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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Elaiochoria (Ελαιοχώρια) Chalkidiki

Elaiochoria is a village and former community of the Prefecture of Chalkidiki. Administratively, it belongs to the Municipality of Nea Propontida of the Region of Central Macedonia (Kallikratis program).

From 1999 to 2010, according to the then administrative division of Greece, it belonged to the Municipality of Triglia.

According to the 2001 census, it had 295 inhabitants. Among other things, the post office, Kindergarten and Primary School operate in the settlement. The football team (AO Aias Eleochorion) is active, playing in the southern group in the 2nd amateur category of the EPS championship. Of Halkidiki. In 1981, the Cultural Association of Olive Villages for Culture and Health was founded by the residents. The settlement is known for its above-ground holly trees and old-fashioned olive trees (the latter are also present in Triglia). For olive trees, their dating dates back to the 16th century, while the two holly trees in the courtyard of the olive grove church date back to 300 years, something that was done by the AUTh [1]
Historical data

The settlement was founded with the settlement of refugees (from the Scholar of Thrace and from Asia Minor) after 1922. The settlement was settled around 1930 by families of Sarakatsani, who in these places have been overwintering for a long time. It owes its name to many olive trees. An aqueduct was built in 1960. The appearance of artesian hot springs has shown that the Olive Villages have long been known for the existence of a geothermal field [2] In the Olive Villages there are six small experimental greenhouses. The results of these applications are optimistic and give impetus to further research in geothermal fields that have been identified [3] but have not been thoroughly studied. From time immemorial, the inhabitants have been engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry and have become carnivals. There is an old church of Agios Georgios.


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