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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Nea Silata (Νέα Σίλατα) Chalkidiki

Nea Silata is a semi-mountainous village in the prefecture of Chalkidiki and in 2001 had 808 inhabitants. From the implementation of the Kapodistrias Plan, it is also a homonymous Municipal District of the Municipality of Kallikrateia. Its location is east of Nea Gonia. Among other things, there is a kindergarten, an elementary school, an OTE, a post office. From an athletic point of view, the homonymous football team (Astir), which competed in the Amateur category of the EPS championship, EPS Chalkidiki.

M.D. Nea Silata

The Municipal District of Nea Silata, with a total population of 1,589 in 2001, includes the following settlements:

Nea Silata [808], seat.
Rodokipos [48], located at an altitude of 165 m., between Silata and Nea Gonia.
Sozopoli [733].

Historical and cultural data

Nea Silata is a refugee village. It consists of residents who came as refugees from Cappadocia, as well as locals and Thracians. Graphic village with stable residential development in recent years due to the short distance from Thessaloniki, the services offered by the area and the friendly residents. The church of the village is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the 12 Apostles. The settlements of Rodokipos, Sozopoli and Veria (archeological site-ancient Vrya- with important archeological findings of ancient and Byzantine times) belong to Nea Silata. Rodokipos is a traditional village with stone houses. In his square there is a tiny garden, created by a resident of Asia Minor. It produces tsipouro and has a collection of folklore material from the unforgettable homelands. Many of the houses are being restored and re-used by new buyers. In Nea Silata there is a women's cultural association. The name of the village comes from the village in Asia Minor-Cappadocia, from where the inhabitants came as refugees after 1922. More information about Silata in the book "Modern Greek in Asia Minor: a study of the dialects of Siĺli , Cappadocia and Phárasa, with grammar, texts, translations and glossary ", Richard McGillivray Dawkins, William Reginald Halliday, University Press, 1916. [1]


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Dawkins, Richard; Halliday, William (1916). Modern Greek in Asia Minor: a study of the dialects of Silli, Cappadocia and Phárasa, with grammar, texts, translations and glossary. University Press.

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