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Prefecture : Laconia


Oinounta Municipality

Oinountas (Modern Greek: Οινούντα, Ancient/Katharevousa: -ous), ancient form: Oinous or Inous, Latin: Oenus is a municipality in the northwestern part of the prefecture of Laconia, Greece. Its seat of administration is the village Sellasia (Greek: Σελλασία, rarely Arakhova). It is connected with GR-37 at around the 10th km linking Sparta and Tripoli. It is located 10 km N of Sparta, about 60 to 70 km E of Kalamata, about 100 km S of Tripoli and 38 km N of Gytheio and about 50 km N of Areopoli. It is situated along the Oinounta river. The name dates back to ancient times and the ancient site is northeast of the town hall of Oinounta and is not yet determined. Until the late-2nd millennium, the village was known as Vourlias or Vroulias.

Nearest places

  • Sparta, S
  • Vresthena, N

Historical population

Year Population Municipal population
2001 2625

Oinountas (Οινούντας)
Prefecture: Laconia
Province: Lacedaemonia

37.262/37°9'49' N
22.418/22°25'10' E
139.45 km²
Population: (2001)  2625

about 500 m
580 m(centre)
around 1,500 m
Postal code: 230 64
Area/distance code: 11-30-27310 (030-27310)-3
Municipal code: 3216
Car designation: AK
3-letter abbreviation: IND

Sellasia has a school which is located in the south and the central part, a lyceum, a gymnasium, a church, a small post office and a square (plateia).

The hills with farmlands dominate the areas while the Evrotas River is to the east. Olive groves and pastures along with some fruits and vegetables are common in the area. The Oenus river is situated near Sellasia It is also has a tributary with the Gorgylus. The Taygetus mountains where most of its forests are located lie to the west. Agios Konstantinos and Palaiologos and ancient walls remained preserved.


In ancient times, Sellasia controlled the entrance to Laconia from the north.

During the first campaign of the Epameinondas around 370 BC, before Sellasia was destroyed by the Peloponnesians.

Underneath the city on a surface between the Macedonian king, Antigonus III Doson and the Achaean League on the other and Sparta under Cleomenes in which he choose to fight between the narrow hills near Sellasia. In 222 BC, Antigonus crushed Cleomenes at Sellasia and took Corinth as a reward. The Battle of Sellasia took place in 221 BC. Afterwards, Sellasia was destroyed and the population was sold as slaves. In the 2nd century, Pausanias mentioned the city.


Coordinates: 37°9′49″N, 22°25′10″E

Division of the municipality

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