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Pangrati (Greek: Παγκράτι, Pagkrati) is a suburb of Athens. It is bordered by the Kolonaki (Greek: Κολωνάκι, Kolonaki) suburb to the north, the Kaisariani (Greek: Καισαραινή, Kasariani) suburb to the east, the Vironas (Greek: Βύρωνας, Vironas) suburb to the south and the Mets (Greek: Μετς, Mets) suburb to the west. Pangrati is one of the 73 municipalities in Athens and is considered part of the eastern suburbs of Athens.

Transportation in Pangrati

Pangrati is serviced by bus #209 and trolleys #2,4 and 11. Recent information released by the Attiko Metro has showned that there will be a future metro station on the border of Pangrati and Kaisariani on Imitou St. called Pangrati/KaisarianiMetro Staion on the proposed Orange Line (Line #4).[1]

Squares in Pangrati

Pangrati has 4 major squares (Greek: πλατεία, plateia) which are frequent by locals. The square are Plastira, Pangratiou, Profitis Ilias and Varnava. Each square has its own importance in the suburb. At Pangratiou Square, you can find Pangratiou Park and a major street called Spiros Merkouri which runs into Konstandinou Ave and Evangelismo Metro Station. At Profitis Ilias Square, you can find the Church to the Prophet Elijah (Greek: Προφήτης Ιλιας, Profitis Ilias) and Imitou street which runs through all of Pangrati and Kaisariani. At Varnava Square, you can see the back of the Kallimarmaro Stadium. At Plastira Square, all three trolleys and the bus stop here.



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