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Administrative Region : Thessaly
Regional unit : Magnisia

Neos Platanos (Νέος Πλάτανος) Magnisia

Platanos, officially Neos Platanos, is a town in the region of Thessaly. The population of 872 inhabitants (2011 census [2]). Geographically, Platanos belongs to the Municipality of Almyros, while until 2010 it was administratively part of the homonymous Municipality of Platanos. The village was created by the movement from 1953-1962 of the village of Platanos, or Palios Platanos (to differentiate itself from Neo) [3].


During the Turkish occupation, Paleo Platanos maintained primary schools for boys and girls. One of them was located above the church of Agios Athanasios built on May 26, 1864. After the liberation, Paleos Platanos had two primary schools with a capacity of initially two hundred students. After the '30s, the new school was built and hosted about 130 students. It operated for about 30 years until 1961-62, when it was moved together with the whole village to the new location, today's Platano.

Palios Platanos
Neos Platanos

Churches-Churches of Old Platanos

The church of Agios Athanasios, which was also the patron saint of the village, is believed to have been built in 1802. Its roof is covered with slabs, while inside the western part is elevated and served as a women's quarters. From there we drive with an internal staircase to the brick bell tower. At the entrance there is still the iron gate decorated with bronze angels. The church celebrates on January 18 and is 25.80 m long and 13.20 m wide.
Holy Temple of Agios Ioannis Palaios Platanos
The church of Agios Antonios in Palaios Platanos.

To the west of Platanos and at the top of the homonymous hill is the chapel of Agios Antonios. It is no coincidence that in all the revolutions for the liberation of the region from the Ottomans he played an important role due to his position on the hill. At the festival of Agios Antonios on January 17, believers from all over the province flooded and continue to flood the hill. The chapel is 16 m long and 8.10 m wide. Agios Ioannis the Theologian (Ai - Giannakis). The church celebrates twice a year, on May 8 and September 18. It is not known when the temple was built, but it belongs to the churches that were built somewhat hastily to serve the needs of the faithful. The 1955 and 1957 earthquakes caused extensive damage. It was repaired in 1964, but again the 1980 earthquake caused irreparable damage, so it was thoroughly renovated in 1982.


Neos Platanos
Census 2011
Municipality of Almyros, Platanos

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