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U-quadratic distribution


UBC computer science
UCL Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
UCPH Department of Mathematical Sciences
UCT Mathematics Competition

Udwadia–Kalaba equation

UET scheduling

Ugbebor, Olabisi

Ugly duckling theorem

Uhlenbeck, George
Uhlenbeck, Karen

UK Molecular R-matrix Codes

Ulam, Stanislaw

Ulam matrix
Ulam number

Ulam spiral

Ulam–Warburton automaton
Ulam's conjecture
Ulam's game
Ulam's packing conjecture
Ulm's theorem

Ultimately periodic sequence

Ultimate tic-tac-toe
Ultrabarrelled space
Ultrabornological space
Ultraconnected space
Ultragraph C*-algebra
Ultrahyperbolic equation
Ultrametric space
Ultraparallel theorem
Ultrastrong topology
Ultraweak topology

Ulugh Beg

Umawi, Abu al

Umbilic torus

Umbilical point
Umbral calculus
Umbral moonshine
Umbrella sampling
Unary coding
Unary function
Unary language
Unary numeral system
Unary operation
Unavoidable pattern
Unbiased estimation of standard deviation

Unbounded operator

Unconditional convergence

Unbounded system
Uncertain data
Uncertainty analysis
Uncertainty budget
Uncertainty coefficient
Uncertainty exponent
Uncertainty parameter
Uncertainty principle
Uncertainty quantification
Uncertainty theory
Uncle Petros and Goldbach's Conjecture
Uncomfortable science

Unconditional convergence

Unconditional summability

Uncorrelated asymmetry
Uncorrelatedness (probability theory)

Uncountable set

Undecidable problem
Undefined (mathematics)

Underdetermined system

Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics
Undulating number
Unexpected hanging paradox
Unfoldable cardinal
Unfolding (functions)
Unibranch local ring
Unicoherent space

Unicursal curve

Unicursal hexagram

Uniform algebra

Unification (computer science)
Unified CORDIC

Uniform absolute-convergence
Uniform algebra
Uniform antiprismatic prism

Uniform approximation

Uniform boundedness

Uniform boundedness principle
Uniform coloring

Uniform continuity

Uniform convergence

Uniform convergence in probability
Uniform distribution (continuous)

Uniform distribution

Uniform field theory
Uniform honeycomb
Uniform honeycombs in hyperbolic space
Uniform integrability
Uniform isomorphism
Uniform k 21 polytope
Uniform limit theorem
Uniform matroid
Uniform module
Uniform norm
Uniform polyhedron
Uniform polyhedron compound
Uniform polytope
Uniform price auction
Uniform property

Uniform space

Uniform stability

Uniform star polyhedron

Uniform subgroup

Uniform tessellation
Uniform theory of diffraction
Uniform tiling
Uniform tiling symmetry mutations
Uniform tilings in hyperbolic plane

Uniform topology

Uniform tree

Uniform 1 k2 polytope
Uniform 10-polytope
Uniform 2 k1 polytope
Uniform 4-polytope
Uniform 5-polytope
Uniform 6-polytope
Uniform 7-polytope
Uniform 8-polytope
Uniform 9-polytope

Uniformizable space
Uniformization (probability theory)
Uniformization (set theory)
Uniformization theorem
Uniformly bounded representation
Uniformly Cauchy sequence
Uniformly connected space
Uniformly convex space
Uniformly distributed measure
Uniformly hyperfinite algebra
Uniformly most powerful test
Uniformly smooth space
Unifying theories in mathematics

Unimodal distribution


Unimodular element

Unimodular group

Unimodular lattice

Unimodular matrix

Unimodular polynomial matrix

Unimodular transformation

Union of sets

Union-closed sets conjecture
Union of Czech mathematicians and physicists


Unipotent element

Unipotent group

Unipotent matrix

Unipotent representation

Unique factorisation domain

Unique games conjecture
Unique negative dimension
Unique prime
Unique sink orientation
Uniquely colorable graph

