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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Aitoloakarnania

Mataragka (Ματαράγκα ) Aitoloakarnania

Mataragka or Mataraga is a lowland village in the Regional Unit of Etoloakarnania at an altitude of 100 meters.

Geography - History

Mataragka is located north of Mount Zygos (Arakynthos) and south of Lake Trichonida. It is built at a distance of 17 km SE. from Agrinio, between Pappadates (W.) and Grammatikou (E.) from which it is separated by the torrent Kourkoutas (Boglasti). According to local tradition, the village was founded in the early 1800s by residents who lived for greater security than the Turks in the mountain villages of Zygos and mainly in Paleoplatanos. An important attraction is the two-storey stone building, which since 1982 has been described as a work of art "because it is a remarkable example of traditional architecture" [2]. As a settlement, it is officially mentioned in 1835 in the Government Gazette 19A - 07/12/1835 when it was annexed to the then municipality of Kerasia and in 1845 in the Government Gazette 32A - 08/12/1845 when the seat of the then municipality of Makrynia was appointed [3]. According to the Kallikratis program, together with Agia Marina and Paleoplatanos, they constitute the local community of Mataragka, which belongs to the municipal unit of Arakynthos of the municipality of Agrinio.

Former presidents of the community

Post-political [5]


1979-1982 George Efthimiou
1983-1990 Pantelis Salapas
1991-1998 Konstantinos Lakkas (last common leader)

External links

Lazaria in Mataragka, Makrineia, from the website of the newspaper I Nea Epochi
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Results of elections in the Community of Mataragka, Etoloakarnania, EETAA

Municipal unit Arakynthos
Municipal Community Matargka
Agia Marina (Αγία Μαρίνα, η)
Mataragka (Ματαράγκα, η)
Palaioplatanos (Παλαιοπλάτανος, ο)
Community Ano Kerasovo
Ano Kerasovo (Άνω Κεράσοβον, το)
Dafni (Δάφνη, η)
Klima (Κλήμα, το)
Community Grammatikou
Grammatikou (Γραμματικού, η)
Community Zevgaraki
Ano Zevgaraki (Άνω Ζευγαράκι, το)
Zevgaraki (Ζευγαράκι, το)
Kamaretsaiika (Καμαρετσαίικα, τα)
Community Kato Kerasovo
Kato Kerasovo (Κάτω Κεράσοβον, το)
Community Pappadates
Loleika (Λωλέικα, τα)
Pappadates (Παππαδάται, οι)


Mataragka (Ματαράγκα) Achaia
Mataragka (Ματαράγκα) Aitoloakarnania
Mataragka (Ματαράγκα) Argolida
Mataragka (Ματαράγκα) Karditsa

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