Administrative Region : Crete
Regional unit : Rethymno

Kare (Καρέ ) Rethymno

Kare is a village in the municipality of Rethymno, in the regional unit of Rethymno, Crete. According to the 2011 census it has 81 inhabitants. It is 16 km from Rethymnon, and is built at an altitude of 460 m., [1] at the foot of Mount Vrysina. [2] It has been declared a traditional settlement.

Καρέ Ρεθύμνου 5054

Historical data

Stergios Spanakis identifies the village with the village of Carea, which is mentioned in a document of Chandakas' ducal archive in 1381 as a manor of Tz. Kirino, but without specifying the province. [1] The village is mentioned by Francesco Barocci in 1577 as Carea in the province of Rethymno. The Venetian census of 1583 by Kastrofylakas mentions Carea with 215 inhabitants and 404 due chores and Francesco Bazilicata in 1630 as Charea. In the Turkish census of 1659 it is referred to as Karya with 40 houses. In the Cretan work of Michael Khourmouzis in 1842 he is referred to as Kares. The name comes from the walnut tree, which in the local dialect is called kare. [1]

The 1881 census mentions the municipality of Chromonastirio as Kare and had 181 Christians and 71 Turkish inhabitants. In the 1900 census it had 165 inhabitants. In the 1920 census it is mentioned as subject to the agricultural municipality of Ambelakiou. [1] In 1925, Kare was designated a community headquarters, which remained the Kapodistrian administrative division, when it was annexed to the Municipality of Rethymno. [3]

In the past, the village had three cafes, two cheese factories, three olive mills and a wheat mill, but due to the desolation only one cafe now operates. [4]
Population censuses

In detail, the demographic course of the village according to the censuses:
Census 1900 1920 1928 1940 1951 1961 1971 1981 1991 1991 2001 2011
Population [1] 165 180 217 211 214 182 119 108 79 81


In Kare is the church of Agios Stefanos, a single-aisled church with an iconostasis of 1913, and the church of Agios Georgios, with a swimming pool of 1880 and portable icons of 1838 and 1843. The cemetery church is dedicated to the Holy Cross. The parish of Kare also includes the chapels of Agios Ioannis the Forerunner and the Transfiguration of the Savior. [5]


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Municipal unit Rethymno
Municipal Community Rethymno
Agia Eirini (Αγία Ειρήνη)
Anogeia (Ανώγεια, τα)
Gallos (Γάλλος, ο)
Giannoudi (Γιαννούδιον, το)
Μεγάλο Μετόχι, το
Mikro Metochi (Μικρό Μετόχι, το)
Ξηρόν Χωρίον, το
Rethymno (Ρέθυμνον, το)
Tria Monastiria (Τρία Μοναστήρια, τα)
Community Armenoi
Άγιος Γεώργιος, ο
Armenoi (Αρμένοι, οι)
Somatas (Σωματάς, ο)
Foteinos (Φωτεινός, ο)
Community Goulediana
Γενή, η
Goulediana (Γουλεδιανά, τα)
Community Kare
Ampelaki (Αμπελάκι, το)
Kare (Καρέ)
Community Kastellos
Kastellos (Κάστελλος, ο)
Community Koumes
Koumoi (Κούμοι, οι)
Community Maroulas
Dilofo (Δίλοφο, το)
Maroulas (Μαρουλάς, ο)
Community Oros
Oros (Όρος, το)
Community Prasies
Prasies (Πρασιαί, αι)
Community Roussospiti
Roussospiti (Ρουσσοσπίτιον, το)
Community Selli
Μύρθιος, η
Σελλίον, το
Community Chromonastiri
Kapediana (Καπεδιανά, τα)
Myloi (Μύλοι, οι)
Prinedes (Πρινέδες, οι)
Chromonastiri (Χρομοναστήριον, το)

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