Administrative Region : West Macedonia
Regional unit : Kastoria

Metamorfosi (Μεταμόρφωσις) Kastoria

Metamorfosi is a mountainous settlement (altitude 670m) [1] of the prefecture of Kastoria in the northern lakeside zone of Kastoria and is 12 km from the city of Kastoria via the Wall of Kastoria and 16km. through Dispilio Kastoria. It is mentioned in 1886 as a village with 250 Christians, a church and wells. [2] In 1918 it was a settlement of the community of Toichio [Government Gazette 259 / 21.12.1918], while in 1950 it was the homonymous Community of the Transfiguration of Kastoria [Government Gazette 39 / 9.2.1950]. Before joining the Kallikratikos municipalities, it belonged to the Municipality of Vitsi

Main entry: Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior of the Transfiguration of Kastoria

A short distance from the settlement, there is the ruined Byzantine church of the Transfiguration of the Savior. It is a three-aisled, one-room street church with a dome, and is located at the top of a small hill near the village of Metamorfosi in the northern lakeside zone of Kastoria. Later, traces of foundations from cells and other constructions were found around the temple, which lead to the conclusion that a monastery operated in this place, but it has not been scientifically identified until today. An attempt to represent the monument was attempted by Professor Nikolaos Moutsopoulos. [3] The materials and method of construction of the monument, the complete lack of ceramic decoration and its purely stone-built masonry, chronologically place the nave in the Bimisos of the 8th or the first half of the 9th century. [4] The church has been declared a historic monument since 1961. [5]

Ot Kostur kam Mavrovo

Residents' concerns

The topography of the area in the northern zone of Lake Kastoria and on the lower southern outskirts of Mount Vitsi, favors the cultivation of agricultural products. Its inhabitants have been engaged in viticulture and small wine production, in the cultivation of cereals and beans, since the middle of the 20th century with the intensive cultivation of apples belonging to several varieties. Some residents are also involved in fur production.

Population data
Census 1913 1920 1928 1940 1951 1961 1971 1981 1991 1991 2001
Population 212 [6] 182 [7] 235 [8] 326 [9] 189 [10] 220 175 156 211 173

The most dramatic decrease in the population at 57.98% occurred during the intra-Greek conflict with interventions of all kinds of external factors on both sides (English initially and American later, but also Yugoslav intervention in Greek affairs), which from the end from 1947 to August 1949, was established in the adjacent mountain groups of Grammos and Vitsi.


ESYE Dictionary
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[Census (1913), 40]
Greek census 1920: 78 males and 104 females p. X Table 2 *
Greek census 1928, pp. 287 107 males and 128 females, 232 homodomites, 3 heterodimos, recorded elsewhere 2. A family property that immigrated to Bulgaria was liquidated
Greek census 1940: actual population 326, legal population 323
Greek census 1951 p. 271

Municipal unit Vitsi
Community Vyssinia
Βυσσινέα, η
Community Metamorfosi
Metamorfosi (Μεταμόρφωσις, η)
Foteini (Φωτεινή, η)
Community Oxy
Oxya (Οξυά, η)
Community Polykeraso
Polykeraso (Πολυκέρασο, το)_
Community Sidirochori
Sidirochori (Σιδηροχώρι, το)
Community Toichio
Τοιχίο, το


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Metamorfosi Evoia
Metamorfosi Kastoria
Metamorfosi Karditsa
Metamorfosi Palama Karditsa
Metamorfosi Kilkis
Metamorfosi Kozani
Metamorfosi Lakonia
Metamorfosi Mesinia
Metamorfosi Troizinia

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