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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Lakonia

Oitylo (Greek: Οίτυλο, pronounced Ítilo) is a village and a former municipality in Laconia, Peloponnese, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality East Mani, of which it is a municipal unit.[1] It is one of the oldest towns in the Mani Peninsula. It was mentioned in the Iliad by Homer as Oetylοs (Οίτυλος), as part of Menelaus' kingdom. In the Middle Ages, Oitylo grew to become the most important town in Messenian Mani. The only town in Mani that rivaled Oitylos in numbers of pirates was Skoutari. Now Areopoli has taken Oitylo's place as most important town in Laconian Mani. Areopoli was also the seat of the municipality of Oitylo, which is located on the western half of the Mani Peninsula in the extreme southwestern part of Laconia. It has a land area of 218.582 km² and a population of 5,203 inhabitants. The 2001 census counted 91 villages in the municipality. The largest of these are Areópoli (pop. 774), Pyrgos Dirou (334), Oítylo (331), Álika (235), Vatheia (216), Váchos (189), and Koita (160).

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Diros Cave, 800 m from Charia (Pyrgos Dirou)

Division of the municipality


Historical population
Year Village Municipal district Municipality
1981 - 507 -
1991 313 - 4,985
2001 331 497 5,203


Konstantinos Davakis (Κωνσταντίνος Δαβάκης), born in Kechrianika, a hero in the first and second world war, played a significant role in the Greek-Italian war. He died as a prisoner of war on an Italian ship that was hit by a torpedo.


Oitylo (community and municipality) has schools, lyceums, a few gymnasia, churches, a post office and a few squares (plateies).

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^ Kallikratis law Greece Ministry of Interior (Greek)

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