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Administrative Region : East Macedonia and Thrace
Regional unit : Evros

Pythio (Greek: Πύθιο) is a village in the eastern part of Didymoteicho municipality, Evros regional unit, Greece. It is 16 km east of the centre of Didymoteicho, on the right bank of the river Evros, where it forms the border with Turkey. There is no border crossing near Pythio. Pythio is a railway junction where the railway to Ormenio and Bulgaria branches off the main line from Thessaloniki to Istanbul through Alexandroupoli and Uzunköprü. Pythio was known as Kuleliburgaz during Ottoman rule.[1] Railway reached Pythio in 1871 and a 112 km extension to Dedeağaç was opened in 1874. The railway was built by the Chemins de fer Orientaux (CO), managed by Maurice de Hirsch.

The community of Pythio consists of the villages Pythio, Rigio and Stathmos Pythiou (Pythio train station). The nearest villages are Petrades to the south and Asimenio to the northwest.

Historical population
Year Town population Municipal district population
1981 1,186 -
1991 734 951
2001 556 747

Sites of interest

Castle of Pythion, built in the 14th century

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List of settlements in the Evros regional unit


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Castle of Pythion, (in Greek)

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