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T distribution
T-group (mathematics)
T-norm fuzzy logics
T puzzle
T-square (fractal)

Table of bases
Table of Clebsch–Gordan coefficients
Table of congruences
Table of costs of operations in elliptic curves
Table of divisors
Table of Gaussian integer factorizations
Table of Lie groups
Table of mathematical symbols by introduction date
Table of Newtonian series
Table of polyhedron dihedral angles
Table of prime factors
Table of simple cubic graphs
Table of spherical harmonics
Table of the largest known graphs of a given diameter and maximal degree
Table of vertex-symmetric digraphs
Tables d'intégrales définies
Tabu search

Tadpole graph
Taft Hopf algebra
Taguchi methods
Tail dependence
Tail sequence
Tait conjectures
Tait's conjecture
Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics
Tajima's D
Tak (function)

Takagi, Teiji

Takagi existence theorem

Takakazu, Seki

Takens' theorem

Takeuti's conjecture
Takiff algebra
Talagrand's concentration inequality
Talairach coordinates
Taleb distribution
Tall cardinal
Tally counter
Tally marks
Tally stick

Tamagawa number

Tamari lattice

Tamarkin, Jacob

Tame group

Tame imbedding

Tame manifold
Tameness theorem
Tamil numerals
Tammes problem
Tampering (W. Edwards Deming)

Tanaka equation
Tanaka's formula
Tanc function



Tangent (disambiguation)

Tangent bundle

Tangent circles

Tangent cone

Tangent developable
Tangent half-angle formula

Tangent indicatrix

Tangent Lie group
Tangent lines to circles
Tangent measure

Tangent plane

Tangent sheaf

Tangent space

Tangent space to a functor

Tangent vector

Tangential and normal components
Tangential angle
Tangential polygon
Tangential quadrilateral
Tangential trapezoid
Tangential triangle

Tangle (mathematics)

Tango bundle

Tangut numerals
Tanh-sinh quadrature
Tanhc function

Taniyama, Yutaka

Taniyama group

Tannaka, Tadao

Tannaka–Krein duality
Tannakian formalism
Tanner graph

Tannery, Jules

Tannery, Paul

Tannery's theorem
Tanya Moore (activist)

Tao, Terence

Tao, Zhan

Tape diagram
Tapering (mathematics)
Tardos function
Target function
Targeted projection pursuit
Tarjan's off-line lowest common ancestors algorithm
Tarjan's strongly connected components algorithm

Tarry, Gaston

Tarry point

Tarski, Alfred

Tarski–Grothendieck set theory
Tarski–Kuratowski algorithm
Tarski Lectures
Tarski monster group
Tarski–Seidenberg theorem
Tarski's axiomatization of the reals
Tarski's axioms
Tarski's circle-squaring problem
Tarski's exponential function problem
Tarski's high school algebra problem

Tarski's plank problem

Tarski's problem
Tarski's theorem
Tarski's theorem about choice
Tarski's undefinability theorem
Tarski's World

Tartaglia, Niccolò Fontana

Tate, John

Tate cohomology group

Tate conjecture
Tate curve
Tate duality
Tate group

Tate's isogeny theorem

Tate module
Tate pairing
Tate–Shafarevich group
Tate topology
Tate twist
Tate vector space
Tate's algorithm
Tate's isogeny theorem
Tate's thesis

Tau (2π)
Tau conjecture

Tauber, Alfred

Tauberian theorems

Taubes's Gromov invariant

Taurinus, Franz

Taussky-Todd, Olga

Taut foliation

Taut submanifold

Tautochrone curve
Tautological bundle
Tautological one-form

Tautological ring

Tautology (logic)
Tautology (rule of inference)
Tav (number)
Taxicab geometry
Taxicab number

Taylor, Brook

Taylor, Richard Lawrence

Taylor diagram
Taylor expansions for the moments of functions of random variables
Taylor–Goldstein equation
Taylor–Proudman theorem
Taylor scraping flow

