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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Arkadia

Arcadia Arcadia

Derveni (Greek, Modern: Δερβένι, Ancient/Katharevousa: -on), older spellings, Dervenio, Dervenion is a village in the municipality of Megalopoli in the southwestern part of the prefecture of Arcadia.

It was linked by GR-7/E65 which is now bypassed and the older one became an old highway. Distances from Megalopoli is aobut 12 km SW, about 60 km ESE of Andritsaina, approx. 8 km W of Leontari, about 42 km NE of Kalamata and ENE of Kyparissia. Corvy roads that lasted for around 10 km lie to the west

Nearest places

  • Paradeisia



  • Latitude: 37.292 (37°17'30') N
  • Longitude: 21.028(21°2'40') E

Postal code: 222 00

Elevation: 500 m

Name of inhabitants: Dervenioti f, -s m

Dialing code: +11+30-27910 (030-27910)

Historical population

Year Communal population

1920 93
1961 91
1991 71
2001 54

The village has a school, a church and a square (plateia). It was one of the village where the population in the past 70 years only dropped nearly by half.

The village of Derveni is surrounded with three mountain range, a taller one is south of the village.

The village is covered with forests while not far from the village is mainly rocky and bushy.

In 1940 the old name Dervenia (Greek: Δερβένια) replaced by Derveni.

Municipal unit Megalopoli
Municipal Community Megalopoli
Megalopoli (Μεγαλόπολις, η)
Ορέστει, το
Community Anthochori
Anthochori (Ανθοχώρι, το)
Community Ano Karyes
Ano Karyes (Άνω Καρυαί, οι)
Community Vangos
Βάγγος, ο
Community Vastas
Vastas (Βάστας, ο)
Community Gefyra
Gefyra (Γέφυρα, η)
Community Thoknia
Thoknia (Θωκνία, η)
Community Isaris
Isaris (Ίσαρης, ο)
Πετροβούνι, το
Πετροβούνιον, η
Community Isoma Karyon
Isoma Karyon (Ίσωμα Καρυών, το)
Community Karatoulas Megaloupolis
Karatoulas (Καράτουλας, ο)
Community Kastanochori
Kastanochori (Καστανοχώρι, το)
Community Kato Karyes
Kato Karyes (Κάτω Καρυές, οι)
Community Lykaio
Lykaio (Λύκαιο, το)
Community Lykosoura
Lykosoura (Λυκόσουρα, η)
Μάρμαρα, τα
Community Lykochia
Lykochia (Λυκόχια, τα)
Community Makrysi
Κάτω Μακρύσι, το
Makrysi (Μακρύσι, το)
Community Mallota
Mallota (Μαλλωτά, τα)
Community Marathoussa
Marathoussa (Μαραθούσσα, η)
Community Nea Ekklisoula
Nea Ekklisoula (Νέα Εκκλησούλα, η)
Community Neochori Lykosouras
Νεοχώρι, το
Community Paradeisia
Paradeisia (Παραδείσια, τα)
Φαναΐτη, η
Community Perivolia
Vrysoules (Βρυσούλες, οι)
Perivolia (Περιβόλια, τα)
Community Plaka
Plaka (Πλάκα, η)
Community Rapsommatis
Rapsommatis (Ραψομμάτης, ο)
Community Souli
Derveni (Δερβένι, το)
Souli (Σούλι, το)
Community Soulos
Soulos (Σούλος, ο)
Community Trilofo
Palaiomoiri (Παλαιομοίρι, το)
Trilofo (Τρίλοφον, το)
Community Tripotamo
Tripotamo (Τριπόταμον, το)
Community Chirades
Chirades (Χιράδες, οι)
Community Chranoi
Chranoi (Χράνοι, οι)
Community Choremis
Apiditsa (Απιδίτσα, η)

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