Encyclopedia

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Physics Encyclopedia



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