Administrative Region : Crete
Regional unit : Rethymno

Kastellos (Κάστελλος ) Rethymno

Kastellos or Kastelos is a village in the municipality of Rethymno, in the regional unit of Rethymno, Crete. According to the 2011 census it has 108 inhabitants. It is 14 km from Rethymno and is built at an altitude of 400 m., [1] at the top of a hill overlooking Mount Vrysina. [2] It has been declared a traditional settlement.

Historical data

An acropolis of the late Minoan period has been excavated in the area of ​​the village, from which two rows of walls and three towers of later years are preserved. [2] The late Minoan cemetery of Armenos has been found near Castello.

In the Venetian census it is mentioned as two villages, Pode and Ikethen or Pera Castello. In 1577, Francesco Barotsi referred to them as Castello Epodhes and Castello Echite. The Venetian census of 1583 by Kastrofylakas refers to Pera Castello with 206 inhabitants and Pode Castello with 176 inhabitants. Francesco Bazilicata in 1630 mentions Pera and Epodhes Castello. [1] It does not refer to the Egyptian census of 1834, but to the Cretan work of Michael Khourmouzis in 1842, as Castellos. The 1881 census mentions the municipality of Atsipopoulos and had 168 Christians and 17 Turkish inhabitants. The 1900 census had 195 inhabitants. The 1920 census lists it as the seat of a homonymous rural municipality. [1] In 1925, Castellos first became part of the Armenian community and in 1928 the seat of the Castello community was designated until the Kapodistrian administrative division, when it was annexed to the Municipality of Rethymno. [3]

In detail, the demographic course of the village according to the censuses:

Census 1900 1920 1928 1940 1951 1961 1971 1981 1991 2001 2011
Population[1] 195 112 124 139 113 100 62 70 97 108


The primary school building was renovated in 2004 by the municipality of Rethymno and now functions as an oak museum, with the aim of highlighting the processing of the oak and its use in tanning. [4] The two-aisled church of Agia Paraskevi, 2.5 km from the village, was formerly a catholic monastery. [2]


Konstantinos Iliakis: Air Force pilot, hero killed by Turks
Kalaitzakis Emm. Stylianos: ancestor of the Kalaitzaki journalistic family (Cretan Inspection)


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Municipal unit Rethymno
Municipal Community Rethymno
Agia Eirini (Αγία Ειρήνη)
Anogeia (Ανώγεια, τα)
Gallos (Γάλλος, ο)
Giannoudi (Γιαννούδιον, το)
Μεγάλο Μετόχι, το
Mikro Metochi (Μικρό Μετόχι, το)
Ξηρόν Χωρίον, το
Rethymno (Ρέθυμνον, το)
Tria Monastiria (Τρία Μοναστήρια, τα)
Community Armenoi
Άγιος Γεώργιος, ο
Armenoi (Αρμένοι, οι)
Somatas (Σωματάς, ο)
Foteinos (Φωτεινός, ο)
Community Goulediana
Γενή, η
Goulediana (Γουλεδιανά, τα)
Community Kare
Ampelaki (Αμπελάκι, το)
Kare (Καρέ)
Community Kastellos
Kastellos (Κάστελλος, ο)
Community Koumes
Koumoi (Κούμοι, οι)
Community Maroulas
Dilofo (Δίλοφο, το)
Maroulas (Μαρουλάς, ο)
Community Oros
Oros (Όρος, το)
Community Prasies
Prasies (Πρασιαί, αι)
Community Roussospiti
Roussospiti (Ρουσσοσπίτιον, το)
Community Selli
Μύρθιος, η
Σελλίον, το
Community Chromonastiri
Kapediana (Καπεδιανά, τα)
Myloi (Μύλοι, οι)
Prinedes (Πρινέδες, οι)
Chromonastiri (Χρομοναστήριον, το)

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