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Votanikos (Greek: Βοτανικός; pronounced [votaniˈkos]) is a subdivision located 3 km west of the downtown part of the Greek capital of Athens. The area is named after a nearby botanical garden situated to the southwest (Athens Botanical Gardens).

Votanikos in Athens

The eastern part are residential, the western part are forested and industrialized. The subdivision has no squares but has a nearby school. Major streets bordering this subdivision includes Patsi Street to the west, Athinon Avenue to the north, Konstantinopouleos Avenue and the rail to the south and Petrou Ralli Avenue to the south. The Iera Odos runs in the middle. The population is around 5,000–6,000 people and the area is about 0.5 km².


The area saw housing developments in the early part of the 20th century when Athens' began to grow as well as an industrial being added, the area after World War II and the Greek Civil War saw taller buildings to be added.

Residential streets

Here is a list of residential streets, several of which are named after places in Northern Greece as well as Pelagonia and Falaisias. Neighborhood streets runs from NNW to SSE and from SSW to NNE. This list excludes major streets which are mentioned on the top. There are 287 streets and avenues as well as one connector in this subdivision.

Agias Markelas Street
Agiou Orous Street
Agistis Street
Aimou Street
Chalkidikis Street
Doxatou Street
Falaisias Street
Flioudos Street
Grevenon Street
Karyon Street
Kastorias Street
Korytsas Street
Naoussas Street
Nevrokopiou Street
Pangaio Street
Pelagonias Street
Pellis Street
Profiti Daniil Street
Rodopis Street
Troizinas Street
Volissou Street
Vourbiani Street

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