Administrative Region : Crete
Regional unit : Rethymno

Koumoi (Κούμοι ) Rethymno

Koumoi is a village in the municipality of Rethymno, in the regional unit of Rethymno, Crete. According to the 2011 census, they have 172 inhabitants. They are 15 km from Rethymno and are built at an altitude of 460 m., [1] on a treeless hill which is known as Kefala Koumniotiki. [2]

Historical data

In the area there are traces of habitation from the Late Minoan era. In Pyrgiolika there are remains of a building measuring 23 by 27 meters of the late Minoan era [3] and in the place Klimatera there are remains of a building measuring 17 by 12 meters of the same period. [4] An isolated carved tomb from the late Minoan period III has also been found, which yielded only skeletal remains. [5]

The current name of the village comes from the Byzantine word koumos, which is used for temporary constructions to protect domestic animals. The village is mentioned by Francesco Barocci in 1577 as Cumus in the province of Rethymno. In the Venetian census of 1583 by Kastrofylakas it is mentioned as Cumus with 227 due chores and Francesco Basilicata in 1630 mentions the village as Cumus. The Ottoman census of 1659 records 54 houses. The village is not mentioned in the Egyptian census of 1834, but in the Cretan work of Manuel Khourmouzis, in 1842. [1] During the revolution of 1866-1869, in October 1866, we attacked the Turkish army in Koumous, while in August 1868, rebel forces attacked Ottoman soldiers stationed in the settlement, forcing them to retreat. [6]

The 1881 census mentions the municipality of Chromonastirio and had 101 Christian inhabitants and 8 Turks. In the census of 1900 it had 175 inhabitants and belonged to the municipality of Vrysinaion. The 1920 census cites it as the seat of a homonymous rural municipality. [1] Koumoi was initially annexed to the Armenon community, but in 1928 it was designated a seat of the homonymous community, which remained until the Kapodistrian administrative division, when the village was annexed to the Municipality of Rethymno. [7]

Population censuses

In detail, the demographic course of the village according to the censuses:
Census 1900 1920 1928 1940 1951 1961 1971 1981 1991 1991 2001 2011
Population [1] 175 181 214 245 258 252 190 211 173 172


The main church of the parish is dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Savior. The cemetery church of the village is dedicated to the Assumption of Christ. Other churches in the village include the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. George, and the parish of Koumoi also includes the chapels Agia Marina, Agios Georgios and Agios Antonios, with the last church being cavernous. [2] [8]


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Municipal unit Rethymno
Municipal Community Rethymno
Agia Eirini (Αγία Ειρήνη)
Anogeia (Ανώγεια, τα)
Gallos (Γάλλος, ο)
Giannoudi (Γιαννούδιον, το)
Μεγάλο Μετόχι, το
Mikro Metochi (Μικρό Μετόχι, το)
Ξηρόν Χωρίον, το
Rethymno (Ρέθυμνον, το)
Tria Monastiria (Τρία Μοναστήρια, τα)
Community Armenoi
Άγιος Γεώργιος, ο
Armenoi (Αρμένοι, οι)
Somatas (Σωματάς, ο)
Foteinos (Φωτεινός, ο)
Community Goulediana
Γενή, η
Goulediana (Γουλεδιανά, τα)
Community Kare
Ampelaki (Αμπελάκι, το)
Kare (Καρέ)
Community Kastellos
Kastellos (Κάστελλος, ο)
Community Koumes
Koumoi (Κούμοι, οι)
Community Maroulas
Dilofo (Δίλοφο, το)
Maroulas (Μαρουλάς, ο)
Community Oros
Oros (Όρος, το)
Community Prasies
Prasies (Πρασιαί, αι)
Community Roussospiti
Roussospiti (Ρουσσοσπίτιον, το)
Community Selli
Μύρθιος, η
Σελλίον, το
Community Chromonastiri
Kapediana (Καπεδιανά, τα)
Myloi (Μύλοι, οι)
Prinedes (Πρινέδες, οι)
Chromonastiri (Χρομοναστήριον, το)

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