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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Arkadia


Anavryto (Greek: Αναβρυτό), pre-1990s, Anavrito is a community divided into two villages, Ano Anavryto which is on the western part of mount Tsiberou, and Kato Anavryto on the other side of the valley, west of Anavryto. The nearby communities are Amenodouri to the north. Distance from Megalopoli is 16 km, and 38 km from Tripoli.




  • Anavryto: 37.344 (37°20'30') N
  • Kato Anavryto: 37.335 (37°20'7') N


  • Anavryto: 21.07 (22°14'18') E
  • Kato Anavryto: 21.0667 (22°14') E

Postal code: 220 21

Elevation: 670 m (Anavryto), 630 m (Kato Anavryto)

Dialing code: +11+30-27910 (030-27910)

Historical population

Year Total population Anavryto Population Kato Anavryto Population
1920 469 - -
1961 186 - -
1991 116 83 33
2001 60 - -

Anavryto has a school, a church named Agia Marina, a mailbox, and transmitters for Megalopoli on top of Tsiberou. The eastern part has one street name. Ano Anavryto is bypassed to the east. Kato Anavryto is mainly residential. Much of the area are deforested and rocky. The center of Ano Anavryto is in the eastern part while residential homes are to the west. Much of the population left and much of the houses are abandoned.

Until 1927, the village was known as Gardiki (Γαρδίκι).

Until the 1960s, the village was isolated, it did not have electricity and didn't had paved roads or the little perimeter road. Until the mid-1980s, much of the houses were stone-built.

Municipal unit Falaisia
Community Akovos
Akovos (Άκοβος, ο)
Goupata (Γούπατα, τα)
Community Anavryto
Anavryto (Αναβρυτόν, το)
Kato Anavryto (Κάτω Αναβρυτόν, το)
Community Anemodouri
Anemodouri (Ανεμοδούρι, το)
Community Veligosti
Veligosti (Βελιγοστή, η)
Community Voutsaras
Voutsaras (Βουτσαράς, ο)
Community Giannaioi
Ano Giannaioi (Άνω Γιανναίοι, οι)
Κάτω Γιανναίοι, οι
Community Graikos
Graikos (Γραικός, ο)
Community Dyrrachi
Dyrrachi (Δυρράχι, το)
Community Ellinitsa
Ellinitsa (Ελληνίτσα, η)
Community Kamara
Kamara (Καμάρα, η)
Kampochori (Καμποχώρι, το)
Community Leontari
Gavria (Γαβριά, η)
Kalyvia (Καλύβια, τα)
Kamaritsa (Καμαρίτσα, η)
Kotsiridi (Κοτσιρίδι, το)
Leontari (Λεοντάρι, το)
Community Leptini
Leptini (Λεπτίνι, το)
Community Neochori Falaisias
Neochori (Νεοχώρι, το)
Community Petrina
Moni Ampelaki (Μονή Αμπελάκη, η)
Petrina (Πετρίνα, η)
Spanaiika (Σπαναίικα, τα)
Community Potamia
Potamia (Ποταμιά, η)
Community Routsi
Routsi (Ρούτσι, το)
Community Skortsinos
Skortsinos (Σκορτσινός, ο
Community Soulari
Soulari (Σουλάρι, το)
Community Tourkolekas
Tourkolekas (Τουρκολέκας, ο)
Community Falaisia
Μονή Μπούρα, η
Falaisia (Φαλαισία, η)

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