Administrative Region : Crete
Regional unit : Rethymno

Foteinos (Φωτεινός ) Rethymno

Foteinos or Foteinou is a village in the municipality of Rethymno, in the regional unit of Rethymno, Crete. According to the 2011 census it has 79 inhabitants. It is 14.5 km from Rethymnon and is built at an altitude of 480 m. [1]

Historical data

Francesco Barocci in 1577 mentions it as Fotinu in the province of Rethymno. In the Venetian census of 1583 it is mentioned as Fottinu with 458 inhabitants and 295 due chores. Francesco Bazilicata also mentions it in 1630. The village is mentioned in the Ottoman census of 1659, when 53 houses were recorded. [1]

According to the 1881 census, Foteinos belonged to the municipality of Chromonastirio and mainly to the Muslim population, with 2 Christians and 134 Turkish inhabitants. In the census of 1900 it had 40 inhabitants and belonged to the municipality of Vrysinaion. The 1920 census mentions that in the rural municipality of Koumos [1] In 1925, Foteinos was annexed to the community of Armenon, in the Province of Rethymno, until the Kapodistrian administrative division, when it was annexed to the Municipality of Rethymno. [2]

Population censuses

In detail, the demographic course of the village according to the censuses:
Census 1900 1920 1928 1940 1951 1961 1971 1981 1991 1991 2001 2011
Population [1] 40 60 78 117 128 124 89 77 73 79

Points of interest

At the southeastern tip of the village is a 17th-century Venetian fountain. The fountain has embossed decoration with rosettes, leaves, propellers and garlands on both sides. [1] During the 20th century, various interventions took place that altered the shape of the monument, such as adding a concrete trough, pipes, placing concrete coating on the lower part of the façade, and creating a small room with a concrete roof on the narrow side of the fountain. The monument was restored to its original condition after restoration work in 1997. [3]

In the village is the church of the Archangel Michael, which is mentioned by Giuseppe Gerola that it is frescoed, with a representation of the Resurrection. It is a single-aisled vaulted building and built in two phases, with the addition of a western extension of the original temple. [4] The cemetery church of the village is dedicated to Agia Fotini. Other temples on the outskirts of the village include the Church of the Holy Cross and the cave church of St. Anthony, [5] which uses the natural rock for the north wall. [6]

Tzagaraki family

Tzagaraki Man. Evanthia [7]


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Evanthia Tzagaraki

Municipal unit Rethymno
Municipal Community Rethymno
Agia Eirini (Αγία Ειρήνη)
Anogeia (Ανώγεια, τα)
Gallos (Γάλλος, ο)
Giannoudi (Γιαννούδιον, το)
Μεγάλο Μετόχι, το
Mikro Metochi (Μικρό Μετόχι, το)
Ξηρόν Χωρίον, το
Rethymno (Ρέθυμνον, το)
Tria Monastiria (Τρία Μοναστήρια, τα)
Community Armenoi
Άγιος Γεώργιος, ο
Armenoi (Αρμένοι, οι)
Somatas (Σωματάς, ο)
Foteinos (Φωτεινός, ο)
Community Goulediana
Γενή, η
Goulediana (Γουλεδιανά, τα)
Community Kare
Ampelaki (Αμπελάκι, το)
Kare (Καρέ)
Community Kastellos
Kastellos (Κάστελλος, ο)
Community Koumes
Koumoi (Κούμοι, οι)
Community Maroulas
Dilofo (Δίλοφο, το)
Maroulas (Μαρουλάς, ο)
Community Oros
Oros (Όρος, το)
Community Prasies
Prasies (Πρασιαί, αι)
Community Roussospiti
Roussospiti (Ρουσσοσπίτιον, το)
Community Selli
Μύρθιος, η
Σελλίον, το
Community Chromonastiri
Kapediana (Καπεδιανά, τα)
Myloi (Μύλοι, οι)
Prinedes (Πρινέδες, οι)
Chromonastiri (Χρομοναστήριον, το)

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