Uniqueness case

Uniqueness properties of analytic functions

Uniqueness quantification
Uniqueness theorem
Uniqueness theorem for Poisson's equation

Unirational variety


Uniserial ring

Unisolvent functions
Unisolvent point set
Unistochastic matrix
Unit (ring theory)
Unit angle
Unit ball

Unit circle

Unit commitment problem in electrical power production
Unit cube
Unit disk
Unit disk graph
Unit distance graph
Unit doublet

Unit element

Unit fraction
Unit function
Unit hyperbola
Unit impulse
Unit interval

Unit matrix

Unit measure
Unit propagation

Unit representation

Unit square

Unit root
Unit root test
Unit sphere
Unit square
Unit tangent bundle
Unit vector
Unit-weighted regression
Unital (geometry)
Unital map
Unitarian trick

Unitarian trick

Unitarily-equivalent operators

Unitary divisor
Unitary element
Unitary equivalence
Unitary group
Unitary matrix
Unitary method
Unitary operator
Unitary perfect number

Unitary representation

Unitary space

Unitary transformation
United Kingdom Mathematics Trust
United States of America Mathematical Olympiad
United States of America Mathematical Talent Search
Units conversion by factor-label
Unity amplitude

Univalency conditions

Univariate (statistics)
Univariate analysis
Univariate distribution

Universal algebra

Universal algebraic geometry

Universal algorithm

Universal approximation theorem
Universal bundle
Universal C*-algebra
Universal chord theorem
Universal coefficient theorem
Universal composability

Universal covering

Universal differential equation
Universal embedding theorem
Universal enveloping algebra
Universal generalization
Universal geometric algebra
Universal graph
Universal hashing
Universal homeomorphism
Universal instantiation

Universal invariant

Universal parabolic constant
Universal property
Universal quadratic form
Universal quantification
Universal representation (C*-algebra)

Universal set

Universal set (disambiguation)
Universal space
Universal Teichmüller space
Universal vertex
Universality (dynamical systems)
Universality probability
Universally Baire set
Universally measurable set
Universe (mathematics)
University of Chicago School Mathematics Project
University of Minnesota Talented Youth Mathematics Program
University of Sydney School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Toronto Department of Mathematics
University of Waterloo Faculty of Mathematics


Unknotting number
Unknotting problem
Unmatched count
Unnormalized modified KdV equation
Unordered pair

Unramified ideal

Unramified morphism
Unreasonable ineffectiveness of mathematics
Unrestricted algorithm
Unrooted binary tree
Unsatisfiable core
Unscented optimal control
Unseen species problem
Unsolved Problems in Number Theory
Unstructured grid
Untouchable number
Untyped lambda calculus

UP (complexity)
Up tack
Up to
Uplift modelling
Upper and lower bounds
Upper and lower probabilities
Upper bound theorem
Upper-convected time derivative

Upper half-plane

Upper p-series
Upper set
Upper topology
Upsilon function

Upton, Francis

Upwind differencing scheme for convection
Upwind scheme

Uqlidisi, Abu'l

Urania Propitia
Uranium tile

Urbanik, Kazimierz

Urbina, Sylvia de Neymet


Urena, Manuel Valdivia

Urn problem
Urquhart graph

Ursell, Fritz

Ursell function

Urysohn, Pavel

Urysohn-Brouwer lemma

Urysohn and completely Hausdorff spaces

Urysohn equation

Urysohn lemma

Urysohn metrization theorem

Urysohn space

Urysohn universal space

Uses of trigonometry
Ushiki's theorem
Using the Borsuk–Ulam Theorem
Usual hypotheses
Utility functions on indivisible goods
Utility graph
Utility maximization problem

Utility theory

Utilization distribution
UTM theorem
Utpala (astronomer)
UV fixed point
Uzawa iteration

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Graduate Studies in Mathematics

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