Taylor series

Taylor's law
Taylor's theorem
TC (complexity)
Team Umizoomi
Technology Innovations in Statistics Education
Technology tree

Ted Honderich
Tee (symbol)

Teichmüller, Oswald

Teichmüller character
Teichmüller cocycle

Teichmueller mapping

Teichmüller modular form

Teichmueller space

Teichmüller–Tukey lemma
Teknomo–Fernandez algorithm
Telegraph process
Telegrapher's equations
Telephone number (mathematics)
Telescoping Markov chain

Telescoping series


Tellegen's theorem
Tempered representation
Temperley–Lieb algebra
Temporal finitism
Temporal logic
Temporal mean
Ten Computational Canons
Ten-of-diamonds decahedron
Ten rays model

Tendril perversion

Tennenbaum's theorem
Tennis (paper game)
Tennis ball theorem


Tensor (intrinsic definition)

Tensor algebra

Tensor analysis

Tensor bundle

Tensor calculus

Tensor contraction

Tensor Contraction Engine

Tensor decomposition

Tensor density

Tensor field

Tensor-hom adjunction
Tensor operator
Tensor product

Tensor product of algebras
Tensor product of fields
Tensor product of graphs
Tensor product of Hilbert spaces
Tensor product of modules
Tensor product of quadratic forms
Tensor product of representations
Tensor rank decomposition
Tensor representation
Tensor reshaping
Tensor sketch

Tensor product bundle

Tensor software

Tensors in curvilinear coordinates
Tent map
Tentaizu (puzzle)

Tentacles Akimbo (V)

Term (logic)
Term algebra
Term logic
Term test
Terminal singularity
Termination proof
Ternary commutator
Ternary cubic
Ternary equivalence relation

Ternary field

Ternary Golay code
Ternary numeral system
Ternary operation
Ternary quartic
Ternary relation
Ternary search
Terrell rotation
Tertiary ideal


Tesseractic honeycomb
Tesseractic honeycomb honeycomb
Test functions for optimization
Test ideal
Test statistic
Test validity
Testing hypotheses suggested by the data

Tetrad formalism
Tetradic number
Tetragonal disphenoid honeycomb
Tetragonal trapezohedron
Tetrahedral-cubic honeycomb
Tetrahedral cupola
Tetrahedral-dodecahedral honeycomb
Tetrahedral-icosahedral honeycomb
Tetrahedral number
Tetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb
Tetrahedral prism
Tetrahedral-square tiling honeycomb
Tetrahedral symmetry
Tetrahedral-triangular tiling honeycomb
Tetrahedrally diminished dodecahedron


Tetrahedron packing
Tetraheptagonal tiling
Tetrakis cuboctahedron
Tetrakis hexahedron
Tetrakis square tiling

Tetrapentagonal tiling
Tetrated dodecahedron

Tetranacci numbers

Texas Math and Science Coaches Association
Text figures
Thabit number
Thai numerals
Thaine's theorem


Thales's theorem
The Aleph (short story)
The Algebraic Eigenvalue Problem
The American Statistician

The Amazing Heptadecagon (17-gon) (V)

The Analyst
The Analyst, or, Mathematical Museum
The Ancient Tradition of Geometric Problems
The Annals of Applied Statistics
The Annotated Turing
The Apprenticeship of a Mathematician

The Archimedes Number (V)

The Banach–Tarski Paradox (book)
The Beauty of Fractals

The Best Way to Pack Spheres (V)

The Book of Squares
The Bridges Organization
The Butterfly Effect
The Calculating Machines
The Cambridge Quintet
The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis
The Ciphers of the Monks
The Classical Groups
The Collapse of Chaos
The College Mathematics Journal
The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing
The Complexity of Songs
The Construction and Principal Uses of Mathematical Instruments
The Crest of the Peacock
The Cunningham project

The Daddy of Big Numbers (Rayo's Number) (V)

