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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Fourka (Φούρκα) Chalkidiki

Fourka is a municipal district of the municipality of Kassandra in the prefecture of Halkidiki in northern Greece. It was probably founded in the 16th century by the amalgamation of smaller settlements. Throughout the Turkish occupation it was one of the 12 villages of the peninsula and was a vakuf of Gazanfer Aga . Fourka as a settlement is distinguished in the traditional village (Fourka) and in the coastal settlement (Skala Fourkas). The two settlements are 3.0 km apart. The inhabitants of Fourka took part in the revolution of 1821. Great fighters of the revolution of 1821 were George Rigas and George Filippopoulos who took part in many battles in southern Greece.

M.D. Fourkas

the Municipal District has a total of 2,000 inhabitants. The seat is Fourka [530] while Skala Fourka also belongs to the apartment [673].


Fourka's economy is agricultural, tourist and a little livestock and fishing.


The square in Skala Fourkas.

Tourism is the occupation of many residents of Fourka during the summer months. Tourists from Central Europe have been vacationing in Skala Fourkas for many years, while in recent years many Eastern Europeans have been added. Also in Skala Fourkas, many Thessalonians maintain holiday homes as the distance is short. The tourist facilities of the area include hotels, beach bar, club, water sports center etc. The rapid residential development in recent years has made Skala Fourka a popular destination in Halkidiki. The Agia Marina Festival is the largest festival on the Kassandra Peninsula and is organized every year by the Fourka Cultural Association on July 16th.


Fourka St Mary Fresco

Mural in the church of Agios Athanasios Fourkas.

The central church of Fourka is dedicated to the Three Hierarchs and was built according to the plans of the Fourkiotis Architect Xenophon Paionidis. Behind the church sanctuary is a monument to the fallen
Fallen Fourkiotes 1940 - 1950

Μνημείο πεσόντων Φούρκας Χαλκιδικής

Monument to the fallen of Fourka, Halkidiki
Fourkioton during the period 1840 - 1930.
The church of Agia Paraskevi was built in 1857 and is located in the center of the village.
The church of Agios Athanasios, built in the early Christian times, is located in the village cemetery and has admirable frescoes.
The church of Zoodochou Pigi is located in the area of ​​Mavroutsa on the mountain, in the place where there used to be a settlement which was destroyed by pirates. It was frescoed, but today only a small mural survives.
The Church of Panagia Meletis is located on the opposite mountain, it is cruciform after a dome (probably the only one in Kassandra) and it is also located in a place where there used to be a settlement.
The church of Agia Marina is a newer church and celebrates every year on July 17.

Education and culture

Fourka has a primary school. Students from Kassandrino also attend the school since the incorporation of the Kapodistrian law. There is a Gymnasium and Lyceum in the capital of the municipality of Kassandra, in Kassandreia.

Since the year 2005, the Cultural Association of Fourka has been active, which is housed in its own stone building and has been active throughout the year. It maintains traditional dance classes (children's, teenagers, adults), painting and chess.

Skala Fourkas

Archaeological finds at Fourka Beach.

Skala Fourkas or Fourka Beach is the port of Fourka and consists mainly of residential complexes and tourist facilities. Historic buildings exist on the beach, including old fishing boats and a historic warehouse. A rare mill is preserved, where pine saplings were ground to produce powder that was boiled and used to paint fishing nets. As the nets were made of cotton, this treatment made them durable and for this reason fishermen from many areas up to the Sporades came to Skala Fourkas. Also near the shore have been found buildings of archaeological value.

Fourka Chalkidiki
The beach

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