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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Kassandrino (Κασσανδρηνό) Chalkidiki

Kassandrino (and Kassandrino) is a traditional village and seat of the homonymous Municipal District in the Municipality of Kassandra in the prefecture of Chalkidiki. Its location is in a place full of pines, in the center of Kassandra. The village has a kindergarten, post office, OTE and cultural association among others. Its main products are oil and honey. The cathedral is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (celebrated on August 15) and was built after the war, made of carved stone. The church of the Holy Trinity, an old catacomb, with frescoes, is also important. Also, the small church of Agios Georgios, which celebrates on April 23, is 3 km away and its location is in the southeast of Kassandrino, in a location with centuries-old arias trees.

In the summer of 2006, Kassandrino was threatened by fires.

M.D. Kassandrinou

With 467 inhabitants in 2001, the Municipal Department of Kassandrinos consists of:

Kassandrino [296]
Kaloutsikos [37]
Moles Kalyves [134], located 6 km south of Kassandrino. This settlement has tourist infrastructure with hotels, taverns and bars.

Historical data

The village got its name according to a version from the neighboring village of Kassandreia, because its large farmers had their winters there. The valley on which the village lies has been inhabited since both ancient and Byzantine times. During the Revolution of 1821, it was completely destroyed by the Turks. From 1826 the inhabitants began to return and rebuilt the village.

The name of the settlement of Mola Kalyva is due to a guard that the monks had in the area. The guard Molas lived in a hut and so from the phrase "In Mola the hut" came the current name of the settlement (later in the plural).

The first community was founded in 1918. It was originally divided into Polychrono and Kryopigi (Pazarakia).

Folklore elements

The church of the village of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was built in the 1950s by a local stone cutter. It celebrates on August 15. At a distance of 3 thousand N.A. of the village, in a magical location with age-old arias trees, is built the beautiful church of Agios Georgios. Every year a traditional festival is organized in the memory of the Saint (April 23).

It is also said that when the construction of Agios Georgios was completed, they saw that a huge twig from the big tree that had been planted next to it could fall on the church with an air and destroy it. So the next day they decided to go and cut it. In the morning, however, they saw that the twig had turned in the opposite direction at night, so the church was not in danger. [2]


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