The Design of Experiments
The Doctrine of Chances
The Drunkard's Walk
The Econometrics Journal
The Economic Writings of Sir William Petty
The Emergence of Probability
The Emperor's New Mind
The End of Average

The Feigenbaum Constant (4.669) (V)

The Fibonacci Association
The Fifty-Nine Icosahedra
The First Moderns
The Foundations of Arithmetic

The Four Color Map Theorem (V)

The Fourth Dimension (book)
The Fractal Dimension of Architecture
The Fractal Geometry of Nature
The Game of Logic
The Geography of Thought
The Geometer's Sketchpad
The geometry and topology of three-manifolds
The Geometry of Musical Rhythm

The Golden Ratio (why it is so irrational) (V)

The Great Mathematical Problems
The Ground of Arts
The Hacker and the Ants
The Higher Infinite
The History of Mathematical Tables
The Innovators (book)
The Knot Atlas
The Lady Tasting Tea
The Lady's and Gentleman's Diary
The Last Theorem
The Laws of Thought
The Library of Babel
The Man Who Counted
The Man Who Knew Infinity
The Man Who Loved Only Numbers
The Manga Guides
The Map of My Life
The Mars Generation
The Martians (group)
The Math Book
The Mathematical Coloring Book

The Mathematical Diary

The Mathematical Experience
The Mathematical Gazette

The Mathematical Intelligencer

The Mathematical Magpie
The Mathematics Educator
The Mathematics Enthusiast
The Mathematics of Chip-Firing
The Mathematics of Games and Gambling
The Mathematics of Life
The Method of Mechanical Theorems
The monkey and the coconuts
The Music of the Primes

The New York Journal of Mathematics

The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art
The Number Devil
The Numtums
The Oxford Murders (novel)
The Paradoxes of the Infinite
The Parrot's Theorem
The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers
The Petersen Graph
The Planiverse
The Princeton Companion to Mathematics
The Principles of Mathematics
The Pursuit of Perfect Packing
The Quadrature of the Parabola
The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics
The Quarterly Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
The R Journal
The Ramanujan Journal
The Review of Economics and Statistics
The Road to Reality
The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe
The Sand Reckoner
The Schoolmaster's Assistant, Being a Compendium of Arithmetic Both Practical and Theoretical
The Signal and the Noise
The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets
The Singularity (film)
The six symmetries of music
The spider and the fly problem
The Story of 1
The Story of Maths
The Strange Logic of Random Graphs
The Swallow's Tail
The Taming of Chance
The Taylor Prize in Mathematics
The Theoretical Minimum
The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage
The Tiger That Isn't
The Tower of Hanoi – Myths and Maths
The Turing Guide
The Universal Book of Mathematics
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences
The Unscrambler
The Value of Science
The Whetstone of Witte
The Wild Numbers
The World of Maria Gaetana Agnesi, Mathematician of God
The writing of Principia Mathematica



Thébault's theorem
Theil index
Theil–Sen estimator
Theodore von Kármán Prize

Theodorsen integral equation



Theon of Alexandria

Theon of Smyrna


Theorem prover

Theorem of absolute purity

Theorem of Bertini

Theorem of the cube
Theorem of the gnomon
Theorem of the highest weight
Theorem of the three geodesics
Theorem of the unique homomorphic extension
Theorem of transition
Theorem on formal functions
Theorem on friends and strangers
Theorema Egregium
Theoretical and experimental justification for the Schrödinger equation
Theoretical physics

Theory of algorithms

Theory (mathematical logic)
Theory of computation
Theory of conjoint measurement
Theory of equations
Theory of fructification
Theory of Games and Economic Behavior
Theory of Lie groups
Theory of Probability and Its Applications
Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics
Theory of pure equality
Theory of regions
Theory of sonics

Theory of surfaces

Theory of two-level planning
Therefore sign
Thermal history modelling
Thermodynamic operation
Thermodynamic potential
Thermodynamic system
Thermomagnetic convection
Theta characteristic
Theta constant
Theta correspondence
Theta divisor

