This is a list of notable textbooks on classical mechanics and quantum mechanics arranged according to level and surnames of the authors in alphabetical order.

Front cover of the second edition of A Modern Approach to Quantum Mechanics by John S. Townsend.
Classical mechanics

Feynman, Richard P. (2005). The Feynman Lectures on Physics. 1 (2nd ed.). Addison-Wesley. ISBN 978-0-8053-9065-0.

Hamill, Patrick (2014). A Student's Guide to Lagrangians and Hamiltonians. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-1107617520.
Hand, Louis; Finch, Janet (1998). Analytical Mechanics. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0521573270.
Kibble, T. W.; Berkshire, F. H. (2004). Classical Mechanics. Imperial College Press. ISBN 1860944248.
Kleppner, Daniel; Kolenkow, Robert (1973). An Introduction to Mechanics. McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0-07-035048-5.
Knauf, Andreas (2018). Mathematical Physics: Classical Mechanics. Springer. ISBN 9783662557723.
Marion, Jerry; Thornton, Stephen (2003). Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems (5th ed.). Brooks Cole. ISBN 0534408966.
Morin, David (2005). Introduction to Classical Mechanics: With Problems and Solutions. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521876223.
Müller-Kirsten, Harald J.W. (2008). Classical Mechanics and Relativity. World Scientific. ISBN 9789812832528.
Taylor, John (2005). Classical Mechanics. University Science Books. ISBN 189138922X.

Quantum mechanics

Cohen-Tannoudji, Claude; Diu, Bernard; Laloë, Franck (1977). Quantum Mechanics. Wiley. ISBN 978-0471164333. Three volumes.
Eisberg, Robert; Resnick, Robert (1985). Quantum Physics of Atoms, Molecules, Solids, Nuclei, and Particles (2nd ed.). Wiley & Sons. ISBN 978-0471873730.
Feynman, Richard P. (2005). The Feynman Lectures on Physics. 3 (2nd ed.). Addison-Wesley. ISBN 978-0-8053-9065-0.
French, A. P.; Taylor, Edwin (1978). An Introduction to Quantum Physics. W. W. Norton & Company. ISBN 0393091066.
Gasiorowicz, Stephen (2003). Quantum Physics (3rd ed.). Wiley. ISBN 978-0471057000.
Griffiths, David (2005). Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (2nd ed.). Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN 0131118927.
McIntyre, David H. (2012). Quantum Mechanics: A Paradigms Approach (1st ed.). Pearson Addison-Wesley. ISBN 978-0-321-76579-6.
Townsend, John (2012). A Modern Approach to Quantum Mechanics (2nd ed.). University Science Books. ISBN 978-1-891389-78-8.
Zettili, Nouredine (2009). Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and Applications. Chichester, UK: Wiley. ISBN 978-0470026793.

Advanced undergraduate and graduate
Front cover of the second edition of Herbert Goldstein's Classical Mechanics.
Classical mechanics

Arnol'd, Vladimir (1978). Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics. Springer-Verlag. ISBN 0387968903.
Abraham, Ralph; Marsden, Jerrold (1978). Foundations of Mechanics. Addison-Wesley.
Goldstein, Herbert (1980). Classical Mechanics (2 ed.). Addison-Wesley. ISBN 0201029189.
Lanczos, Cornelius (1986). The Variational Principles of Mechanics (4th ed.). Dover Publications. ISBN 0486650677.
Landau, L. D.; Lifshitz, E. M. (1976). Course of Theoretical Physics Volume 1 - Mechanics. Translated by Sykes, J. B.; Bell, J. S. (3rd ed.). Elsevier. ISBN 0-7506-2896-0.
Whittaker, E. T. (1999). A treatise on the analytical dynamics of particles and rigid bodies : with an introduction to the problem of three bodies (4th ed.). Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-521-35883-3.
Sommerfeld, Arnold (1952). Mechanics: lectures on theoretical physics. New York: Academic Press Inc. ISBN 978-0-12-654670-5. OCLC 803152309.
Fetter, Alexander L; Walecka, John Dirk (1980). Theoretical mechanics of particles and continua. New York: McGraw-Hill. ISBN 978-0-07-020658-8. OCLC 6110997.

Quantum mechanics

Dirac, Paul (1981). The Principles of Quantum Mechanics (4th ed.). Oxford Science Publications. ISBN 978-0198520115.
Feynman, Richard; Hibbs, Albert (2010). Styer, Daniel (ed.). Quantum Mechanics and Path Integrals. Dover Publications. ISBN 9780486477220.
Landau, L. D, and Lifshitz, E. M. Course of Theoretical Physics Volume 3 - Quantum Mechanics: Non-Relativistic Theory. Edited by Pitaevskiĭ L. P. Translated by J. B Sykes and J. S Bell, Third edition, revised and enlarged ed., Pergamon Press, 1977. ISBN 0080291406.
Peres, Asher (1993). Quantum Theory: Concepts and Methods. Kluwer. ISBN 0-7923-2549-4. OCLC 28854083.
Müller-Kirsten, Harald J.W. (2012). Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: Schrödinger Equation and Path Integral (2nd ed.). World Scientific. ISBN 9789814397735.
Sakurai, J. J.; Napolitano, Jim (2017). Modern Quantum Mechanics (2nd ed.). Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-1-108-42241-3.
Shankar, Ramamurti (2011). Principles of Quantum Mechanics (2nd ed.). Plenum Press. ISBN 978-0306447907.
von Neumann, John (2018). Nicholas A. Wheeler (ed.). Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics. Translated by Robert T. Beyer. Princeton University Press. ISBN 9781400889921.

Further reading

Byron, Frederick W.; Fuller, Robert W. (1992). Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics (Revised ed.). Dover Publications. ISBN 978-0486671642.
Thorne, Kip S.; Blandford, Roger D. (2017). Modern Classical Physics: Optics, Fluids, Plasmas, Elasticity, Relativity, and Statistical Physics. Princeton University Press. ISBN 978-0691159027.
Weinstock, Robert (1974). Calculus of Variations with Applications to Physics and Engineering. Dover Publications. ISBN 978-0486630694.

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