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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki


Nea Fokaia is a large settlement and seat of the homonymous Municipal District in the Municipality of Kassandra in the prefecture of Chalkidiki. It has a population of 1,721 in 2001. Its distance from Thessaloniki is 80 km. Summer is an attraction for many tourists, [1] who enjoy their holidays. For this purpose there is a tourist infrastructure with hotels, taverns and traditional cafes. Residents are involved in tourism and fishing. Vegetables and honey are also produced. Nea Fokaia celebrates June 29, the day of remembrance of the Apostles Peter and Paul. Among others, there are 2 kindergartens, 1 Primary School, a high school, a police station, and a rural doctor's office.

Tower of Saint Paul , Image Source

Nea Fokaia, Image Source

M.D. Nea Fokaia

The Municipal District has 2,061 inhabitants, based on the 2001 census.

Nea Fokaia [1,721], headquarters.
the Tower of Sani [27], which is also preserved and dates from 1543. It is located in Sani and was built in order to protect the metochi of the Holy Monastery of Stavronikita. Sani also includes a tourist complex. It has a marina for 120 boats, which offers complete refueling and accommodation services for yachts.
the Caracalla Prisons [12]
Kassandra Prison [301], these are rural prisons whose production of cheese products is well known.

For more information, visit the website of the Municipal Department of Nea Fokaia

Historical data

On the hills west of New Phocaea, the location of a Roman settlement has been identified, based on surface pottery, which is probably identical to the ancient city of Clitae. [2] The village is a refugee settlement, which was built on the site of old Mount Athos shares. Those who founded the settlement came from Phocaea in Asia Minor, a city near Izmir, hence the current name. After the destruction of Smyrna in 1922, the state granted (to be precise, sold to the refugees through the EAP, and the loans granted to them had a clause of the English lyre) the area that consisted of monasteries to the refugees. from prehistoric times. A 15th-century tower survives on the village beach. [3] It is probable that it was built in 1407. [4] The role of this tower was that it served to protect the share of the Monastery of St. Paul. Until 1930, the other buildings of Metochi were also saved. The Agiasma of St. Paul is a cave chamber, probably an ancient tomb and later a Byzantine chapel. According to tradition, the Apostle Paul secretly baptized Christians there when he was in Halkidiki.


Nea Fokaia, Chalkidiki, Sithonia, Greece
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"Monuments - Sights of the Municipality of Kassandra". Archived from the original on 19 December 2015.

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Information about Nea Fokaia.
The website of Nea Fokaia.


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