Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Petralona (Πετράλωνα) is a small locality in Chalcidice, Macedonia, Greece. It is 6 km N-W of Triglia and 35 km S-E of Thessaloniki. Its altitude is 660 m.[1]

Entrance of the Petralona Cave in Greece. (*)

It is famous for the eponymous cave at about 1 km from the village, the Petralona cave in which was discovered one of the earliest European humanoids.
Petralona cave entrance

The Petralona cave, at the foot of Mount Katsika, was discovered in 1959 by a local looking for a spring. In it was found in 1960 the Petralona skull, extremely well preserved, dated to more than 700,000 years. It was named Archanthropus europaeus petraloniensis (Poulianos, 1976).[2] This is considered as one of the oldest European Homo erectus specimen found so far.

Reconstruction of the inner cave chamber where the Petralona man was discovered. (*)

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An important neolithic site: The Petralona Cave and Anthropological Museum.


^ Petralona village.
^ (English) « Pre-Sapiens Man in Greece ». By Aris Nickos Poulianos, Current Anthropology, vol. 22, n° 3, June 1981, pp. 287-288.

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