Theta function

Theta function (disambiguation)
Theta function of a lattice
Theta graph
Theta model
Theta operator

Theta representation


Thick set
Thickness (graph theory)

Thiele, Thorvald Nicolai

Thiele differential equation

Thiele's interpolation formula

Thin group
Thin group (algebraic group theory)
Thin group (combinatorial group theory)
Thin group (finite group theory)
Thin plate spline
Thin set
Thin set (analysis)
Thin set (Serre)

Third boundary value problem

Third derivative
Third fundamental form
Thirring model

Thom, René

Thom-Boardman singularities

Thom catastrophes

Thom class

Thom-Mather stratification

Thom space

Thom spectrum

Thomae's formula

Thomae's function

Thomas A. Scott Professorship of Mathematics
Thomas Bond Sprague Prize
Thomas–Fermi equation
Thomas Ranken Lyle Medal
Thomas' cyclically symmetric attractor

Thomassen, Carsten

Thompson, John G.

Thompson factorization

Thompson factorization
Thompson group
Thompson groups
Thompson order formula
Thompson sampling
Thompson sporadic group
Thompson subgroup
Thompson transitivity theorem
Thompson uniqueness theorem
Thomsen graph
Thomsen's theorem
Thomson cubic
Thomson problem
Thomson's lamp

Thompson-McKay series

Thompson uniqueness theorem

Thompson subgroup

Thread angle
Threat assessment
Three-body problem
Three-dimensional graph
Three-dimensional rotation operator
Three-dimensional space
Three-gap theorem
Three-leaved clover
Three-part lesson
Three-phase traffic theory
Three-point estimation
Three Prisoners problem

Three-series theorem

Three-sigma rule

Three spheres inequality
Three subgroups lemma


Three-twist knot
Three utilities problem
Threshold graph

Thue equation

Thue method

Thue-Morse sequence

Thue number
Thue's lemma

Thue-Siegel-Roth theorem

Thue semi-system

Thurston, William

Thue's theorem
Thurston–Bennequin number
Thurston boundary
Thurston elliptization conjecture
Thurston norm


Tian yuan shu
Tiberiu Popoviciu Institute of Numerical Analysis

Tidal tensor
Tide-Predicting Machine No. 2


Tietze extension theorem
Tietze transformations
Tietze's graph
Tight closure
Tight span
Tightness of measures

Tijdeman, Robert

Tijdeman's theorem

Tikhonov cube

Tikhonov-Phillips regularization

Tikhonov product

Tikhonov space

Tikhonov theorem



Tiling with rectangles

Tilted algebra

Tilted large deviation principle

Tilting functor

Tilting theory
Time complexity
Time-dependent variational Monte Carlo
Time dependent vector field
Time derivative
Time deviation
Time domain
Time evolution
Time evolution of integrals
Time–frequency analysis
Time–frequency analysis for music signals
Time–frequency representation
Time hierarchy theorem
Time-invariant system
Time reversibility
Time-scale calculus
Time series
Time-series segmentation
Time-use survey
Time value of money
Time-variant system
Timelike homotopy
Timelike simply connected
Timeline of abelian varieties
Timeline of algebra
Timeline of algorithms
Timeline of ancient Greek mathematicians
Timeline of bordism
Timeline of calculus and mathematical analysis
Timeline of category theory and related mathematics
Timeline of class field theory
Timeline of classical mechanics
Timeline of computational mathematics
Timeline of geometry
Timeline of manifolds
Timeline of mathematical innovation in South and West Asia
Timeline of mathematical logic
Timeline of mathematics
Timeline of number theory
Timeline of numerals and arithmetic
Timeline of numerical analysis after 1945
Timeline of probability and statistics
Timeline of women in mathematics

