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Administrative Region : Ionian Islands
Regional unit : Kefalonia

Kateleios (Greek: Κατελειός), is a community in the southeastern part of the island of Kefalonia, located next to the Ionian Sea offering a view of Zante to the south. It is part of the municipality of Elaios-Pronnoi. The nearby communities are Markopoulo, 4 km southeast and 400 m above sea level, E of Valerianos and SW of Skala. Distance from Poros is approx. 17 km and SE of Argostoli. The bay where its beautiful sandy beach is located is Mounda Bay. It is a resort town and also has springs. Kateleios is also a fishing town. Kateleios is divided in two sections, Ano Kateleios and Kato Kateleios. The resorts include Pantelios Village




Population: 84 (1991)

Postal code: 280 82

Elevation: approx. sea level to 1 m (centre)

Dialing code: +30-26710

The setting is in small plain surrounded by rocky mountains and a small hill near the bay. The village has no school, but has some hotels. It has also an archaeological site.

Municipalities and communities of the Kefalonia Prefecture

Argostoli | Eleios-Pronnoi | Erisos | Ithaca | Leivathos | Paliki | Pylaros | Sami


Municipal unit Eleios-Pronnoi
Municipal Community Poros
Asprogerakas (Ασπρογέρακας ο)
Kampitsata (Καμπιτσάτα τα)
Moni Yperageias Theotokou Atrou (Μονή Υπεραγίας Θεοτόκου Άτρου η)
Poros (Πόρος ο)
Riza (Ρίζα η)
Tzanata (Τζανάτα τα)
Community Agia Eirini
Agia Eirini (Αγία Ειρήνη η)
Community Agios Nikolaos
Agios Nikolaos (Άγιος Νικόλαος ο)
Community Arginia
Arginia (Αργίνια τα)
Community Valerianos
Atsoupades (Ατσουπάδες)
Valerianos (Βαλεριάνος ο)
Plateies (Πλατείαι αι)
Community Markopoulo
Kateleios (Κατελειός ο)
Kato Kateleios (Κάτω Κατελειός ο)
Markopoulo (Μαρκόπουλον το)
Community Mavrata
Mavrata (Μαυράτα τα)
Community Xenopoulo
Andriolata (Ανδριολάτα τα)
Kapandriti (Καπανδρίτιον το)
Xenopoulo (Ξενόπουλον το)
Community Pastra
Kremmydi (Κρεμμύδιον το)
Pastra (Πάστρα η)
Community Skala
Aleimmatas (Αλειμματάς ο)
Ratzakli (Ρατζακλίον το)
Skala (Σκάλα η)
Fanies (Φανιές οι)
Community Chionata
Thiramonas (Θηράμονας ο)
Kolaitis (Κολαίτης ο)
Chionata (Χιονάτα τα)

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