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Prefecture : Arcadia

ArcadiaNorth Kynouria GreeceArcadia

North Kynouria or Vóreia Kynouría (Βόρεια Κυνουρία) is a municipality in Arcadia, Greece. It is located in the eastern part of the peripheral unit, between the northwestern shores of the Argolic Gulf and northern Laconia. Its land area is 576.981 km². Its population is 12,825 (2001 census). The seat of the municipality is in Astros (pop. 2,359).[1] Its largest other towns or villages are Ágios Andréas (pop. 1,063), Ágios Pétros (949), Parálio Ástros (874), Kato Doliana (780), Cheimeriní Meligoú (771), Korakovoúni (710), Kastrí (626), and Prastós (548).


Division of the municipality

Agios Andreas

Agios Andreas is a village c. 6 km from Astros, Arkadiko Chorio is a sea-side settlement.


Doliana includes Ano Doliana "Upper Dolian", a mountain village (1050 m) and Kato Doliana .Doliana is known from its marbles. Parts of the Bassae Apollo Epikourios Temple is made from Doliana Marble.

Oreini Meligou

Oreini Meligou as the name says is a small mountain village (known also as Ano Meligou "Upper Meligou")

Platanos is a village (440 m) with a population 325 in 2001. In the winter the population is actually much smaller.

Moni Eortakoustis is a women monastery founded in 1617.

Herodicus Atticus Villa at Eva Dolianon

Herodicus Atticus Villa at Eva Dolianon

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