Tinkerbell map

Tiny and miny
Tipping point
Titanic prime

Titchmarsh, Edward Charles

Titchmarsh convolution theorem

Titchmarsh problem

Titchmarsh theorem

Titchmarsh-Weyl m-function

Tits, Jacques

Tits alternative

Tits building

Tits bundle

Tits quadratic form

Tits group
Tits metric

To Mock a Mockingbird
Toads and Frogs
Tobit model

Tobler's hiking function

Toda, Hiroshi

Toda bracket

Toda field theory
Toda lattice
Toda oscillator
Toda–Smith complex
Toda's theorem
Todd class

Todd polynomials

Todd–Coxeter algorithm
Todorov surface

Toeplitz, Otto

Toeplitz algebra

Toeplitz matrix

Toeplitz operator

Togliatti surfac

Tohoku Mathematical Journal

Toida's conjecture
Token reconfiguration
Tolerance graph
Tolerance interval
Tolerance relation
Tolerant sequence

Tomahawk (geometry)
Tombstone (typography)
Tomita–Takesaki theory

Tomimatsu-Sato metric

Tomographic reconstruction
Tompkins code I
Tompkins code II
Tompkins–Paige algorithm
Tonelli–Hobson test
Tonelli–Shanks algorithm
Tonelli–Hobson test
Tonelli's theorem
Tonelli's theorem (functional analysis)
Tonti diagram
Toom–Cook multiplication
Toothpick sequence
Top (mathematics)
Top trading cycle
Topkis's theorem
Topological abelian group
Topological algebra
Topological Boolean algebra
Topological category
Topological censorship
Topological combinatorics
Topological complexity
Topological conjugacy
Topological data analysis
Topological defect
Topological degree theory
Topological derivative
Topological divisor of zero
Topological dynamics

Topological entropy

Topological Galois theory
Topological game
Topological geometry
Topological graph
Topological graph theory
Topological group
Topological half-exact functor
Topological homomorphism
Topological index
Topological indistinguishability
Topological K-theory
Topological manifold
Topological modular forms
Topological module
Topological monoid
Topological pair
Topological property
Topological quantum computer
Topological quantum field theory
Topological quantum number
Topological recursion
Topological rigidity
Topological ring
Topological semigroup
Topological sorting

Topological space

Topological string theory
Topological tensor product

Topological transitivity

Topological vector lattice
Topological vector space
Topologically stratified space
Topologies on spaces of linear maps
Topologist's sine curve


Topology (chemistry)

Topology (journal)

Topology and Its Applications
Topology control
Topology optimization
Toponogov's theorem
Tor functor
Toral subalgebra
Torelli theorem
Toric manifold
Toric section
Toric stack
Toric variety
Tornado code
Tornado diagram
Toroidal and poloidal coordinates

Toroidal coordinates

Toroidal embedding
Toroidal graph

Toroidal harmonic

Toroidal polyhedron
Toronto function
Toronto space
Torricelli's equation
Torsion (algebra)
Torsion abelian group
Torsion conjecture
Torsion-free abelian group
Torsion-free abelian groups of rank 1
Torsion-free module
Torsion group
Torsion of a curve
Torsion sheaf
Torsion subgroup
Torsion tensor
Torsionless module
Torsor (algebraic geometry)
Torus action
Torus bundle

Torus knot

Total absolute curvature
Total active reflection coefficient
Total algebra
Total angular momentum quantum number
Total coloring
Total coloring conjecture
Total correlation
Total curvature

Total derivative

Total dual integrality
Total least squares
Total operating characteristic

Total order

Total position spread
Total relation
Total ring of fractions

Total set

Total subset
Total sum of squares
Total survey error
Total variation
Total variation denoising
Total variation diminishing
Total variation distance of probability measures
Totally bounded space
Totally disconnected group
Totally disconnected space
Totally imaginary number field
Totally inaccessible stopping time
Totally positive matrix
Totally real number field
Totient summatory function --
Touchard polynomials
Tournament (graph theory)
Tournament of the Towns
Tower (mathematics)
Tower of fields
Tower of Hanoi
Toy model
Toy problem
Toy theorem

