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Administrative Region : Ionian Islands
Regional unit : Kefalonia

Simotata (Greek: Σιμωτάτα) is a village located 16 km ESE of Argostoli and about 24 km W of Poros in the municipality of Leivathos which includes Ikossimia and on the island of Kefalonia. Simotata is linked with the road linking Poros and Argostoli.

The Aenos mountain lies to the north. Farmlands including dry grasslands and pastures and olive groves lie to the south and up to 100 m north where the slopes are not at the 45° angle, further north are made up of grasslands and some rocks. Streams surround Simotata. The panorama includes the northern part of the island of Zante, the main part of Leivathos including villages and farmlands to the west and the mountains to the west.

Much of the population are rural and the main economy is based on agriculture. The income was very poor. Residential homes and buildings are entirely within the Poros - Argostoli Road. The urban area stretches for some 400 to 600 m. Much of the population from the mid-20th century left for larger towns and mainly cities. The 1953 Ionian Earthquake destroyed every building in Simotata that took months to rebuilt. The entire population that time as well as other parts of the island were homeless and part of the population left Simotata. The following years, Simotata became linked with the paved roads. A power line lies 200 m downhill from Simotata.

Nearest places

Vlachata Ikossimias, west

Platies, east

Loudras, WSW

Geography and Information


  • Longitude: 20.646 (20°38'40") E
  • Latitude: 38.17 (38°7'10") N

Postal code: 280 82

Lowest: Ionian Sea (Lourdas Beach)
Centre: about 200 m
Highest: about 1400 m
Dialing code: +11+30-26710 (030-26710)


Simotata has a small school, a church and a small square (plateia). The nearest beach is in Lourdata located 4 km west by road and about 1 to 2 km directly to the southwest.

Historical population

Year Population

1991 164
2001 150

Municipal unit Leivathos
Community Vlachata Eikosimias
Vlachata (Βλαχάτα τα)
Simotata (Σιμωτάτα τα)
Community Karavados
Karavados (Καραβάδος ο)
Community Kerameies
Kerameies (Κεραμειαί αι)
Community Lakithra
Lakithra (Λακήθρα η)
Menegata (Μενεγάτα τα)
Community Lourdata
Lourdata (Λουρδάτα τα)
Community Metaxata
Metaxata (Μεταξάτα τα)
Community Mousata
Mousata (Μουσάτα τα)
Community Peratata
Kastro (Κάστρον το)
Moni Agiou Andreou (Μονή Αγίου Ανδρέου η)
Peratata (Περατάτα τα)
Community Pesada
Dorizata (Δοριζάτα τα)
Kountourata (Κουντουράτα τα)
Pesada (Πεσάδα η)
Community Svoronata
Svoronata (Σβορωνάτα τα)
Community Spartia
Kleismata (Κλείσματα τα)
Korianna (Κοριάννα τα)
Spartia (Σπαρτιά τα)

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