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Greece Visual Arts

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Greek Artists, List of Paintings

Greek Artists, List of Sculptures

Greek Painters 1450-1830 (Greek Site) A database with more than 800 Entries with examples and Information if available about the Artists

Nikolaos Tsafouris ( d. 1501), icon painter from Crete, The Virgin and St Francis of Assisi, Triptych

John the Baptist, Michail Damaskinos

Michail Damaskinos

Antonio Vassilacchi (Antonios Vasilakis)

El Greco (Domenikos (Kyriakos) Theotocopoulos or Theotokopoulos )(Δομήνικος Θεοτοκόπουλος) ( 5.11.1541 probably born in Phodele near Heraklion on Crete – 7.4.1614 Toledo Spain) a student of Titian, mainly religious oriented paintings

"Heptanese School" (Ionian Sea), Introduction of "western art" (italy)

Holy Family, Panagiotis Doxaras

Panagiotis Doxaras (Παναγιώτης Δοξαράς) (1662 Mani -1729 Corfu)

Ieronymos Plakotos (c. 1662 - 1728)

Prophet Daniel, Birth of the Virgin

Nikolaos Doxaras (Νικόλαος Δοξαράς) (1706/10 Kalamata - 2.3.1775 Zakynthos) son of Panagiotis Doxaras

Nikolaos Koutouzis (Νικόλαος Κουτούζης ) (1741-1813), Zakynthos

Spyridon Ventouras (1761-1835)\

Nikolaos Kantounis (Νικόλαος Καντούνης ) (1767 – 1834)

Paul Prosalentis (or Prossalentis) (Παύλος Προσαλέντης) (1784 Corfu -1837) sculptor, painter studied in Canova's workshop (Rome)

Konstantinos Fanellis (Κωνσταντίνος Φανέλλης) (1791 — 1863)

Demeter Laccataris (1798—-1864)

Athanasios Iatridis (1798-1866)

Constantinos Brumidis, (1805 Rome - 19.2.1880 Washington DC), Greek Father, Greek-Italian American painter, The Apotheosis of George Washington , &ldquothe Michelangelo of the Capitol” (PDF File c. 4 MB) http://www.aoc.gov/cc/art/rotunda/apotheosis/Overview.cfm


Dionysios Kallivokas (Διονύσιος Καλλιβωκάς) (1806 Zakynthos - 1877 Athens)

Kostas (or Constantine) Iatras (Κωνσταντίνος Ιατράς )(1811-1888) Zakynthos, Mother with daughter

Greece with her "children", 1858


Theodoros Vryzakis (Θεόδωρος Βρυζάκης) (1814 Theben Boeotia – 6.12.1878 * Munich Germany) The Camp of Karaiskakis , The sortie from Missolonghi, The Oath Being Taken in the Church of Aghia Lavra Παρηγοριά The destruction of Dramalis in Dervenakia,

Dionysios Tsokos (Διονύσιος Τσόκος)(1820 Zakynthos–1862 Athens) ,

Panagiotis Zografos

Panagiotis Zografos ( Παναγιώτης Ζωγράφος) (Vordonya/Sparta) Pseudonym of a painter working for General Makrygiannis to paint a set of pictures illustrating the main events of the Greek War of Independence.

Zografos produced 25 paintings. Except the paintings on wood copies were produced by Zografos and his 2 sons given to the King Otto of Greece, the Russian Tsar, the King of France and Queen Viktoria (these paintings now in Windsor Palace)

Dionysios Veyias (1819-1884) engravings, icons

Vikentios Lantsas ( Βικέντιος Λάντσας)( 1822 Venice - 1902 Athens ), Parthenon , Zeus Temple

Nikolaos Typaldos Xydias ( Νικόλαος Ξυδιάς )(1828 Lixouri -February 1909 Athens)

Nyx Ioannis Kossos, 1864, L. Dimitrakopoulos collection 1951

Ioannis Kossos (Ιωάννης Κόσσος )(1822 Tripolis - 29/30 .8.1873 Athens) son of Petros Kossos, brother of Dimitris Kossos, E. Zappas statue , Statues of Rigas Feraios, A. Korais, A. Ypsilantis, F. Guilford, Lord Byron, Patriarch Gregorius V, I. Kapodistrias, F. Hastings, Th. Kolokotronis, K. Mavromichalis, Zeus, Ajax, Apollo Belvedere,...

Nikolaos Kounelakis Paintings, Images

Nikolaos Kounelakis (1829-1869)

Nikiforos Lytras (Νικηφόρος Λύτρας) (1832 Tinos – 14.6.1904)

Konstantinos Volanakis, Paintings, Images,

Konstantinos Volanakis (Κωνσταντίνος Βολανάκης) (1837 Herakleion/Crete – 29.6.1907 Peiraeus) Out of the Port , The Harbor of Volos,

Wood-chopper, Wood-chopper,

Wood-chopper Ο ξυλοθραύστης (1875), Near the Zappeio in Athens

Dimitrios Philippotis (Δημήτριος Φιλιππότης)(1839 Tinos – 28.11.1919 Athens) , Sculptor , Ο Ψαράς (The Fisherman) Info

Georgios Vitalis (Γεώργιος Βιτάλης) (1840 Tinos -1901) Sculptor, (like Giorgos Phytalis, who had a similar name, he and many other sculptors were from Tinos)

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