This article lists and discusses the usage and derivation of names of small numbers.[1]
Table of names

The following table lists English language names of small numbers used in the long and short scales, along with the power of 10, engineering notation, and International System of Units (SI) symbols and prefixes.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

Short scale
(U.S. and
modern British)
Long scale
(continental Europe,
archaic British, and India)
100 1 One One
10−1 100×10−3 One Tenth One Tenth deci- d
10−2 10×10−3 One One-Hundredth One One-Hundredth centi- c
10−3 1×10−3 One One-Thousandth One One-Thousandth milli- m
10−6 1×10−6 One One-Millionth One One-Millionth micro- µ
10−9 1×10−9 One One-Billionth One One-Milliardth nano- n
10−12 1×10−12 One One-Trillionth One One-Billionth pico- p
10−15 1×10−15 One One-Quadrillionth One One-Billiardth femto- f
10−18 1×10−18 One One-Quintillionth One One-Trillionth atto- a
10−21 1×10−21 One One-Sextillionth One One-Trilliardth zepto- z
10−24 1×10−24 One One-Septillionth One One-Quadrillionth yocto- y
10−27 1×10−27 One One-Octillionth
10−30 1×10−30 One One-Nonillionth One One-Quintillionth
0 undefined Zero Zero
−∞ undefined Negative Infinity Negative Infinity

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