Trace (linear algebra)
Trace class
Trace diagram
Trace distance
Trace field of a representation
Trace formula
Trace identity
Trace inequality
Trace monoid
Trace operator
Traced monoidal category
Trachtenberg system
Track transition curve
Tracking signal
Tractable problem
Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
Tractor bundle


Tracy-Singh product
Tracy–Widom distribution
Traditional mathematics
Traffic congestion reconstruction with Kerner's three-phase theory
Traffic equations
Traffic flow
Traffic model
Trailing zero
Train track (mathematics)
Train track map
Training, validation, and test sets
Traité de mécanique céleste
Trajectory (fluid mechanics)
Trajectory optimization
Trakhtenbrot's theorem
Trammel of Archimedes
Transaction logic
Transactions of Mathematics and its Applications

Transactions of the American Mathematical Society

Transcendental branch point

Transcendence degree
Transcendental curve
Transcendental equation
Transcendental function

Transcendental number

Transcendental number theory
Transcomputational problem
Transcritical bifurcation
Transdichotomous model
Transfer (group theory)
Transfer entropy
Transfer function

Transfer function

Transfer function matrix
Transfer matrix
Transfer-matrix method
Transfer operator
Transfer principle
Transferable belief model

Transference theorem in Diophantine approximation

Transfinite diameter

Transfinite induction

Transfinite interpolation

Transfinite number

Transfinite recursion

Transfinite sequence

Transform theory
Transformation (function)
Transformation between distributions in time–frequency analysis
Transformation geometry
Transformation matrix
Transformation semigroup
Transgression map
Transit node routing
Transition curve
Transition function
Transition kernel
Transition path sampling
Transition rate matrix
Transition spiral
Transitive closure
Transitive dependency
Transitive model
Transitive reduction
Transitive relation
Transitive set
Transitively normal subgroup
Translation (geometry)
Translation functor
Translation Movement
Translation of axes
Translation plane
Translation surface
Translation surface (differential geometry)
Translational symmetry
Transmission-line matrix method
Transparent Intensional Logic
Transport function
Transport of structure
Transportation theory
Transportation theory (mathematics)
Transposable integer



Transpose graph
Transpose of a linear map
Transposition (logic)
Transposition (mathematics)
Transposition cipher
Transversal (combinatorics)
Transversal (disambiguation)
Transversal (geometry)
Transversal plane
Transversality (mathematics)
Transversality condition
Transversality theorem
Transverse knot
Transverse measure
Transverse Mercator projection
Transylvania lottery
Trapdoor function
Trapezo-rhombic dodecahedron
Trapezoid graph
Trapezoidal distribution
Trapezoidal rule
Trapezoidal rule (differential equations)
Trapping region
Traveler's dilemma
Traveling plane wave
Traveling tournament problem
Travelling salesman problem --
Treatise on Analysis
Tree (descriptive set theory)
Tree (graph theory)
Tree (set theory)
Tree decomposition
Tree diagram (probability theory)
Tree-graded space
Tree kernel
Tree of primitive Pythagorean triples
Tree rearrangement
Tree rotation
Tree spanner
Tree traversal
Trefftz method
Trefoil knot
Treks into Intuitive Geometry
Trellis (graph)
Trémaux tree
Trend analysis
Trend estimation
Trend surface analysis
Treviso Arithmetic
Triakis icosahedron
Triakis octahedron
Triakis tetrahedron
Triakis truncated tetrahedral honeycomb
Triakis truncated tetrahedron
Trial division
Trial registration
Triangle center
Triangle-free graph
Triangle graph
Triangle group
Triangle inequality
Triangle of death (Italy)
Triangle of opposition
Triangle postulate
Triangle strip
Triangle wave
Triangular array
Triangular bifrustum
Triangular bipyramid
Triangular coordinates
Triangular cupola
Triangular decomposition
Triangular distribution
Triangular function
Triangular hebesphenorotunda
Triangular matrix
Triangular matrix ring
Triangular network coding
Triangular number
Triangular orthobicupola
Triangular prism
Triangular prismatic honeycomb
Triangular tiling
Triangular tiling honeycomb
Triangulated category
Triangulation (geometry)
Triangulation (surveying)
Triangulation (topology)

