Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Інститут математики Національної академії наук України) is a government-owned research institute in Ukraine that carries out basic research and trains highly qualified professionals in the field of mathematics. It was founded on 13 February 1934.[1]

Notable research results

The perturbation theory of toroidal invariant manifolds of dynamical systems was developed here by academician M. M. Bogolyubov, Yu. O. Mitropolsky, academician of the NAS of Ukraine and the Russian Academy of Sciences, and A. M. Samoilenko, academician of the NAS of Ukraine. The theory's methods are used to investigate oscillation processes in broad classes of applied problems, in particular, the phenomena of passing through resonance and various bifurcations and synchronizations.

Sharkovsky’s order theorem was devised by its author while he worked for the Institute. It became the basis for the theory of one-dimensional dynamical systems that enabled the study of chaotic evolutions in deterministic systems, and, in particular, of ‘ideal turbulence’.

The school of the NAS academician Yu. M. Berezansky constructed the theory of generalized functions of infinitely many variables on the basis of spectral approach and operators of generalized translation.

The school of the NAS academician A. V. Skorokhod investigated a broad range of problems related to random processes and stochastic differential equations.

Heuristic methods of phase lumping of complex systems were validated, important results in queuing theory and reliability theory were obtained, and a series of limit theorems for semi-Markov processes were proved by V. S. Korolyuk, academician of the NAS of Ukraine. He has also constructed the Poisson approximation for stochastic homogeneous additive functional with semi-Markov switching.

1934 — 1939 Dmitry Grave
1939 — 1941 Mikhail Lavrentyev
1941 — 1944 Yurii Pfeiffer, united institute of mathematics and physics
1944 — 1948 Mikhail Lavrentyev
1948 — 1955 Aleksandr Ishlinskiy
1955 — 1958 Boris Gnedenko
1958 — 1988 Yurii Mitropolskiy
1988 — Anatoly Samoilenko

Scientific departments

Analytical mechanics
Applied researches
Approximation theory
Complex analysis and potential theory
Differential equations and oscillation theory
Dynamics and stability of multi-dimensional systems
Fractal Analysis
Functional Analysis
Mathematical physics
Nonlinear analysis
Numerical mathematics
Partial differential equations
Theory of dynamical systems
Theory of functions
Theory of random processes


The Institute publishes several scientific journals:

Methods of Functional Analysis and Topology
Nonlinear Oscillations
Symmetry, integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA)
Ukrainian Mathematical Journal


"History of the Institute" (in Ukrainian). Institute of Mathematics. Retrieved 29 June 2013.

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