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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Arkadia


Ano Giannaioi, also Ano Giannaii, Ano Gianneoi, Ano Giannei, Ano Gianaioi, Ano Gianaii, Ano Gianeoi and Ano Gianei (Greek: Άνω Γιανναίοι) also with the first i accented. is a Greek village of the Falaisia municipality in the westcentral part of the Arcadia prefecture. Ano Giannaioi had a 2001 population of 69 for the village. Ano Giannaioi is also connected with the road linking Goupata which connects the road connecting Leontari and Dirahi.


Ano Giannaioi is located about 60 km west of Tripoli, about 30 km south of Megalopoli and about 15 to 20 km south-southwest of Leontari.

Nearest places

* Dirahi, south
* Kato Giannaioi, west


Ano Giannaioi is situated in a mountain slope. The mountains dominate the area and it contains plenty of valleys and streams and grasslands along with barren lands to the north and less to the southwest, the mountains covers the west.


Year Settlement population
1991 73
2001 23


The village used to have a large population before the beginning of the 20th century. After World War II and the Greek Civil War, the population began to decline as residents moved to larger towns and cities and outside of Greece. The population lost since that time, the population lost by three thirds between 1991 and 20901. The fire ravaged Ano Giannaioi on Sunday August 25, 2007 and on Monday with slow advances and burnt much of the area including its bushes, several remain even most of its residents. Windspeeds remain high and temperatures were around 40°C at the time. Firefighters along with its residents, choppers and airplanes sprayed out the blazes. Flames did not advance as much on Monday except for the west, the flames mainly sprayed out, it reached a part of Dirahi.


Its main industry are agriculture. Its main production are olives, citrus, fruits, vegetables and other crops, several common crops are rarely common.

Ano Giannaioi has several rural roads and approximately 6 km of hydro lines and roads, it also has approximately 8 to 10 km of rural roads.

Its residential houses and buildings are within the main road and it is about 200 to 300 m long wide at the centre. Much of the houses were stone built until the 1970s. Electricity arrived in the same year. Vehicles arrived in the 1970s, the pavement of the main road and television arrived in the 1980s and computer and internet are rarely known in the beginning of the 21st century and up to date technology are not seen.


The village offers panoramic views of the mountains around the area including the west, the north, the east and to the south.


Ano Giannaioi has a school, a church, and a square (plateia), its nearest lyceum (middle school) and gymnasium (secondary school) are in Dyrrachi.

Municipal unit Falaisia
Community Akovos
Akovos (Άκοβος, ο)
Goupata (Γούπατα, τα)
Community Anavryto
Anavryto (Αναβρυτόν, το)
Kato Anavryto (Κάτω Αναβρυτόν, το)
Community Anemodouri
Anemodouri (Ανεμοδούρι, το)
Community Veligosti
Veligosti (Βελιγοστή, η)
Community Voutsaras
Voutsaras (Βουτσαράς, ο)
Community Giannaioi
Ano Giannaioi (Άνω Γιανναίοι, οι)
Κάτω Γιανναίοι, οι
Community Graikos
Graikos (Γραικός, ο)
Community Dyrrachi
Dyrrachi (Δυρράχι, το)
Community Ellinitsa
Ellinitsa (Ελληνίτσα, η)
Community Kamara
Kamara (Καμάρα, η)
Kampochori (Καμποχώρι, το)
Community Leontari
Gavria (Γαβριά, η)
Kalyvia (Καλύβια, τα)
Kamaritsa (Καμαρίτσα, η)
Kotsiridi (Κοτσιρίδι, το)
Leontari (Λεοντάρι, το)
Community Leptini
Leptini (Λεπτίνι, το)
Community Neochori Falaisias
Neochori (Νεοχώρι, το)
Community Petrina
Moni Ampelaki (Μονή Αμπελάκη, η)
Petrina (Πετρίνα, η)
Spanaiika (Σπαναίικα, τα)
Community Potamia
Potamia (Ποταμιά, η)
Community Routsi
Routsi (Ρούτσι, το)
Community Skortsinos
Skortsinos (Σκορτσινός, ο
Community Soulari
Soulari (Σουλάρι, το)
Community Tourkolekas
Tourkolekas (Τουρκολέκας, ο)
Community Falaisia
Μονή Μπούρα, η
Falaisia (Φαλαισία, η)

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