Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Agios Pavlos (Greek: Άγιος Παύλος)) is a village and a community in Chalkidiki, Greece. It is part of the municipality Nea Propontida, southeast of Thessaloniki. The community consists of the villages Agios Pavlos and Nea Irakleia (population in 2001 599 and 698 respectively).

Community Agios Pavlos
Agios Pavlos (Άγιος Παύλος, ο)
Nea Irakleia (Νέα Ηράκλεια, η)


Agios Pavlos (Άγιος Παύλος) Amorgos
Agios Pavlos (Άγιος Παύλος) Imathia
Agios Pavlos (Άγιος Παύλος) Thessaloniki
Agios Pavlos (Άγιος Παύλος) Chalkidiki
Agios Pavlos (Άγιος Παύλος) Chania
Agios Pavlos (Άγιος Παύλος) Rethymno
Agios Pavlos (Άγιος Παύλος) Rhodos

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