Triaugmented dodecahedron

Triaugmented hexagonal prism

Triaugmented triangular prism

Triaugmented truncated dodecahedron

Tribonacci numbers

Trichotomy (mathematics)

Trichotomy theorem

Tricomi–Carlitz polynomials
Tricorn (mathematics)
Tricotyledon theory of system design
Tricubic interpolation

Trident curve

Tridiagonal matrix
Tridiagonal matrix algorithm
Tridiminished icosahedron
Tridiminished rhombicosidodecahedron
Tridyakis icosahedron
Triebel–Lizorkin space
Trigamma function
Trigger strategy
Trigonal trapezohedral honeycomb
Trigonal trapezohedron
Trigonometric constants expressed in real radicals

Trigonometric functions

Trigonometric functions of matrices

Trigonometric integral

Trigonometric interpolation
Trigonometric moment problem
Trigonometric number

Trigonometric number

Trigonometric polynomial
Trigonometric Rosen–Morse potential
Trigonometric series
Trigonometric substitution
Trigonometric tables


Trigonometry of a tetrahedron
Trigram tagger
Trigyrate rhombicosidodecahedron

Triheptagonal tiling

Trihexagonal tiling
Trilinear coordinates
Trilinear interpolation
Trilinear polarity
Trillium theorem
Trimagic square
Trimmed estimator
Trinity Mathematical Society


Trinomial expansion
Trinomial triangle
Trioctagonal tiling
Triple bar
Triple correlation
Triple helix
Triple product
Triple product property
Triple product rule
Triple system

Triple torus

Tripling-oriented Doche–Icart–Kohel curve

Triply periodic minimal surface

Tripod packing
Trirectangular tetrahedron
Trisected perimeter point
Trisectrix of Maclaurin
Trivial cylinder

Trivial group

Trivial measure
Trivial module
Trivial representation
Trivial semigroup
Trivial topology
Triviality (mathematics)
Trivially perfect graph
Trombi–Varadarajan theorem
Trope (mathematics)
Tropical analysis
Tropical compactification
Tropical geometry
Tropical projective space

Trudinger's theorem

True and false (Unix)
True arithmetic
True length
True quantified Boolean formula
True-range multilateration
True variance

Truncatable prime
Truncated 120-cells
Truncated 16-cell honeycomb
Truncated 24-cell honeycomb
Truncated 24-cells
Truncated 5-cell
Truncated 5-cubes
Truncated 5-orthoplexes
Truncated 5-simplexes
Truncated 6-cubes
Truncated 6-orthoplexes
Truncated 6-simplexes
Truncated 7-cubes
Truncated 7-orthoplexes
Truncated 7-simplexes
Truncated 8-cubes
Truncated 8-orthoplexes
Truncated 8-simplexes
Truncated cube
Truncated cubic prism
Truncated cuboctahedral prism
Truncated cuboctahedron
Truncated distribution
Truncated dodecadodecahedron
Truncated dodecahedral prism
Truncated dodecahedron
Truncated great dodecahedron
Truncated great icosahedron
Truncated heptagonal tiling
Truncated hexagonal tiling
Truncated hexagonal trapezohedron
Truncated icosahedral prism
Truncated icosahedron
Truncated icosidodecahedral prism
Truncated icosidodecahedron
Truncated mean
Truncated Newton method
Truncated normal distribution
Truncated octagonal tiling
Truncated octahedral prism
Truncated octahedron
Truncated order-4 heptagonal tiling
Truncated order-4 pentagonal tiling
Truncated order-5 pentagonal tiling
Truncated order-5 square tiling
Truncated order-7 heptagonal tiling
Truncated order-7 square tiling
Truncated order-8 triangular tiling
Truncated pentakis dodecahedron
Truncated power function
Truncated projective plane
Truncated regression model
Truncated rhombicosidodecahedron
Truncated rhombicuboctahedron
Truncated square antiprism
Truncated square tiling
Truncated square trapezohedron
Truncated tesseract
Truncated tesseractic honeycomb
Truncated tetrahedral prism
Truncated tetrahedron

