Against Androtion" was a speech composed by Demosthenes in which he accused Androtion of making an illegal proposal. This was the first surviving speech of Demosthenes composed on public charges (γραφαί, graphai).[1]

The case was brought in 355/4 by Diodoros and Euktemon, and concerned Androtion's proposal that the council of that year be awarded a crown for their services.[2] This was a customary award for the outgoing council every year, but the crown was only to be awarded to a council that had built a certain number of triremes that year.[3] Despite the council of 355/4 BC having built no triremes, Androtion proposed that the crown should be awarded.[3] After Androtion's proposal was passed, Euktemon and Diodorus brought a prosecution against Androtion claiming that the proposal had been illegal.[4]

Androtion was acquitted,[2] and continued to be active in Athenian politics at least until 347/6.[5]
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