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Administrative Region : East Macedonia and Thrace
Regional unit : Evros

Elafochori (Ελαφοχώρι) Evros

Elafochori is a settlement of South Evros. It is located in the northeastern part of the prefecture. It belongs to the Municipality of Didymoteicho, former Municipality of Metaxades. [1]. According to the 2011 census, it has 133 inhabitants.

Geographical data

Elafochori belongs to the Municipality of Metaxadon. It is 18 km from Didymoteicho. It is located near the settlements of Metaxades, Ladi, Chionades, Vrisi, Alepochori, Paliouri, Doxa, Savra, Vrysika, Asproneri, Giatrades, Polia, Avdella. The settlements of Vrisi and Chionades belong to the Local Community of Elafochori. [2]


The village was built by about sixty refugee families from Eastern Thrace and specifically from the village of Derekioi in the Makra Gefyra area next to the Turkish village of Karatzachali ("place of the deer", today's "Dafni" district). The settlement of Elafochori was originally called Trava and was renamed Elafochori in 1926. Dafni is now a settlement of Elafochori, while during the period 1961 to 1971 it was recognized as an autonomous settlement.

Tomb of Elafochori

From the early Hellenistic years (4th century BC) a random excavation brought to light a tomb, a Thracian underground tomb and is believed to be a family tomb. It is built with gravel and carved cornerstones from the quarry of porphyry Metaxadon while there is a road, vestibule and mainly a chamber. At the bottom of the chamber there is a bed and on the floor a tomb. [3] [4] In 1976, after the visit of archaeologist G. Bakalakis, fixing and fencing works were carried out. [5] [6] Today it is an attraction of the settlements of Dafni and Elafochori.

Year Population Total
1981 430 1009 [7]
1991 854 532
2001 191 544 [8]
2011 * 133 433

In 2011 the population for Elafochori amounted to 133 inhabitants and a total of 433 inhabitants for the Municipal Community, along with the villages Chionades and Vrisi. [9]


Elafochori Evros hellenica
Elafochori Evros
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Tomb of the 4th-3rd century BC
Macedonian tomb of Elafochori
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Population and housing census results of April 5, 1981
Census 2001
Census 2011: The Population of the Municipalities & Communities of N. Evros

Community Elafochori
Vrysi (Βρύση, η)
Elafochori (Ελαφοχώρι, το)
Chionades (Χιονάδες, αι)


Elafochori Evros
Elafochori Kavala

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