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Thiseio, also Thisseio, Thisio and Thissio (Greek: Θησείο, pronounced [θiˈsio]) is the name of a neighborhood in downtown Athens, Greece, northwest of the Acropolis, 1.5 km southwest of downtown, and 1 km southwest of city hall; its name derives from the Temple of Hephaestus, also known as Τhiseio, as it was, in earlier times, considered a temple of Theseus. The area also takes in the ancient Agora, Petralona, and Kerameikos, which includes the Assomaton Square.In Assomaton Square there is Agioi Assomatoi church.

The area has cafes and meeting points, which are most crowded during summer, and is also served by the nearby ISAP station of the same name.

The south of the area includes five to eight storey apartments, and up to twelve storey apartments covers the northern portion.
Residential streets

Here is a list of residential streets in the Thiseio area:

Acamantos Street
Aethras Street
Agias Marinas Street
Aixoneon Street
Aktaiou Street
Amphictyonos Street
Apostolou Pavlou Street
Avanton Street
Chloridos Street
Demophontos Street
Dimitriou Aeginitou Street
Efestion Street
Eptachalkou Street
Erysichtonos Street
Galateias Street
Hegiou Street

Iouliou Smith Street
Irakleidon Street
Kymaion Street
Lycomidon Street
Nileos Street
Otryneon Street
Phaedras Street
Phlamarion Street
Pnykos Street
Poulopoulou Street
Pygmalionos Street
Thoricon Street
Vassilis Street

Vasilis Avlonitis (1904-1970), actor

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