Administrative Region : Crete
Regional unit : Rethymno

Panorama (Πανόραμα) Rethymno

Panorama is a lowland village of Crete in the Regional Unit of Rethymno with an altitude of 41 meters [1].

Geography - History

Panorama is just 3 km from D.-ND. from the port of Rethymnon, being the western continuation of the city. It is located on the north side of National Road 90 or North Road Axis of Crete (VOAK) next to the Atsipopoulos junction and in its area there are mainly large shops, businesses, supermarkets and car dealerships. To the north and towards the sea, at the location "Miti Grynda", are the facilities of the Biological Treatment Plant of DEYAR. [2] As a separate settlement, it is officially mentioned in 1981 that it was recorded in the then community of Atsipopoulou. [3] According to the Kallikratis plan, together with Atsipopoulos, Agna and Violi Charaki constitute the municipal community of Atsipopoulou, which belongs to the municipal unit of Nikiforos Fokas of the Municipality of Rethymno and according to the 2011 census has a permanent population of 407 inhabitants. [4]


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Municipal unit Nikiforos Fokas
Municipal Community Atsipopoulo
Agna (Αγνά, τα)
Atsipopoulo (Ατσιπόπουλον, το)
Βιολί Χαράκι, το
Panorama (Πανόραμα, το)
Community Agios Konstantinos
Agios Georgios (Άγιος Γεώργιος, ο)
Agios Konstantinos (Άγιος Κωνσταντίνος, ο)
Community ΆνωAno Valsamonero
Ano Valsamonero (Άνω Βαλσαμόνερον, το)
Monopari (Μονοπάριον, το)
Community Gerani
Gerani (Γεράνιον, το)
Petres (Πετρές, ο)
Community Gonia
Agios Andreas (Άγιος Ανδρέας, ο)
Gonia (Γωνιά)
Community Zouridi
Zouridi (Ζουρίδιον, το)
Community Kalonyktis
Kalonyktis (Καλονύκτης, ο)
Community Kato Valsamonero
Kato Valsamonero (Κάτω Βαλσαμόνερον, το)
Community Malaki
Ano Mallaki (Άνω Μαλάκιον, το)
Kato Mallaki (Κάτω Μαλάκιον, το)
Community Mountros
Velonado (Βελονάδον, το)
Μούντρος, ο
Community Prines
Vederoi (Βεδέροι, οι)
Prines (Πρινές, ο)
Community Roustika
Palailimnos (Παλαίλιμνος, ο)
Roustika (Ρούστικα, τα)
Community Saitoures
Saitoures (Σαϊτούραι, αι)
Community Frantzeskiana Metochia
Φραντζεσκιανά Μετόχια, τα

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