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Σύγχρονη Ελληνική Φωτογραφία

Alexandros Mavrokordatos, Philippos Margaritis (1810 – 1892)

Philippos Margaritis (1810 – 1892) Daguerreotypist, Photographer , Around 1846 he met Philibert Perraud in Athens from which he obtained his Photography knowledge. Margaritis established the first photography studio in Greece. Filippos Margaritis, Paintings, Images

Dimitrios Constantin (fl. c. 1850-1870) Info

Photography Pioneers were in Greece also Monks in Mount Athos around 1865, mainly portraits of monks were produced some of which are now are in digital form.

Kostas Makedonas one of the first Greek Daguerreotypists ( no work survived)

Leonidas Papazoglou

Voula Papaioannou (1898 – 1989) (Info - Images)

Mona Paiva dancing nude amongst the Parthenon pillars (1927)

Nelly (Elli Souyoultzoglou-Seraidari) (1899 Aidini/Asia Minor – 1998) Body and Dance (Info)

(Info and Images), Tο δυτικό βλέμμα και η ελληνική φωτογραφία: H περίπτωση της Nelly's

Nelly: Dresden, Athens, New York , Prestel (June, 2001) , ISBN: 3791325531

Andreas Empeirikos (2.9.1901 Braila/Romania – 3.8.1975 Kifisia , Lung Cancer), Author and Photographer

Constantine Manos, (Κωνσταντίνος Μάνος) Greek-American Photographer, Leica Medal of Excellence 2003

Giannis Patmios (1906)

Dimitris Harissiadis (1911 – 1993)

Kostas Paraschos (1912)

Takis (Dimitris) Tloupas (1920 Larissa – 2003 Larissa) (Info in Greek) Nierce Medal (Contemporary Art Centre and Municipality of Larissa)

Takis Tloupas , 1969: A Photographic Itinerary on Mount Athos, Art Stock (February, 2003) , ISBN: 9607254945

Kostas Balafas (Κώστας Μπαλάφας) (1920 Epirus)

Wassili Loukopoulos (Wassili Lepanto) (1940 Nafpaktos/Griechenland) , Galerie Lepanto , Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 11, Heidelberg Germany

Spiros Meletzis (Σπύρος Μελετζής)(1906 Imbros – 13?.11.2003) “οφωτογράφοςτηςΕθνικήςΑντίστασης”

Dimitris Yeros (1948) Theory of the Nude , For a Definition of the Nude

Manolis Baboussis (Μανώλης Μπαμπούσης) (1950 Athens)

Nikos Oikonomopoulos (Νίκος Οικονομόπουλος)(1953 Kalamata)

Stergios Tsioumas (1954 Zaire)

Nikos Markou (Νίκος Μάρκου)(1959 Athens)

Yannis Behrakis (1960 Athens) Reuters , European Sport Photographer of the Year

Dimitris Dragoneas, There are many photos of donkeys in Greece but somebody who carries a donkey was very surprising for me.

Stathis Eustathiadis

Dimitra Lazaridou

Michael Voudouris sports photographer , athlete (Images)

Andreas Sfyridis

Thanassis Stavrakis (1973 Stockholm)

Panos Kokkinias (Πάνος Κοκκινιάς ) (1965 Athens)

Diem (Dimitris G. Maniatis) (1974 Athens)

List of Greek photographers

The Photography Circle , Portfolios , Another list including also Greek Photographers

Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Greek Photographers (biographies mainly in Greek and examples of their work)

Photography Center of Thessaloniki (ΦΩΤΟΓΡΑΦΙΚΟ ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ (Φ.Κ.Θ.) )


Zafiris Gourgouliatos , Engineer and Painter


Georgy Costakis by Anatoly Zverev

George Costakis (or Kostakis) (1913-1990) ”Russian avant-garde Art” The George Kostakis Collection

Alexander Iolas

Dakis Ioannou ( Δάκης Ιωάννου) one of the leading collectors of European contemporary art (The Dakis Joannou Collection). His collection includes works by mainstream artists, such as Jeff KOONS who is known mainly by his wife the Italian “erotic” star” and politician Cicciolina.

Zacharias Portalakis (Ζαχαρίας Πορταλάκης) “Portalakis Collection”

Leonidas Beltsios (Λεωνίδας Μπέλτσιος)

Nicolas Christakis

Vlassis Frissiras (Bλάσης Φρυσίρας)(The Frissiras Museum ) one of the 10 greatest collectors of the world, around 3000 works (2000 paintings and 1000 drawings) of anthropocentric painting, including such important names as Peter Blake, Frank Auerbach, David Hockney, Paola Rego, Jean Rustin, Pat Andrea, Valerio Adami, Leo Golub, Dado, Mimo Paladino, Antonio Segui, Sam Szafran

Stavros Tsingoglou

Prodromos Emfietzoglou (Πρόδρομος Εμφιετζόγλου) (1937 Neo Faliro/Piraeus) Info in Greek

Stavros Niarchos , in 1989, he purchased Picasso's self-portrait "Yo Picasso" for $47,850,000

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