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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Nea Tenedos (Νέα Τένεδος) Chalkidiki

Nea Tenedos is a village and former community of the Prefecture of Chalkidiki. Administratively it belongs to the Municipality of Nea Propontida of the Region of Central Macedonia (Kallikratis program).

From 1999 to 2010, according to the then administrative division of Greece, it belonged to the Municipality of Triglia. According to the 2001 census, it had a population of 355. The main occupations are agriculture and in particular olive growing, the cultivation of pistachio trees, cotton and cereals, as well as animal husbandry. Mostly oil is produced.

To the north of the village extends the mountain range Ypsoma or Mikri Katsika with rich limestone rocks, a fact that pushed the development of quarrying in the area and its characterization as a quarry zone. Nea Tenedos is part of the geothermal field of Triglia with a water temperature of about 42 degrees Celsius. In the village there is one of the three total quarries in Chalkidiki.


Kindergarten, KAPI, rural doctor's office, agricultural cooperative. The settlement was founded with the settlement of refugees from the island of Tenedos after 1923. It is active "Association of Everywhere from Tenedos, the Common of Tenedians", which was founded in 1999 and organizes commemorative events, as well as visits to the island of Tenedos every summer. [1]


"Reportage without Borders" [dead link]

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