Administrative Region : Ionian Islands
Regional unit : Kefalonia

Korianna (Κοριάννα) Kefalonia

Korianna (Korgiana / Koriana) is a village in southern Kefalonia. Administratively, it belongs to the Spartan community of the Municipality of Kefalonia. Historically, the village has been mentioned since 1262 in the minutes of the Latin diocese and later around 1520 in genealogical records.


Geographically, Korianna belongs to the wider area of ​​Livathos. Next to the villages of Spartia and Kleismata, the village spreads on the top of a hill (before 1953 the village was enough to cover the tops of two hills).

Namely, the areas of the village are: Kalavrata, Rosolymata, Spiatsas square, Bekatorata, Mantzavinata, Plaka, Pylos, Plakoudi, Cheilata, Agios Georgios (and the disputed area of ​​Plastiri)

According to the 2011 census, the village has 63 inhabitants. Remarkable is the result of the 1940 census which states that the village had 180 inhabitants.

From ancient times the village had a temple. The minutes of the Latin diocese of 1262 mention the church of St. Pagrati. Of course, there were other temples in the village, but they were destroyed by the frequent earthquakes that hit the wider area of ​​the abyss, such as those of Agios Athanasios, Agios Georgios, Panagia Eleousa and Agios Nikolaos. Of course, the most important church was that of the Virgin Mary of Plastiriotissa, which since the 16th century was the largest in the village. The church of the Virgin Mary is the only one that exists today in the village, is the parish of Korianna and celebrates on August 23. Holy as Constantine Menegatos, Antonios Mazarakis, Gerasimos Potamianos, Panagis Rosolymos, Georgios Alexandratos, Philotheos M Ioannis Theodosis and Nikolaos Bekatoros served for 2 centuries in the church of the Virgin Mary.

Panagia plastiriotisa

The miraculous icon of Panagia Plastiriotissa

The cultural and landscaping Association of Coriannes-Closures "o Paliolinos" has been active in the village since 1981.

The village until the middle of the 19th century was one of the largest in the area. Undoubtedly it was an aristocratic village (dominated by families of lords: Mantzavinos, Rosolymos, Bekatoros) and a large commercial and cultural center which, however, gradually, mainly due to natural disasters, lost its glory.

Population table [3] [4] 1866 1879 1940 2001 2011
300 307 180 55 63


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Municipal unit Leivathos
Community Vlachata Eikosimias
Vlachata (Βλαχάτα τα)
Simotata (Σιμωτάτα τα)
Community Karavados
Karavados (Καραβάδος ο)
Community Kerameies
Kerameies (Κεραμειαί αι)
Community Lakithra
Lakithra (Λακήθρα η)
Menegata (Μενεγάτα τα)
Community Lourdata
Lourdata (Λουρδάτα τα)
Community Metaxata
Metaxata (Μεταξάτα τα)
Community Mousata
Mousata (Μουσάτα τα)
Community Peratata
Kastro (Κάστρον το)
Moni Agiou Andreou (Μονή Αγίου Ανδρέου η)
Peratata (Περατάτα τα)
Community Pesada
Dorizata (Δοριζάτα τα)
Kountourata (Κουντουράτα τα)
Pesada (Πεσάδα η)
Community Svoronata
Svoronata (Σβορωνάτα τα)
Community Spartia
Kleismata (Κλείσματα τα)
Korianna (Κοριάννα τα)
Spartia (Σπαρτιά τα)

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