The IAMG Distinguished Lectureship[1] is a special lecture series established in the year 2002 by the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences (IAMG).[2][3] Each year IAMG selects IAMG Distinguished Lecturer, who is an outstanding individual with (i) demonstrated ability to communicate mathematical concepts to general geological audience, (ii) a clear enthusiasm for mathematical geology, (iii) recognition fork in their field, and (iv) established skill in working with individuals and in group discussions on geological problems. The selected IAMG Distinguished Lecturer must be ready to travel and to (i) Prepare and present a lecture suitable for a general geological audience, (ii) Prepare and present one or two lectures on a more specialized topic, and Interact and hold discussions with individuals, both professionals and students, on applications of mathematical geology to local problems of interest.

2002 John C. Davis[5]
2004 Frederick P. Agterberg[6]
2005 Larry Drew[7]
2006 Larry W. Lake[8]
2007 Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn[9]
2008 Donald Myers[10]
2009-2010 Roussos Dimitrakopoulos[11]
2011-2012 Amilcar Soares[12]
2012 Jack Schuenemeyer[13]
2013 Pierre Goovaerts[14]
2014 Eric Grunsky[15]
2015 Gordon M. Kaufman[16]
2016 Sean McKenna[17]
2017 Clayton V. Deutsch
2018 Gregoire Mariethoz

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