On the Chersonese is a political oration delivered by the Athenian statesman and orator Demosthenes in 341 BC. A few time later Demosthenes delivered one of his most famous speeches, the Third Philippic.

Historical Background

In 343 BC the Macedonian arms were carried across Epirus and a year later Philip II of Macedon turned his military activities towards Thrace.[1] He also imposed an amendment of the Peace of Philocrates in his favor.[2] The war in Thrace lasted more than three years and was one of the toughest for Philip. When the Macedonia army approached Chersonese, the Athenians got anxious about the future of their colony. An Athenian general, Diopeithes, ravaged the maritime district of Thrace, an offensive resulting in Philip's rage. The King sent a letter of remonstrance to Athens, demanding the immediate withdrawal of the Athenian troops from Cardia, which was occupied by the Macedonian army.[3] Because of this turbulence, ecclesia convened and Demosthenes delivered On the Chersonese.


With these speech Demosthenes exhorted his compatriots to support Diopeithes, although the general committed certain injustices, counting as serious and decisive only Philip's wrongs towards Athens. Demosthenes finally convinced the Athenians, who would not recall Diopeithes.


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