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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Nea Gonia (Νέα Γωνιά) Chalkidiki

Nea Gonia is a semi-mountainous village in the prefecture of Chalkidiki with 454 inhabitants in 2001 and a homonymous Municipal District of the Municipality of Nea Propontida. Its location is east of Lakkoma. It has a humid and temperate climate, with the result that there are many holiday homes there. Three churches have been built in the settlement (the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in which services are held, the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary and the Holy Temple of Agios Georgios), a kindergarten, a pharmacy, a mini market, an agricultural office, a shop with construction items, a brokerage office , olive mill and more.

Historical and cultural data

The village was founded by refugees from Eastern Thrace after the Asia Minor Catastrophe. The Goniates brought to their new place the knowledge of viticulture as well as oriental food. The latter also includes the traditional dolmadaki "gialantzi" with vine leaves [1].

A cultural-educational and a cultural association are culturally active. Many buildings continue to retain the traditional color of the settlement, such as the well-preserved windmill, called "Mylos", on the northern outskirts of the village. Before entering the village, in the area of ​​Gialakia, there is the traditional stone Great Fountain. Every year a festival is held in the church of Agios Georgios, on the eastern outskirts of the village. Marianna Kazaki's workshop is located on the road to Nea Kallikrateia and was awarded for the traditional "gialantzi" dolmadas with organic vine leaves, which are exported to several countries under the brand name "Marianna Vine Grows".

Tourism - Visits

Although the village does not have tourist infrastructure (hotels or inns), it is still a gastronomic and educational destination all year round. At the initiative of the Kazakis Viticultural House (Marianna Products) and the women's group "GONIATISSES", every year about 4500 primary school students from the neighboring areas and Thessaloniki visit the village. 3 different educational programs are offered, focusing on the products of the village, ie vineyards and grapes, olives and flour (dough products). The children visit the vineyards and olive groves, see how the fruits are harvested and are taught how to make edible olives. In the flour program, they make their own bread.

Every August, the Kazaki Viticulture House, by Marianna Kazaki, organizes the days "Gather your own grapes", in the standard of the Anglo-Saxon pick your own. Friends and families come to the company's facilities, enter the organic vineyards and gather their own grapes. Then, they are guided to the facilities and try the products with the brand name Marianna.

In the summer of 2011, Nea Gonia became the destination of Greek Summer, on the initiative of the American Agricultural School of Thessaloniki. 27 children from the USA came to the village for 15 days and were hosted by the families. During their stay, they proceeded to the reconstruction and beautification of Megali Vrysi, at the entrance of the village.


From an athletic point of view, the AO Nea Gonia football team is active, playing in the 4th National Amateur. There is still a taekwondo team. The Wrestling Association of Nea Kallikratia is also based in Nea Gonia. There is also a motocross track [2] for motorcyclists. The main occupation is agriculture. The village is famous for its vine leaves.
D.D. Nea Gonia

In the Municipal District of Nea Gonia, which has a total of 480 inhabitants in 2001, the settlements belong:

Nea Gonia [454], headquarters
Neochoraki [26]


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