Truncated tetraheptagonal tiling
Truncated tetrakis cube
Truncated tetrapentagonal tiling
Truncated trapezohedron
Truncated triakis icosahedron
Truncated triakis octahedron
Truncated triakis tetrahedron
Truncated triangular trapezohedron
Truncated triheptagonal tiling
Truncated trihexagonal tiling
Truncated trioctagonal tiling
Truncation (geometry)
Truncation (statistics)
Truncation error
Truncation error (numerical integration)
Truncus (mathematics)
Trust region
Truth function
Truth table
Truth-table reduction
Truth value
Tsallis distribution
Tsallis entropy
Tsallis statistics

Tschirnhaus, Ehrenfried Walther von

Tschirnhaus transformation
Tschirnhausen cubic
Tschuprow's T
Tsen rank

Tsen's theorem

Tsinghua Bamboo Slips
Tsirelson space
Tsirelson's bound
Tube domain
Tube lemma
Tübingen triangle
Tubular neighborhood
Tucker decomposition
Tucker's lemma
Tukey depth
Tukey–Duckworth test
Tukey lambda distribution
Tukey median
Tukey's range test
Tukey's test of additivity
Tunnel number

Tunnell's theorem

Tuple relational calculus
Tupper's self-referential formula
Turán graph
Turán–Kubilius inequality
Turán number
Turán sieve
Turán's brick factory problem
Turán's inequalities

Turán's method
Turán's theorem
Turbo code
Turing completeness
Turing degree
Turing jump
Turing machine
Turing machine examples
Turing machine gallery
Turing pattern
Turing reduction
Turing tarpit
Turing's method
Turing's proof
Turkish Journal of Mathematics
Turkish Mathematical Society
Turn (angle)
Turning point test
Turnstile (symbol)

Tutte 12-cage
Tutte–Berge formula
Tutte–Coxeter graph
Tutte embedding
Tutte graph
Tutte–Grothendieck invariant
Tutte homotopy theorem
Tutte matrix
Tutte polynomial
Tutte theorem
Tverberg's theorem
Tversky index
Tweedie distribution
Twelfth root of two
Twelvefold way
Twiddle factor
Twin circles
Twin paradox
Twin prime
Twin prime conjecture
Twin Prime Search
Twist (mathematics)
Twist knot
Twisted cubic
Twisted Edwards curve
Twisted geometries
Twisted Hessian curves
Twisted K-theory
Twisted Poincaré duality
Twisted polynomial ring
Twisted sheaf

Twisted Sphere

Twisting properties
Twistor correspondence
Twistor space
Twistor theory
Twists of curves
Two-body Dirac equation

Two-center bipolar coordinates

Two-cube calendar

Two-dimensional graph
Two-dimensional singular-value decomposition
Two-dimensional space
Two ears theorem
Two-element Boolean algebra
Two envelopes problem
Two-fluid model
Two New Sciences
Two-point tensor
Two-sided Laplace transform
Two-state trajectory
Two-variable logic
Two-way analysis of variance
Two's complement
Twyman's law
Tychonoff cube
Tychonoff plank

Tychonoff space

Tychonoff's theorem

Tychonoff's theorem (disambiguation)
Type (model theory)
Type-1 Gumbel distribution
Type-2 Gumbel distribution
Type I and type II errors
Type III error
Type inhabitation
Type theory
Typed lambda calculus
Types of artificial neural networks
Typical set
Typographical conventions in mathematical formulae
Typographical Number Theory
Typology (statistics)

Tyranny of averages
Tyson Medal

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